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Campaign Design - Religion in the Three Worlds: The Lords of Hell

Arrayed against the Lords of Heaven are the nefarious Lords of Hell, a group of fourteen vile powers that are the personifications of misery, woe, and cruelty in the Three Worlds. Collectively these evil beings are known as the Lords of Hell, or the Demon Lords, and their worship is outlawed in most of the "civilized" regions of the campaign. The Lords of Hell are not generally available as divine patrons for the players in the campaign to choose, although almost everyone is award of them due to the predatory activities of their agents. Evil clerics and blackguards must select one of these demonic beings as a patron, but since player characters are generally not permitted to play evil characters, players may not do so.

As with the Lords of Heaven, non-clerical inhabitants of the Three Worlds don't regard any of the Lords of Hell as being particularly more dangerous than any other. Although most inhabitants of the Three Worlds would not call upon their aid, they do regard them as powerful entities whose influence needs to be warded against. On the other hand, goblins, kobolds, orcs, gnolls, and the denizens of regions such as Isakoti, Jaatemaa, and Pohla would tend to call upon their powers as needed, but even they probably feel some trepidation when doing so, because while the Demon Lords may be willing to offer aid, they do so for a price.

Unlike the Lords of Heaven, who mostly work together, or at least don't actively work against one another, ther Lords of Hell are a cantankerous lot, and their priesthoods and followers oppose one another nearly as often as they oppose the forces of Heaven, with the various Demon Lords often vying with one another to establish their supremacy. The fourteen Demon Lords are:

Baal, Lord of the Baleful Eye; Demon Lord of Gluttony, Decay, and Gnolls
Belial, The Scaled King; Commander of the Demon Host; The Inquisitor of Hell
Darmas, War Leader of Hell; Demon Lord of Tyranny and Goblins
Gangyn, The Spider Spirit; Lord of a Thousand Poisons; Demon Lord of Shadows, Assassins, and Poison
Halpas, Evil Prince of Air; Demon Lord of Fury
Iku-Tyrma, Evil Prince of Ice and Frost; Demon Lord of Winter
Ishi, Demon Lord of Evil Enchanters and Dark Magic
Khil, of the Mighty Blows; Evil Prince of Earth; Demon Lord of Hatred and Dark Places
Kivutar, Demon Mistress of Sickness and Pestilence
Sirchade, Demon Lord of Slime, Fungus, and Destruction
Surtan, Evil Prince of Fire; Demon Lord of Fire Giants
Tunar, Demon Mistress of Madness and the Underworld
Tuni, Demon Lord of Death and Darkness
Vassatar, The Finder of Secrets; The Deceiver; Demon Lord of Kobolds, Avarice, and Thievery

During the War in Heaven, the Lords of Hell rallied their armies and marched upon the Gates of Heaven. The great conflict is told in the myths and legends of the Three Worlds, but the end result is well-known: Kivutar's child Füllar sided with the Lords of Heaven and the Lords of Hell were defeated and cast down, to be imprisoned until the end of the world, when they will rise again for the final battle between the forces of light and darkness. Despite their confinement, the Lords of Hell remain potent, capable of communicating with and acting through their servants, many of whom have dedicated their efforts to freeing their infernal patrons.

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