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General Rules - Spell List

Spell List

This page has a listing of all of the spells that I have referenced in my campaign settings that are not in the Player's Handbook or Spell Compendium or have had their names changed for campaign reasons from the source material. Any original spells I have designed or standard spells that I have changed from their original versions will also be listed here. For the purposes of campaign settings presented here, including the Three Worlds campaign setting, the versions of the spells listed here supersede any other versions of those spells which might be found in another resource.

This list uses several abbreviations to show what sourcebook the entries were drawn from. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

All of the material contained on this page and other pages of this blog is presented in accordance with the terms of the Open Game License.


Aadon's Dancing Shield (S&S)
Aadon's Energy Armor (S&S)
Abrindel's prism cloak (RR2)
Abushne (share armor) (BoEM3)
Accelerate reflexes (RR2)
Acid Blood (Undead)
Acid Spittle (RR)
Acidic Curse (BoEM)
Acidic globes (BoEM3)
Acidic Vapors (S&S)
Activate bloodline power (BoEM3)
Acuminate (BoEM2)
Adhere to Wood (RR)
Aegis of the Gods (S&S)
Aeonian Lantern (BoHM)
Affliction (RR2)
Agony (WHB)
Aíne's Faithful Hound (PHB)
Aíne's Magnificent Mansion (PHB)
Aíne's Secret Chest (PHB)
Air Bubble (Gods)
Alibi (RR)
Alikaba's gift (BoEM3)
Alikaba's theft (BoEM3)
Alter features (Magic)
Amnesia (DD)
Anavar's anticipated attack (BoEM2)
Ancestor's Touch (Gods)
Angel's Redoubt (BoHM)
Animal Infusion (RR)
Animal Spy (RR)
Animate Images (S&S)
Animate necrosis (BoEM2)
Animate shadow (RR)
Animated tattoo (BoEM3)
Animation field (Undead)
Apolioth's condemnation (BoEM3)
Arathan's spiritual soldier (BoHM)
Arcana Form (BoEM)
Arcane parry (RR2)
Armor contingency (BoHM)
Armor of Brambles (RR2)
Armor of undeath (RR)
Arrow charm (RR)
Arrow deflection (BoEM3)
Arrow of slaying (N:AA)
Arrow redirection (BoEM3)
Arrow reflection (BoEM3)
Ashen Servitor (WQ)
Assassin's senses (RR)
Audible whisper (BoHM)
Aura of Darkness (S&S)
Aura of Light (S&S)
Aura of menace (RR2)
Austlinan's violent scream (RR2)
Avalanche (RR2)
Avatar (RR)
Awaken lesser titan avatar (RR)


Baal's Magnificent Mansion (PHB)
Baal's Secure Shelter (PHB)
Babble (N:AA)
Bandersnatch (S&S)
Bane of the forge (RR2)
Banish shadow (RR)
Bat Sight (Blind Eye) (BoRL)
Bath of purity (RR2)
Battle Fury (Gods)
Battle projection (RR2)
Battlecry (RR)
Beast shout (RR)
Become dragon (Dragons)
Bed bug bites (RR2)
Beetle swarm (RR2)
Beggar's Charm (Fly a Flag) (BoRL)
Belsameth's blessing (RR)
Belsameth's strife (RR)
Bend sounds (RR2)
Benediction of Lug (Gods)
Berserker Blessing (Gods)
Bestow curse (PHB)
Bestow malady (BoEM3)
Betray the years (BoEM3)
Bind Item (BoEM)
Bind with plants (BoHM)
Bite of the plague rat (N:AA)
Black Cloud of Horror (S&S)
Black Hand (BoRL)
Black Mulching (BoEM)
Black shards (Magic)
Black Spellbreaker (Black Blade) (BoRL)
Blackflame (RR)
Blade meld (RR2)
Bladethirst (RR2)
Blaise's blasting bead (RR2)
Blaise's blazing beads (RR2)
Blaise's lucky bead (RR2)
Blast of castigation (BoHM)
Blast of cold (BoEM3)
Blazing light (BoHM)
Blazing shield (RR)
Bleeding disease (RR)
Bless Thrower (Gods)
Blessing of the ages (Dragons)
Blessings of the light bringer (Undead)
Blind mark (RR2)
Blinding Beauty (BoED)
Blight enemy (BoHM)
Blissful sleep (BoEM3)
Blood spikes (BoEM2)
Blood water (RR2)
Bloodblade (S&S)
Bloodied blade (RR2)
Bloodstorm (RR)
Blue bolt (BoEM3)
Body of Sand (RR2)
Bolt of Conjuring (BoEM)
Bolt of power (RR2)
Bone spikes (Evil)
Bone spines (Magic)
Bone Tattoo (BoEM)
Boneblades (RR2)
Bones of adamantine (RR2)
Bones of iron (RR2)
Bones of silver (RR2)
Bonewand (Evil)
Bonestaff (Undead)
Bottomless pit (RR)
Bouncing Fall (Bounce the Baby) (BoRL)
Bread of life (RR2)
Breath of Death (RR2)
Breath of the great wyrm (Dragons)
Brega's Mass Missile (S&S)
Brid's Irresistible Dance (PHB)
Broken Mirror (BoRL)
Brothers in Arms (RR)
Brother's revenge (BoEM3)
Brutal seething surge (BoEM2)
Bull's grace (RR2)
Buoyancy Net (RR)
Burden of faith (RR2)
Burden of the father's sin (Dragons)
Burning brand (BoHM)
Burning sight (RR2)
Burrowing Bony Digits (S&S)
Burst of energy (RR2)


Caire's Touch (RR)
Call animal companion (RR2)
Call aquatic animal I (RR)
Call aquatic animal II (RR)
Call aquatic humanoid I (RR)
Call aquatic humanoid II (RR)
Call aquatic monster (RR)
Call of the diamond (BoEM2)
Call of the emerald (BoEM2)
Call of the ruby (BoEM2)
Call of the sapphire (BoEM2)
Call of the topaz (BoEM2)
Call the wild hunt (WHB)
Card Control (Flip You for It) (BoRL)
Carnivorous defender (BoHM)
Catalytic Mouth (S&S)
Censure of mesos (RR2)
Chains of antimagic (BoEM3)
Chains of binding (RR2)
Chains of Vengeance (BoEM)
Chameleon skin (RR)
Chameleon Skin (S&S)
Champion Swimmer (RR2)
Change weapon (BoEM3)
Chaos Flame (RR2)
Chardun's branding (RR2)
Chardun's glory (RR2)
Chardun's presence (RR2)
Chardun's torments (RR)
Charm construct (Magic)
Charm item (BoEM3)
Charm shield (Magic)
Charm's aegis (RR2)
Charming Lie (Trust Me, Boys) (BoRL)
Chastise (Gods)
Chern's exhalation (RR2)
Chill gaze (RR2)
Chill weapon (RR2)
Chill/warmth (RR)
Circle of binding (BoEM3)
Circle of sounds (RR)
Clarity of mind (BoHM)
Claws of the Demon (S&S)
Clawstrike (RR2)
Clean (RR)
Cleanse (Gods)
Cleanse Minor Vermin (S&S)
Cloak of Darkness (Black Gentleman) (BoRL)
Cloak of Righteousness (RR)
Coax forth power (BoEM2)
Cobwebs (RR2)
Cold snap (RR)
Coldscream (BoEM)
Coma (BoEM)
Combat precognition (Magic)
Command Construct (S&S)
Commanding presence (RR)
Compelling Question (Shakedown) (BoRL)
Competence (Magic)
Comrade's immunity (BoEM3)
Comrade's trail (BoEM3)
Condemned (RR)
Conditional spell (BoEM)
Cone of oblivion (RR2)
Confession (I Shouldn't Tell You This) (BoRL)
Confutation of the demon (BoHM)
Conjuror's Toolbelt (S&S)
Continual heat (RR2)
Control creature of the mist (BoEM3)
Control light (RR)
Control Nature (Gods)
Convert (RR)
Convocation of eagles (N:AA)
Countercharm (BoRL)
Crafter's blessing (WHB)
Crafter's curse (WHB)
Create blast charm (Magic)
Create creature of the mist (BoEM3)
Create Equipment (Just the Thing) (BoRL)
Create flesh golem (Magic)
Create greater creature of the mist (BoEM3)
Create lesser creature of the mist (BoEM3)
Create Life (Gods)
Creature loresight (BoEM2)
Crescendo of Indefatigability (S&S)
Cross of lightning (BoEM)
Crystal eruption (BoHM)
Crystal of reflection (BoHM)
Crystal shard (BoHM)
Cuigna arthanath (consume man) (BoEM3)
Curse of solidity (RR2)
Curse of terror (RR)
Curse of the firefly (RR2)
Curse of wounding (BoHM)
Curtain of darkness (RR)


Dagger of undeath (RR2)
Daggers of Vaul (RR)
Dance of the dead (Undead)
Dancing shadows (Magic)
Dar'Tan's shadow bolt (RR)
Dark Channeling (S&S)
Dark flames (RR)
Dark lightning (RR2)
Dark swarm (Magic)
Dark water (RR)
Darksoul (RR2)
Darkstaff (RR)
Darkwound (Gods)
Darmas' Grasping Hand (PHB)
Dawnspear (S&S)
Dead man's eyes (RR)
Death blade (RR)
Death curse (Dragons)
Debilitating Decrescendo (S&S)
Declaration of death (RR)
Decompose (RR2)
Deep sleep (RR2)
Déjà vu (Magic)
Demonbane (RR2)
Denev's exile from nature (RR)
Denev's fury (RR)
Denev's leap (RR2)
Denev's shadow (RR2)
Dessicate (S&S)
Detect allegiance (War)
Detect disease (BoEM3)
Detect Dreams (RR2)
Detect gold (RR)
Detect shapechangers (RR2)
Detect Ward (S&S)
Detoim nar (guided strike) (BoEM3)
Detoxify (ECS)
Deva's might (Magic)
Devlin's barb (BoEM)
Devlin's vengeance (BoEM)
Diabolich portam (devil's gate) (BoEM3)
Dig (S&S)
Dimensional rupture (Evil)
Dirge of the Walking Dead (S&S)
Dirge of woe (RR)
Disappear (RR)
Disdain the divine (BoEM2)
Discord (RR2)
Disintegration field (BoEM2)
Disintegration Sphere (S&S)
Disrupt construct (Magic)
Disrupt soul (Evil)
Disruption Missiles (S&S)
Disruption Wave (S&S)
Distance punch (Magic)
Distant boon (Magic)
Distort shadow (RR)
Distraction (Screamer) (BoRL)
Divert charge (BoHM)
Divine Heart (S&S)
Divine Parlay (Gods)
Divine protection (RR2)
Divine Raiment (RR)
Divine wisdom (RR)
Dolomar's limited liquefaction (RR)
Dolomar's force wave (RR)
Dolomar's mapping (RR)
Dominate construct (Magic)
Dominate item (BoEM3)
Dominion (Gods)
Doom Fog (S&S)
Doomwail (RR)
Doorway to eslewhere (BoEM3)
Douse (BoRL)
Dust and Dirt (Not Worth Much) (BoRL)
Downdraft (RR2)
Dowsing (RR)
Dragon mark (Dragons)
Dragonflight (RR2)
Dragonhide (RR2)
Dragonshield (Dragons)
Dragonskin (BoEM)
Dragon's breath (RR)
Dramatic Visage (S&S)
Dreadmantle (RR2)
Dreamstealer (S&S)
Drought of eternity's well (Dragons)
Drums of panic (N:AA)
Duplicate (BoEM2)
Dying breath (RR2)


Eagle Eyes (S&S)
Eagle song (RR2)
Ears of the prey (Magic)
Ears of the wolf (RR2)
Earthen screen (RR2)
Ease the ages' burden (RR2)
Eclipse (RR)
Ecstasy (UHB)
Eiur's Magnificent Mansion (PHB)
Eiur's Telepathic Bond (PHB)
Electrical deluge (BoEM)
Elemental kiss (RR2)
Elemental shroud (BoEM)
Elina's perfume (RR2)
Elina's wardrobe (RR2)
Enchant spirit doll (RR2)
Enchanting flavor (BoEM)
Enduring webs (RR2)
Enhance familiar (BoEM3)
Enlarge Ward (S&S)
Energy lash (BoEM3)
Enhance familiar (WHB)
Enhance magical flow (BoEM)
Enhanced senses (RR2)
Enkili's lightning storm (RR)
Enkili's prank (RR)
Enkili's shadow (RR2)
Enlarge familiar (WHB)
Enrage (Gods)
Enter Shadow (BoRL)
Enslave (Gods)
Enumerate (RR)
Ephod of melee (RR)
Eriador's permanent levity (BoEM2)
Essential blade (RR2)
Estivation (Dragons)
Ethereal bolt (RR)
Ethereal prison (BoHM)
Eternal charm person (WHB)
Eternal charm monster (WHB)
Eternal Luck (BoRL)
Eternal sleep (WHB)
Ever scent (RR)
Excavate (Gods)
Exhaust (S&S)
Expedite Poison (UHB)
Extended charge (BoEM2)
Eyeburst (RR2)
Eyes of the eagle (Magic)
Eyes of the hawk (RR2)


Face wipe (Magic)
False flavor (RR2)
False History (S&S)
False Love's Kiss (S&S)
Family curse (BoEM3)
Fangs of Chaos (Gods)
Fanning the flames (RR2)
Farfinger (RR2)
Fast Escape (Quicker) (BoRL)
Fearsome Fortissimo (S&S)
Feast of Champions (ECS)
Feedback (BoEM2)
Feign Death (Gravedigger's Nap) (BoRL)
Feign life (Undead)
Felonious Friend I (S&S)
Felonious Friend II (S&S)
Felonious Friend III (S&S)
Ferrod adul vestorimin (Vestorimin's golden aura) (BoEM3)
Fertility charm (N:AA)
Fey storage (BoEM3)
Fey ward (BoEM3)
Field of caltrops (War)
Field of razors (RR2)
Filch (RR2)
Find lair (Dragons)
Finger of Life (S&S)
Flame bolt (RR)
Flame/frost weapon (RR)
Flaming corrosion (BoEM)
Flash (RR)
Fleet Feet (S&S)
Flickering Fate (BoRL)
Floor of Fire (S&S)
Flying Abominations (S&S)
Foil tracer (BoEM)
Force of will (RR2)
Force Shockwave (S&S)
Forceblast (BoEM2)
Foreaction (RR2)
Forge inherited bond (BoEM3)
Forge Rock (Gods)
Forget (Nothing to See) (BoRL)
Forgetfulness (S&S)
Fortune's Armor (BoRL)
Fortune's Bitch (BoRL)
Fortune's Frown (BoRL)
Fountain of blood (RR2)
Freezing claw (BoEM)
Freezing curse (RR)
Frog tongue (RR)
Frostform (RR2)
Füllar's Irresistible Dance (PHB)
Fuse line (BoEM3)


Gambler's Luck (Sharper) (BoRL)
Gandar's Chatterbox (S&S)
Gangyn's Poison Pillar (S&S)
Garris Adon (Seeming of Form) (BoEM3)
Gaurak's corpulence (RR2)
Gaze of destruction (BoEM3)
Gaze of truth (RR)
Gestalt (BoEM2)
Ghost ward (Magic)
Ghost Weapon (BoRL)
Ghost's touch (Magic)
Ghostdweomer (RR)
Giant Fit (Gods)
Giant's strength (Magic)
Gird the warrior (BoEM3)
Glamour (BoEM3)
Glittering Robe (S&S)
Gloom (RR)
Glory of the beast (BoHM)
Glue (RR)
Gluttony (RR)
Godspeed (BoHM)
Gossip (S&S)
Graft Limb (Gods)
Grant mobility (BoEM3)
Grant quarter (bonds of mercy) (BoHM)
Grant senses (BoEM3)
Grant speech (BoEM3)
Great knock (RR)
Greater bend sounds (RR2)
Greater circle of seeing (RR)
Greater compelling question (BoEM3)
Greater dragonshield (Dragons)
Greater endurance (Magic)
Greater familiar (RR)
Greater Finger of Life (S&S)
Greater healing circle (RR)
Greater liquefaction (Magic)
Greater magical flow enhancement (BoEM)
Greater mark of air (BoEM)
Greater mark of earth (BoEM)
Greater mark of fire (BoEM)
Greater mark of frost (BoEM)
Greater mark of water (BoEM)
Greater Quick Escape (Open Every Window) (BoRL)
Greater Sleep (BoEM)
Greater spectral hand (RR2)
Greater time travel (Magic)
Greater timeheal (RR2)
Greater Treasure Magnet (I Said, Into the Bag, Dammit) (BoRL)
Greater turn resistance (RR2)
Grey Spellbreaker (BoRL)
Grim feast (RR)
Grove of serenity (RR)
Guide craft (BoEM3)
Guilt (BoEM)
Gulaben's ecstasy (RR2)
Gullibility (RR2)
Gutroot (RR)
Gutter Storm (BoRL)


Hall of Fire (S&S)
Halo of glory (BoHM)
Halo of shelter (BoHM)
Halo of Vengeance (S&S)
Hammer and anvil (RR2)
Hammerstrike (S&S)
Hand of justice (RR)
Harassing weapon (BoEM2)
Harroc Adulese (hunter serpent) (BoEM3)
Hart's soul (Magic)
Havrokr's blessing (Undead)
Havrokr's desecration (Undead)
Havrokr's greater blessing (Undead)
Havrokr's minor blessing (Undead)
Heal construct (Magic)
Heal undead (Undead)
Healing interdiction (RR2)
Heart of valor (RR)
Heartglow (BoHM)
Hedrada's balance (RR)
Hedrada's justice (RR2)
Heim's Spell Inhibitor (RR)
Hell's Aura (UHB)
Helm of warding (BoEM3)
Hesitate (S&S)
Hibernation (Dragons)
Hidden object (BoEM)
Hideous appearance (Evil)
Hler's Bead of Frost (RR2)
Hler's Freezing Sphere
Hler's Luck (RR)
Hlín's Magnificent Mansion (PHB)
Hlín's Sacred Hearth (BotR)
Hlín's Secret Chest (PHB)
Hlín's Secure Shelter (PHB)
Hlín's Tiny Hut (PHB)
Hold stone (RR2)
Hold undead (Undead)
Holy beacon (RR)
Holy beacon's answer (RR)
Holy Channel (RR)
Holy shout (BoHM)
Holy war (RR2)
Horrific Aspect (S&S)
Hundred legged dragon dance (Magic)
Hunter's moon (RR2)
Hunter's stalk (RR)
Hurricane kick (Magic)
Hygiene (BoEM3)

Icebolt (BoEM)
Iced fire (BoEM3)
Iceshards (RR2)
Identify scier (BoEM3)
Iku-Tyrma's Freezing Sphere (PHB)
Ilajam fire (RR)
Ill omen (Evil)
Illuminated weapon (BoHM)
Illusionary Bolt (S&S)
Ilrosos tobor (roses of life) (BoEM3)
Imbue guardian (BoEM)
Imbue shadow (RR)
Imbue with artificial intelligence (Magic)
Immobilize (S&S)
Imprint (S&S)
Improved Simulacrum (S&S)
Incantation of the broken limb (N:AA)
Incapacitate (RR)
Incite (RR)
Induce vulnerability (BoEM3)
Inevitable strike (Magic)
Infuse soul (Magic)
Iniquitous Weapon (UHB)
Inquisition (RR)
Inspire (S&S)
Inspired Aim (BoED)
Instability (S&S)
Instill familiar (BoEM3)
Intoxicate (RR)
Invigorate dead (RR)
Invigorate item (BoEM2)
Invisible familiar (BoEM3)
Iron Butterflies (RR2)
Iron fist (Evil)
Iron golem (N:AA)
Iron storm (RR)
Ironheart (RR)
Ishi's Collar (UHB)
Ishi's Telepathic Bond (PHB)
Item from beyond (BoEM3)


Jester's Gift (S&S)
Jevicca's just reversal (BoEM2)
Jevicca's fourfold ostracism (BoEM2)
Jisgus sepa (BoEM3)
Jumping monkey whirlwind (Magic)


Keen Ear (S&S)
Keep dry (BoEM3)
Keep fresh (BoEM3)
Kevessa gul (spines of death) (BoEM3)
Kin curse (BoEM3)
Kin link (BoEM3)
Kivutar's Blessing (UHB)
Knavescour (BoEM2)
Knockout (Mugged in the Alley) (BoRL)


Learn heritage (BoEM3)
Leech field (RR)
Legacy (BoEM2)
Legacy of eldritch might (BoEM3)
Legion's march (RR2)
Lengthen Shadows (BoRL)
Lesser dragonshield (Dragons)
Lesser mirror calling (BoEM)
Lesser timeheal (RR2)
Lesser turn resistance (RR2)
Lesser water breathing (N:AA)
Lethality denied (BoEM3)
Lethargy (S&S)
Lethene's inner storm (RR2)
Life force transfer (RR)
Life shield (RR)
Light blade (RR2)
Light Blindness (BoRL)
Light of the earth (BoHM)
Lightning storm (N:AA)
Lightning strike (N:AA)
Liliandel's flurry (RR)
Limbs of endurance (RR)
Liquefaction (Magic)
Listening ringworm (RR)
Live Wood (RR)
Lobir (N:AA)
Locate corpse (RR)
Locate oasis (RR2)
Locate water (RR2)
Lock dragon (Dragons)
Lockjaw (N:AA)
Long Flame (BoEM3)
Lover's curse (N:AA)
Lucius' Rustling Leaves (S&S)
Lucky Break (BoRL)
Lucky Totem (BoRL)
Lure (RR2)
Lyssa's Telepathic Bond (PHB)

Madriel's empathic resonance (RR)
Maddening Babble (S&S)
Magical husbandry (Dragons)
Magical performance (BoEM3)
Magical Vacuum (S&S)
Magma burst (BoEM)
Malaise (RR2)
Malediction of Razors (S&S)
Malicious image (RR2)
Mana sink (RR2)
Manaspear (RR)
Mantle of egregious might (BoEM)
Mantle of Shadows (S&S)
Marathon Prowess (S&S)
Margul (dreaded freeze) (BoEM3)
Mark of air (BoEM)
Mark of death (BoEM)
Mark of earth (BoEM)
Mark of Fire (BoEM)
Mark of Frost (BoEM)
Mark of water (BoEM)
Mask allegiance (War)
Mask magic (RR2)
Mass agony (WHB)
Mass true strike (RR2)
Massmorph (WHB)
Mask undead (Undead)
Mass animation (Undead)
Mass fly (BoEM)
Master creature of the mist (BoEM3)
Meld object (RR)
Mend construct (Magic)
Mental alarm (BoEM)
Mesos' containment (RR2)
Mesos' vengeance (RR2)
Mind over matter (RR)
Mind raid (RR)
Mindwrack (RR2)
Minor circle of seeing (RR)
Minor heal undead (Undead)
Minor lasting image (BoEM3)
Minor shadow conjuration (RR)
Minor shadow evocation (RR)
Minor Symbol of Divinity (RR)
Minor wall of force (BoEM3)
Minor ward (BoEM)
Mirror blast (BoEM)
Mirror calling (BoEM)
Mirror portal (BoEM)
Mirror safe (RR)
Mirror shield (BoEM)
Mirror theft (BoEM)
Mirror truth (BoEM)
Missile storm (RR2)
Missive token (BoEM2)
Moonscript (BoRL)
Mormo's serpent hands (RR)
Multi Image (S&S)
Multiplicity (RR)


Necromantic channel (Evil)
Necrotic Blast (S&S)
Negative energy geyser (RR2)
Netherblade (RR2)
Netherblast (RR2)
Nethergaze (RR)
Nethershield (RR2)
Nightfall (Gods)
Night's blackness (Magic)
Ninkurra's Crushing Hand (PHB)
Nonesuch spell (BoEM2)
Noness toma (slip between sight) (BoEM3)
Nose of the rat (RR2)


Object loresight (BoEM2)
Obscure shadow (RR)
Omniscience (RR2)
One Step Ahead (Spider Eyes) (BoRL)
One step beyond (BoEM3)
Orgy of Halpas (UHB)
Oroster's revenge (BoEM3)
Overcome force (BoEM3)


Pack of Ghouls (S&S)
Paraphasic Pianissimo (S&S)
Part Crowd (Step Aside) (BoRL)
Pass the years (RR)
Patch construct (Magic)
Pattern of sibyllic fate (BoHM)
Peaceful weapon (BoHM)
Peerless Camouflage (Running the Shadows) (BoRL)
Perfect recollection (RR)
Persistent missiles (RR2)
Phantom foil (BoEM2)
Phantom's howl (RR)
Phase arrow (N:AA)
Pierce (BoEM3)
Pillar of attraction/repulsion (RR)
Plague Ball (UHB)
Plague touch (RR2)
Planetar's clarity (Magic)
Play the fool (BoEM3)
Plunge deep to the core (BoEM3)
Poisoned Goblet (S&S)
Power craft (BoEM3)
Power word, thunder (RR)
Precise vision (BoEM)
Prehensile tail (Magic)
Pressure Sphere (RR)
Pretur ar nuade (hoard ward) (BoEM3)
Prevarication's bounty (RR)
Primal release (BoEM)
Privacy (S&S)
Private Conversation (Just Between Us) (BoRL)
Profane stare (RR2)
Proficiency (BoEM3)
Prohibit kind (BoEM2)
Prorogate death (BoEM2)
Protect Book (S&S)
Protect familiar (BoEM3)
Protect mount (War)
Protection from Light (Gods)
Protection from Wards (S&S)
Pulsing Fireball (S&S)
Puppet Master (S&S)
Purifying flames (RR)


Quagmire (War)
Quakethrust (S&S)
Quick boost (BoEM2)
Quick Escape (Out the Back Way) (BoRL)
Quick Learn (RR2)
Quick sober (RR)
Quicken healing (WHB)
Quill (S&S)
Quintelemental blast (BoEM3)


Rabbit feet (RR)
Rapid aging (Magic)
Rapid Journey (RR)
Rattling Chant (BoRL)
Razor Claws (Gods)
Rebuild construct (Magic)
Recall champion (RR)
Recent occupant (BoEM3)
Redemption from evil power (BoHM)
Redemptive redress (BoHM)
Rein in the Soul (Gods)
Remove resistance (RR)
Rend the sovereign soul (RR)
Renewed focus (RR)
Repair construct (Magic)
Repair dead (RR2)
Repel Undead (S&S)
Rescue (S&S)
Reshape shadow (RR)
Resist scrying (BoEM3)
Resist touch (BoHM)
Resist turning (Undead)
Restful death (Undead)
Restore Book (S&S)
Restore construct (Magic)
Restore Page (S&S)
Restore youth (WHB)
Retain natural armor (Dragons)
Retain supernatural powers (Dragons)
Return and avenge (BoHM)
Reveal Ward (S&S)
Reverse foe's strength (Magic)
Reverse illusion (RR)
Ricochet (RR2)
Rie's dance of seduction (RR)
Rie's lustful gaze (RR2)
Righteous charge (RR2)
Robe of reflection (BoEM2)
Rogue's Stab (BoRL)
Roof Runner (BoRL)
Rumor of the Earth (S&S)
Rune of darkness (RR)
Rune of fire (RR)
Rune of poison (RR)
Rune of seeing (RR)
Rune of sleep (RR)


Sacred journey (RR)
Sacred weapon (RR)
Sacrifice spell (RR)
Sacrificial heart (RR)
Safe search (BoEM3)
Salamar's quiet contemplation (RR)
Sample (BoEM3)
Sap Strength (RR2)
Scent of the Beast (Gods)
Scent of the hunted (RR2)
Scour the earth (Dragons)
Scribe (S&S)
Scry blast (BoEM3)
Scry blast (RR2)
Scry retaliation (BoEM3)
Scry reverse (BoEM3)
Scrytalk (BoEM3)
Seal of Hedrada (RR)
Secret of the grave (Dragons)
See no evil (BoHM)
Seek the soulless (BoEM2)
Serpent's stare (RR2)
Set traps (Dragons)
Sethris' potency (RR)
Sever (RR)
Sever thread (Magic)
Shield of light (BoHM)
Shrapnel globe (BoEM3)
Shade evocation (RR)
Shade storm (RR2)
Shade's sight (RR)
Shadow Bite (BoRL)
Shadow Blindness (BoRL)
Shadow Bridge (BoRL)
Shadow chains (RR2)
Shadow cloak (Evil)
Shadow form (Magic)
Shadow form of Lyrand (RR)
Shadow Hands (BoRL)
Shadow images (RR)
Shadow Jump (BoRL)
Shadow killer (Magic)
Shadow Knife (BoRL)
Shadow Purse (BoRL)
Shadow shield (RR)
Shadow Sight (S&S)
Shadow smash (RR)
Shadow storm (RR)
Shadow strike (RR)
Shadow touch (RR)
Shadow twin (RR)
Shadow weapon (RR)
Shadow's ripping tentacles (Magic)
Shape of the true soul (Dragons)
Shared Luck (BoRL)
Sharing the ancient lore (Dragons)
Shatter soul (RR)
Shelve (S&S)
Shieldbreaker (BoEM2)
Ship snare (RR)
Shocking missile (RR2)
Shockwave (RR)
Shockwave Strike (RR)
Sigil of fire (RR2)
Sigil of ice (RR2)
Sigil of ooze (RR2)
Silent as Rats (BoRL)
Silent Combat (Midnight Muffle) (BoRL)
Silent Sound (BoRL)
Silhouette (BoRL)
Simpering Servant (UHB)
Slay illusion (BoEM3)
Sleep of the dead (RR)
Slipping the Ranks (S&S)
Slither (BoRL)
Slow missiles (War)
Slow the years (RR2)
Small as Mice (BoRL)
Smash (Gods)
Smite (RR)
Smother (RR)
Smother magic (Dragons)
Smuggler's Chest (BoRL)
Smuggler's Veil (Empty Pot) (BoRL)
Snake staff (N:AA)
Snake staff (RR2)
Sneeze (RR)
Sobriety (WHB)
Solar's invincibility (Magic)
Solid darkness (N:AA)
Song of champions (RR)
Song of the gods (RR)
Song of heroes (RR)
Songwall (RR2)
Soothe (WHB)
Soul blast (RR2)
Soul burst (BoEM2)
Soul disk (RR2)
Soul of mercy (RR)
Soul of the slayer (Dragons)
Soulstrike (RR)
Spark (RR)
Speed of the viper (Magic)
Speed the years (RR2)
Speed reinforcements (War)
Spelcius' corruptive restoration (Magic)
Spelcius' greater corruptive restoration (Magic)
Spelcius' greater specious sanguisuge (Magic)
Spelcius' least specious sanguisuge (Magic)
Spelcius' lesser corruptive restoration (Magic)
Spelcius' lesser specious sanguisuge (Magic)
Spelcius' mastered specious sanguisuge (Magic)
Spelcius' moderate specious sanguisuge (Magic)
Spell missile (WHB)
Spell wall (RR2)
Spellmaster (BoEM2)
Spelltrap (BoEM)
Sphere of deterioration (BoEM3)
Spine tendril (BoEM2)
Spirit Knife (S&S)
Spirit link (Evil)
Spirit watch (RR2)
Spit Shine (Pretty Pebble) (BoRL)
Spy senses (RR2)
Squamous pulse (BoEM2)
Stalker's sight (RR2)
Static veil (BoEM)
Steal sleep (RR)
Steal youth (WHB)
Stelan's blood tentacles (RR2)
Stench (S&S)
Step Under My Shadow (BoRL)
Sticks to serpents (N:AA)
Stone assault (RR2)
Stone bolt (RR2)
Stonelore (S&S)
Stop the years (RR2)
Storm of fists (Magic)
Storm of Ten Thousand Knives (Dagger Chant) (BoRL)
Strength of Mind (S&S)
Strength of Thunor (RR)
Strength to strike (BoEM3)
Strengthen bone (Undead)
Strongoak's affinity with nature (S&S)
Stun item (BoEM3)
Sudden wave (BoEM2)
Summarize (S&S)
Summon dragon I (N:AA)
Summon dragon II (N:AA)
Summon dragon III (N:AA)
Summon dragon IV (N:AA)
Summon dragon V (N:AA)
Summon dragon VI (N:AA)
Summon dragon VII (N:AA)
Summon dragon VIII (N:AA)
Summon dragon IX (N:AA)
Summon elemental I (N:AA)
Summon elemental II (N:AA)
Summon elemental III (N:AA)
Summon elemental IV (N:AA)
Summon elemental V (N:AA)
Summon elemental VI (N:AA)
Summon elemental VII (N:AA)
Summon elemental VIII (N:AA)
Summon elemental IX (N:AA)
Summon shadow raven (Evil)
Sumptuous Feast (S&S)
Sundering strike (Magic)
Sunfire tomb (BoHM)
Sunspear (RR)
Suppress lesser (BoEM3)
Surface (S&S)
Surtan's Farstrike (RR)
Surtan's Fire (RR2)
Susar's death (BoEM3)
Swift water (RR)
Switch Item (Fool Me Once) (BoRL)
Sword of Justice (S&S)
Syfa's Stick Servant (RR)


Talen's confounding battlefield (RR2)
Talen's maligned performance (RR2)
Tanil's purging (RR)
Tanil's spectral archers (RR2)
Tasha's Tickle Finger (S&S)
Tattoo item (RR)
Tear the open wound (N:AA)
Teleport block (BoEM)
Teleport coordinates transfer (BoEM)
Teleport redirect (BoEM)
Teleport tracer (BoEM)
Temporal displacement (Magic)
Temporal venom (BoEM3)
Tempt (UHB)
Tendrils of eternal night (RR2)
Terole's translator (RR)
Terror (BoRL)
Tevikk's creeping eye (RR)
Thief Hand (BoRL)
Thief of Spells (Borrow a Cup of Magic) (BoEM2)
Thief ward (BoEM)
Thieves' Charm (Mine, Mine, Mine) (BoRL)
Thorn Throw (RR)
Threatening weapon (BoEM2)
Thulkas' fury (RR2)
Thunor's Clenched Fist (PHB)
Thunor's Crushing Hand (PHB)
Thunor's Grasping Hand (PHB)
Thunor's Iron Bead (RR2)
Thunor's Magnificent Mansion (PHB)
Thunor's Secure Shelter (PHB)
Time fold (Magic)
Time skip (RR)
Time travel (Magic)
Tinker's hammer (Magic)
Titan's Strength (S&S)
Tongue of angels (BoEM)
Tongue of Fiends (BoRL)
Touch of madness (RR2)
Touch of renewal (RR2)
Touch of the eel (RR)
Torment (Gods)
Touch no evil (BoHM)
Tozlan Refuge (RR2)
Trackless (Wind and Broom) (BoRL)
Transcribe (BoEM3)
Transfer Curse (My Gift to You) (BoRL)
Transform dead (RR2)
Transmute flesh to shadow (RR)
Treant Shape (Gods)
Treasure Magnet (Into the Bag) (BoRL)
Trigger Item (Pull the Lever) (BoRL)
Trigger rune (RR)
Trigger Trap (S&S)
Trinket Charm (A Coin for Uncle) (BoRL)
True love (N:AA)
Trust in the Gods (RR2)
Truth's wings (BoHM)
Turn resistance (RR2)
Twist the land (Dragons)
Two minds (RR)


Unbridled Lust (UHB)
Unbuckle (RR)
Undaunted fixture (BoEM)
Undead attraction (Evil)
Undead crew (RR2)
Undead Gate (S&S)
Unearthly Beauty (BoED)
Unhand (BoEM2)
Unholy channel (RR)
Unholy Sword (UHB)
Unite allies (BoHM)
Unravel (S&S)
Unreasonable Rage (Mad as a Hare) (BoRL)
Unseen Marker (Gods)
Unwavering ally (RR2)
Utter thrall (BoEM2)


Vampiric weapon (RR2)
Vangal's blessing (RR2)
Vangal's touch (RR)
Vangal's wounding (RR)
Vassatar's Secret Chest (PHB)
Veil of lust (RR2)
Vengeful spell resistance (BoHM)
Venomous Spray (S&S)
Verisimilitude (RR2)
Verminplague (RR)
Vessa kornari (steal heart) (BoEM3)
Vicious summons (BoEM3)
Vigilant Guardians (S&S)
Virtue's curse (RR2)
Virulence (RR2)
Vivid discharge (BoEM2)
Voice of Authority (S&S)


Waking nightmares (Evil)
Wall of bone (Undead)
Wall of Earth (S&S)
Wall of hornets (RR)
Wall of Vermin (S&S)
Warding globes (BoEM2)
Watch the Watchers (BoRL)
Water's embrace (RR)
Watery prison (BoHM)
Waves of light (BoHM)
Weaving dance (N:AA)
Web sphere (RR2)
Web splat (BoEM3)
Web Walking (S&S)
Weeping fool (RR2)
Weightless Cube (S&S)
Welter (BoEM2)
Whirlwind of Ice (S&S)
Whispering Branches (S&S)
Widdershins (RR)
Wild stealth (BoHM)
Wind Tunnel (S&S)
Window to elsewhere (BoEM3)
Wings (N:AA)
Wisdom of the ivory emperor (Dragons)
Wither (Gods)
Wolf's cry (RR)
Woodlands prison (BoHM)
Wounding (Evil)
Wrath of Thulkas (RR2)
Wünd's Iron Bead (RR2)
Wünd's Secret Chest (PHB)


X-ray vision (BoEM2)


Yaral's totemic transformation (RR)
Yng's Fire (RR2)
Yoke (BoEM2)


Zombie form (RR)
Zone of Bad Luck (BoRL)
Zone of speed (BoEM)
Zone of Visibility (S&S)

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