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Campaign Design - Nations: Gwenarþ


Largest City: Dulyn

Extending from the foothills of the Crespor Mountains in the north to the Misty Isles in the south. Gwenarþ is one of the most powerful nations in the Freeholds. It is rumored that the members of the ruling House Fæth have khülen blood. This is a green country, with most of its inhabitants working as farmers or shepherds. Although the largest city is the prosperous port of Dulyn, most of House Fæþ make their home at Cær Creigiog nestled among the foggy rocks of the Misty Isles. In the last couple of decades the stabilization of Celliwig has resulted in the northern trade route taking on larger importance, resulting in the city of Donega gaining greater prominence in recent years.

Gwenarþ has traditionally maintained a small fleet of warships to combat the pirates that plague the shipping lanes. In addition to being the location of the most significant trade hub for merchants dealing with the nations that border the Galation Sea, Gwenarþ has excellent farmland. Much of the kingdom is good farmland, and crops of wheat, barley and other grains, as well as many vegetables. In the north, sheep and pigs are the most commonly raised livestock, and wool and cloth from the Cruþ river valley are highly prized.

The population is, like most of the other Freeholds, mostly human, with a noticeable but small minority of khülen who mostly live in and around the Cruþ River or on the Misty Isles. As bustling trade cities, Dulyn and Donega both have a thriving community of halflings and gnomes, as well as a small population of changelings. There are small, isolated communities of dwarves in the Crespor Mountains. Alvari are rare in Gwenarþ, but a small number do travel to Ynys Mon to consult with Mannan, while a handful of gnomes have taken up residence there.

The warriors from this land favor the use of the greataxe, probably as a result of their contacts, both peaceful and otherwise, with the inhabitants of Langjord, Midtenjord, and Kysthjem. Even though the weapon has found common use in Cadfor as well, the greataxe is truly the signature weapon of a warrior from Gwenarþ. The preference displayed by many warriors from this land for the greataxe carries over to other two handed melee weapons, with many favoring the two-handed sword, maul, or mattock.

Ruler: Brann Beagansonne of House Fæþ

King Brann Beagansonne is a giant of a man. He stands over seven feet tall, is hugely proportioned and is renowned as one of the Three Strongest Warriors of the Freeholds. Brann is in his middle thirties, and has ruled Gwenarþ since his father Beagan Iainsonne died ten years ago. He has proven himself to be a fierce warrior and an able leader of men, but has left much of the day to day rule of his kingdom to his younger brothers.

Brann has two brothers: The twins Visien and Envisien. In addition to his brothers, Brann is related to the mysterious mage Mannan, who long ago gave up his claim to the throne and immersed himself in the study of arcane lore in his isolated citadel on Ynys Mon, where he has resided for many decades, although he remains a trusted adviser to the succeeding generations of his younger relatives.

As Gwenarþ borders both the Crespor Mountains in the north, and the Niwlog Bay to the south as well as the Galation Sea to the east, House Fæþ has long promoted an aggressive military policy. Brann is a staunch supporter of the regime in Cær Alrys, reasoning that so long as Polþia has to expend resources dealing with a stubborn band of paladins in their own backyard they are less likely to be able to cause trouble for the Freeholds. He has also been a vocal proponent of Seluc Kiarrsonne's efforts in Nuþralia, pushing the High Council to provide more aid to the adventurer king's prolonged war for survival against the Polþian forces. Ever pugilistic, Brann is also quick to lend his approval to Blansky's expeditions into the northern mountains and has consistently agitated for the Council to give him more funding to expand the Galation Sea war fleet.

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Campaign Design - Regions: The Freeholds

The Freeholds
The Freeholds are a collection of nine kingdoms that are part of the Rhadynnic Sky Empire and occupy the strategic and magic-filled region between the Heulwen and Galation Seas. Although relatively near the island kingdoms that are home to the Rhadynnic Great Houses, the Freeholds are distinct by language, by culture, and by tradition.

The most obvious difference between the Freeholds and the rest of the Rhadynnic Sky Empire is that the native language of their inhabitants is not Rhadynnic, but rather Sorglish. In a similar vein, just as the common language spoken in the Freeholds is descendants resulting from a blend of Enslaic, Rhadynnic, and Rodharic, so are the laws and customs of the region a distinctively unique blend of the three, a fact that often confuses travelers from the rest of the Sky Empire who assume that they are the same as those they are used to.

The most critical distinction between the Freeholds and most of the other territories of the Sky Empire is that none of the Freeholds are beholden to any of the Great Houses, but instead owe allegiance directly to the Carnelian Throne. While taking steps to ensure his son's election, Cearnach II sought to assuage the concerns of the other Great Houses and promised that House Llud would not arrogate too much power to itself by annexing the Freeholds, which were then independent but allied countries, during his reign, and guaranteed that they would never become fiefdoms under the control of his House. Instead, when Cearnach III ascended to become High King, he brought the Freeholds into the Sky Empire as vassals owing allegiance directly to the High King, and not to House Llud or any of the other Great Houses.

The consequence of this long ago power play by High King Cearnach III is that the Freeholds are not under the authority of any of the Rhadynnic Great Houses. Since the fall of House Llud and the resulting Wars of Succession, the Freeholds have been nominally part of the Rhadynnic Sky Empire, but as there has not been an occupant of the Carnelian Throne in more than a hundred years, they have gone their own way for the most part. In the last forty years, the Freeholds have, with some slight nudging by the Collegium, begun to formally work together after the reinvigoration of the High Council, but this is a recent development that may or may not turn out to be permanent.

Money in the Freeholds


Nobility and Offices

The High Council
Urdd Crefft
Warders of the Council


Misty Isles
Ynys Mon

Mountain Ranges
Crespor Mountains
Ffin Mountains
Hartz Mountains
Nimlau Mountains
Steinig Mountains

Hills of Brann-Galedd

Llaithcoed Forest
Rhyfedd Forest

Cruth River
Gjol River
Glasrehdeg River
Glein River
Pale River
Pencarn River
Tinnsaker River

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Campaign Design - Maps: Midrun

Freeholds of the Sky Empire

Holdings of the Great Houses
Crœsfan Island
Yr Alvon

Lands of the Sky Empire
Seachtach Isles

Kingdoms of the Dwarves

The Wild Lands
At'viras Steppes

The Islands of Midrun
Gorovlic Isles
Misty Isles
Oighear Islands
Pirsh'tas Islands

The Northern Kingdoms
Sjorover Islands

The Eastern Lands

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Campaign Design - Organizations: The Collegium

The Collegium

The Collegium is a powerful organization of arcane and divine casters whose members are commonly known as the Blue Mages due to their distinctive dress, and which rules over the city of Enslem from their imposing fortress of Caelantha. The Guild, as it is also commonly known, is ruled by the Magarchs, powerful students of the magical arts who have been promoted due to their power and connections to rule over the other members. There are several ranks within the Collegium, ranging from apprentices, to initiates, to full guild journeymen and masters, and then to the circles of the Magarchs. The Outer Circle is the lowest rung of the Magarchs, holding authority and the right to command other members and the forces of the guard. Above the Outer Circle are the seldom seen Magarchs of the Inner Circle who guide the political and diplomatic relations of the Guild. Beyond the Inner Circle, the structure of the Collegium's governance is a mystery to outsiders. If there are more ranks within the Guild above the Inner Circle, the Magarchs are keeping them hidden, as even the members of the Inner Circle are seldom seen outside the confines of Caelantha. Members have spoken of a High Magarch, but as no one outside the Guild has ever seen such an individual, there are many who dismiss the existence of such a figure as a fabrication.

The Collegium is also known as "the Guild". While there are many "guilds", there is only one "Guild", and when one refers to an organization simply as "the Guild", everyone knows what they are talking about. The Collegium is a secretive organization and appears to have only a handful of overriding aims: Expanding the arcane knowledge and power of the organization and preserving the independence of Enslem. All other concerns appear to be subordinated to this cause. Members of the Guild largely turn a blind eye to the activities of the Sang-Nuit in the city, unconcerned with the lives or welfare of the inhabitants except to the extent that disruptions would threaten the Guild's hegemony. Members quell unrest and maintain the defenses of the city as well as ferreting out any spies or agents unfriendly to the Guild. Members are also frequently found travelling in other lands ensuring that external political events to not impinge upon the independence and freedom of the city, spinning webs of alliances and and other agreements that the Magarchs consider advantageous to the Collegium and its position as the rulers of Enselm as well as whatever other hidden goals or agendas the Guild may have.

It is through the power of the Guild that Enslem retains its independence. The Collegium ruthlessly enforces its most famous law within their domains: No person who is not a member of the Collegium may ever legally use magic under the foreboding midnight blue sky of the Interdiction. This law is, in observed practice, inflexible and absolute. No matter how well-disposed the Collegium has been towards a non-member caster, the Blue Mages have always preserved their monopoly over the use of magic within the protected portions of the city. The ban applies to all arcane and divine spell casting, and the Interdiction de Magique affects all forms of magic and supernatural abilities equally well. No outsider, no matter how well intentioned, has ever avoided the Blue Mage's ban on magic within the boundaries that they consider to be theirs alone.

Almost all members are recruited as children. Adults who are admitted to the Collegium are vanishingly rare to the point of being virtually unheard of. This doesn't stop many of the poor and down on their luck from showing up at the gates of the Guild's fortress of Caelantha to seek membership, and once in a great while such hopeful persistence pays off. The Guild regularly searches the areas in which it has influence for promising students with magical talent. Once they locate such an individual they spirit him or her away to an unknown location or locations. It is presumed that the Collegium has a secret training ground on Poudre Island where its recruits are trained in the mystical arts and conditioned to be unswervingly loyal to the Guild, although as outsiders are forbidden to land on the island, this is merely conjecture. When apprentice members of the Guild return from their period of training, they appear to remember little of their childhood lives. The few times that a family member has recognized a member of the Collegium after he has returned, the apprentice has appeared not to recognize his family member. It is widely believed that members of the Collegium are somehow mentally conditioned to loyalty, and regard the Guild as their family.

Most members are gnomish, alvari, or human. There have occasionally been halfling and khülen members, but they are rare as halflings and khülen are generally not available for the Collegium to claim. Most outsiders also assume that the Collegium regards most of the generally wild and undisciplined khülen as being generally unsuited to the academic tenor of the group, although some Collegium researchers have devoted substantial time studying the unique spirit magic of the shifter-folk. Despite the substantial population of changelings living in and around Enselm, changeling members of the Collegium are rare, presumably because of a tacit agreement between the Blue Mages and the Night Siblings. There are few dwarven members due to the fact that most dwarven wizards follow their own race’s mystic traditions, although the Collegium has been known to work closely with the magical engineers of the Hartzstadt. many outsiders presume that the Collegium regards freidnly dwarven spell casters living in their own countries are more politically valuable to the Collegium than a handful of additional dwarven members would be. Even though the ironborn are created by the Blue Mages, there are only a handful of ironborn who actually join the Guild's ranks, most of whom were specifically created to address some specific problem, concern, or research project of the Guild.

In terms of total numbers, gnomes appear to make up about sixty to seventy percent of the known membership, while alvari and humans make up most of the remainder in a more or less even split. The remaining races are sprinkled here and there. Gnomes dominate the upper echelons of the Guild structure, comprising approximately eighty percent of the Inner Circle, highest government body known well enough by outsiders to determine the membership thereof. Most known members of the Guild are wizards, shugenja, or some combination of both, with a smaller number of sorcerers, favored souls, and clerics among the Guild's ranks.

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Campaign Design - Locations: Enselm


Ruled by: The Collegium

Other organizations: The Sang-Nuit

Description: Enselm is one of the largest cities in all of the three worlds, and is a place where fortunes may be won by the crafty, and a dangerous mass of teeming scum to the unwary. The city contains both fabulously wealthy merchant princes and poverty stricken beggars and thieves. It is also the one place that exists as a crossroads between all of the three worlds, existing simultaneously in Ilkeas, Midrun, and Cærulus. While there are many gateways between Cærulus and Midrun, and Ilkeas and Midrun, and even some between Cærulus and Ilkeas, there is only one place where all three worlds converge, and that place is the city of Enselm, which exists in all three of the known realms of existence. Enselm's unique position as a crossroads between all three worlds has made it a hub of trade and commerce, and it has also made the city the target of covetous empires throughout history who have sought to seize it to gain control of both its wealth and its commanding position. Persistent rumors hold that not only is Enselm a gateway between all of the three worlds, but that it also holds gateways to other, more exotic worlds, which those who pass these stories on maintain contributes to the wealth and power of the shadowy mages guild that rules over the city from the huge forbidden fortress of Cælantha.

Enselm is fiercely independent, and for all of recorded history has been ruled over by a secretive guild of mages named the Collegium who jealously guard their position and the freedom of the city. Popularly called the Blue Mages due to their distinctive silver-trimmed midnight blue robes, the members of the Collegium rule over the city by virtue of their arcane might, and because of the Interdiction de Magique, a field that interferes the use of magic by anyone other than the members of their order, causing those who use magic within its borders intense pain and injury as well as alerting the Guild to the location of the user. Violations of the Interdiction inevitably result in a force of mages and their famously loyal metal guardsmen showing up in short order to detain the offender. Those who are lucky are merely expelled from the Blue Mage's domains with an instruction not to return. Those who are not lucky vanish without ever being seen again. The Interdiction covers the protected portions of the city with a dark midnight blue dome that reveals where the Interdiction does and does not cover and holds those portions of the city that it covers in a perpetual twilight. Outside the mystical dome, magic use is unregulated by the Collegium, inside the dome, the Collegium prohibits its use by anyone other than its own members. Unfortunately for would-be conquerors, the Interdiction covers all of the portions of the city that serve as a crossroads between worlds, leaving only the sprawling outlying areas not under its protection.

The fortress of Cælantha itself is heavily guarded by strong and fanatical warriors and powerful incorruptible mages. The Collegium appears to be a meritocracy and all who show promise in the magical arts and are considered trustworthy may join their ranks, and conceivably rise to be counted among the rulers of the city. All races and sexes are permitted in the guild, the only requirement being magical ability. A rise to power in this way is a common dream of the poor of the city’s slums, and mothers are constantly bringing their children to offer them for acceptance into the Guild, even though they know that success will mean that their children are taken from them forever to be raised by the Blue Mages. Unfortunately, many more come to the gates of Caelantha than are accepted and the ranks of the utterly destitute continue to grow.

Enselm is a cosmopolitan place, with inhabitants of almost every race interacting with one another. Humans, changelings, alvari, halfings, dwarves, and gnomes all make their homes in the vast and labyrinthine districts of the city. Some khülen also reside in the city, although they are not common, as the urban environment is one that many members of that race find unsettling. It is so diverse that in its seedier areas, Enselm even has enclaves of goblins, orcs, and other humanoids. The city is heavily populated by gnomes, who make up a substantial portion of the population, and the city is more or less the "heart" of gnomish culture. Gnomes are so associated with Enselm that Enslaic, the language spoken by natives of the city and its surrounding regions, is often referred to as "Gnomish", and most gnomes in the three worlds speak at least some Enslaic, no matter where they are from or where they live. Such is the influence of the Collegium that Enslaic is widely used as the language of trade and diplomacy between nations.

Enselm is also the home to the largest known concentration of changelings in the three worlds, although they are still a tiny minority of the population. Changelings do, however, dominate the other powerful group associated with Enselm: The vast and elusive criminal organization known as the Sang-Nuit, also known as the Night Siblings. Because the Collegium rules with a light touch, they leave most of the actual governing of Enselm to others, and the Sang-Nuit controls substantial swaths of the city. Other power groups control some neighborhoods, and a handful control entire districts, but none have the pervasive and wide-ranging influence of the Night Siblings. Surrounding the ‘civilized’ portion of the city, is Helltown, miles upon miles of horrendous slums, and the web of influence and power spun by the Night Siblings pervades all of them.

Although the Enselm Guard is a renowned fighting force, comprised primarily of highly skilled ironborn warriors, it is not able to keep up with the job of maintaining internal order in Enselm other than stopping fights that have gotten a little out of hand and half-heartedly trying to solve homicides, leaving the job of keeping the peace to a well-developed network of private organizations. Craftsmen and merchants band together in protective guilds, the wealthy hire private mercenary guards, and the poor don’t have anything to steal and defend themselves from other dangers as best they can. A visitor to the city will be immediately besieged by scores of “agents” each selling some sort of protection, usually membership in some sort of protective association, or a waiver from one of the many criminal organizations, although some are simply scams sold by con artists. Because of the lack of higher authority, the city has many large and powerful criminal organizations that are constantly vying for dominance and occasionally break into full scale gang wars. It is hard to call anything criminal in Helltown, however, since little is enforced and the credo of the residents seems to be along the lines of “anything goes”. As might be expected in a city where dwarves and halflings can rub shoulders with goblins and orcs, street fights are a common occurrence, and passers by are best advised to leave quickly when one breaks out, or risk getting caught up in a bloody brawl.

All of the ironborn in the world were born in Enselm, specifically within the confines of the fortress of Cælantha under the watchful eye of the Magarchs. At least, this is what outsiders presume, since no one is allowed into the creation forges where the Collegium crafts its metal servitors. The ironborn form the core of the guard for the Collegium, who trust the loyalty of their manufactured soldiers over other warriors. Even after they have been released from their required service, many ironborn remain in the city, either voluntarily remaining in the employ of their creators, or joining one of the many other, less savory organizations for pay. Some few remain and act as freelancers. Those ironborn who may be found elsewhere in the three worlds who are not still working for the Guild are comprised of the handful who rejected such options and struck out on their own.

The city has a huge harbor, with thousands of docks, shipyards, and warehouses due to it’s strategic location. A bustling mercantile district housing wealthy traders and excellent craftsmen sits next to huge temples to every faith in the known world, although the large gnomish population of the city means that it is the spiritual heart of the faiths of both Caire and Füllar. Because Enselm is such a critical trading hub, most of the large halfling mercantile families also have enclaves in the city, as the ports of the city are full of ships full of all kinds of cargo. In keeping with their indifference to the legal and social mores of outsiders, the Collegium generally does not care what kind of cargo is unloaded upon their docks or sent out from their shores, so long as the merchants pay the required duties. The only cargo the Collegium bans from their harbor is troops: Rival nations may not use Enselm as a means of transporting warriors from one place to another. While one could conceivable hire and arm an entire army of mercenaries in the back streets of Enselm, any ruler trying to move an army through the harbor would draw the ire of the Magarchs, and probably the destruction of the offending flotilla.

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House Rules - Mind Weaver Spell List

This is the spell list for Mind Weavers. Unlike other spells lists found on this site, this list includes spells that appear in the Player's Handbook and the Spell Compendium and few spells from other sources. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes will be marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

All of the material contained on this page and other pages of this blog is presented in accordance with the terms of the Open Game License.


Dancing Lights (PHB)
Daze (PHB)
Detect Magic (PHB)
Mage Hand (PHB)
Mending (PHB)
Open/Close (PHB)
Prestidigitation (PHB)


Animate Rope (PHB)
Cause Fear (PHB)
Charm Person (PHB)
Color Spray (PHB)
Entropic Shield (PHB)
Expeditious Retreat (PHB)
Feather Fall (PHB)
Hold Portal (PHB)
Hypnotism (PHB)
Jump (PHB)
Mage Armor (PHB)
Magic Missile (PHB)
Pass without Trace (PHB)
Shield (PHB)
Sleep (PHB)
Spider Climb (PHB)
Maþ's Floating Disk (PHB)
True Strike (PHB)


Blur (PHB)
Bull's Strength (PHB)
Cat's Grace (PHB)
Darkvision (PHB)
Detect Thoughts (PHB)
Enthrall (PHB)
Flaming Sphere (PHB)
Levitate (PHB)
Locate Object (PHB)
Make Whole (PHB)
Minor Image (PHB)
Mirror Image (PHB)
Protection from Arrows (PHB)
Resist Elements (PHB)
See Invisibility (PHB)
Shatter (PHB)
Sound Burst (PHB)
Spectral Hand (PHB)
Suggestion (PHB)
Tongues (PHB)
Undetectable Alignment (PHB)


Charm Monster (PHB)
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (PHB)
Dispel Magic (PHB)
Displacement (PHB)
Fireball (PHB)
Flame Arrow (PHB)
Fly (PHB)
Haste (PHB)
Hold person (PHB)
Invisibility Purge (PHB)
lesser Geas (PHB)
Lightning Bolt (PHB)
Major Image (PHB)
Nondetection (PHB)
Slow (PHB)
Water Breathing (PHB)
Water Walk (PHB)


Detect Scrying (PHB)
Dimension Door (PHB)
Discern Lies (PHB)
Dominate Person (PHB)
Calm Emotions (PHB)
Fire Shield (PHB)
Freedom of Movement (PHB)
Good Hope (PHB)
Greater Invisibility (PHB)
Locate Creature (PHB)
Modify Memory (PHB)
Minor Creation (PHB)
Minor Creation (PHB)
Minor Globe of Invulnerability (PHB)
Phantasmal Killer (PHB)
Polymorph (PHB)
Rage (PHB)
Shadow Conjuration (PHB)
Shout (PHB)
Stoneskin (PHB)
Wall of Fire (PHB)


Cone of Cold (PHB)
Greater Shadow Conjuration (PHB)
Feeblemind (PHB)
Flame Strike (PHB)
Hold Monster (PHB)
Ishi's Telepathic Bond (PHB)
Major Creation (PHB)
Mislead (PHB)
Persistent Image (PHB)
Passwall (PHB)
Prying Eyes (PHB)
Shadow Evocation (PHB)
Stone Shape (PHB)
Telekinesis (PHB)
Teleport (PHB)


Analyze Dweomer (PHB)
Chain Lightning (PHB)
Disintegrate (PHB)
Geas/Quest (PHB)
Greater Dispelling (PHB)
Greater Shadow Evocation (PHB)
Flesh to Stone (PHB)
Iku-Tyrma's Freezing Sphere (PHB)
Mass Haste (PHB)
Mass Suggestion (PHB)
Move Earth (PHB)
Permanent Image (PHB)
Programmed Image (PHB)
Project Image (PHB)
Repulsion (PHB)
Shades (PHB)
Stone to Flesh (PHB)
True Seeing (PHB)
Wind Walk (PHB)


Delayed Blast Fireball (PHB)
Ethereal Jaunt (PHB)
Finger of Death (PHB)
Phase Door (PHB)
Power Word, Stun (PHB)
Plane Shift (PHB)
Prismatic Spray (PHB)
Regenerate (PHB)
Shadow Walk (PHB)
Spell Turning (PHB)
Teleport without Error (PHB)
Vanish (PHB)


Discern Location (PHB)
Horrid Wilting (PHB)
Iron Body (PHB)
Mass Charm (PHB)
Otiluke's Telekinetic Sphere (PHB)
Polymorph Any Object (PHB)
Protection from Spells (PHB)
Power Word, Blind (PHB)
Prismatic Wall (PHB)
Sunburst (PHB)


Astral Projection (PHB)
Dominate Monster (PHB)
Energy Drain (PHB)
Foresight (PHB)
Gate (PHB)
Implosion (PHB)
Power Word, Kill (PHB)
Prismatic Sphere (PHB)
Shapechange (PHB)
Time Stop (PHB)
Wail of the Banshee (PHB)
Weird (PHB)
Woda's Disjunction (PHB)

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House Rules - Artificer Infusion List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive infusion list for Artificers that includes all of the infusions drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. For the most part, this list does not include infusions that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Some infusions are drawn from a variety of sourcebooks other than the Player's Handbook or Spell Compendium. For such infusions, their source is noted in the domain entry with a notation by the infusions in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

All of the material contained on this page and other pages of this blog is presented in accordance with the terms of the Open Game License.

1st Level

Ablative Armor (MoE)
Armor Enhancement, Lesser (ECS)
Energy Alteration (ECS)
Enhancement Alteration (ECS)
Indisputable Possession (MoE)
Inflict Light Damage (ECS)
Magic Stone
Magic Vestment
Magic Weapon
Metamagic Scroll (MoE)
Natural Weapon Augmentation, Personal (RoE)
Pending Potion (MoE)
Repair Light Damage (ECS)
Resistance Item (ECS)
Shield of Faith
Skill Enhancement (ECS)
Spell Storing Item (ECS)
Weapon Augmentation, Personal (ECS)

2nd Level

Align Weapon
Armor Enhancement (ECS)
Bear's Endurance
Bull's Strength
Cat's Grace
Chill Metal
Construct Essence, Lesser (RoE)
Eagle's Splendor
Elemental Prod (MoE)
Fox's Cunning
Heat Metal
Inflict Moderate Damage (ECS)
Lucky Blade (MoE)
Natural Weapon Augmentation, Lesser (RoE)
Owl's Wisdom
Reinforce Construct (MoE)
Repair Moderate Damage (ECS)
Shaping (VW:SA)
Suppress Dragonmark (MoE)
Toughen Construct (ECS)
Unseen Crafter (RoE)
Weapon Augmentation, Lesser (ECS)

3rd Level

Adamantine Weapon (MoE)
Armor Enhancement, Greater (ECS)
Blast Rod (MoE)
Construct Energy Ward (ECS)
Humanoid Essence, Lesser (RoE)
Inflict Serious Damage (ECS)
Lucky Cape (MoE)
Magic Weapon, Greater
Metamagic Item (ECS)
Power Surge (ECS)
Repair Serious Damage (ECS)
Spell Snare (MoE)
Stone Construct (ECS)
Suppress Requirement (ECS)

4th Level

Censure Elementals (MoE)
Concurrent Infusions (MoE)
Construct Energy Ward, Greater (ECS)
Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser
Humanoid Essence (RoE)
Inflict Critical Damage (ECS)
Item Alteration (ECS)
Iron Construct (ECS)
Minor Creation
Natural Weapon Augmentation (RoE)
Repair Critical Damage (ECS)
Rusting Grasp
Shield of Faith, Legion's (ECS)
Weapon Augmentation (ECS)

5th Level

Construct Essence (RoE)
Disrupting Weapon
Dominate Living Construct (RoE)
Inflict Light Damage, Mass (RoE)
Major Creation
Repair Light Damage, Mass (RoE)
Slaying Arrow (MoE)
Wall of Force
Wall of Stone

6th Level

Blade Barrier
Disable Construct (ECS)
Globe of Invulnerability
Hardening (ECS)
Humanoid Essence, Greater (RoE)
Inflict Moderate Damage, Mass (RoE)
Move Earth
Natural Weapon Augmentation, Greater (RoE)
Repair Moderate Damage, Mass (RoE)
Spell Snare, Greater (MoE)
Total Repair (ECS)
Wall of Iron
Weapon Augmentation (ECS)

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House Rules - Druid/Spirit Shaman Spell List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive spell list for druids and spirit shamen that includes all of the spells drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. For the most part, this list does not include spells that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

All of the material contained on this page and other pages of this blog is presented in accordance with the terms of the Open Game License.


Adhere to Wood (RR)
Chill/Warmth (RR)
Discern Aura (Shamans)


Buoyancy Net (RR)
Chameleon Cloak (RR)
Champion Swimmer (RR2)
Charm Spirit (Shamans)
Confront Curse Spirit (SHB)
Detect Curse/Taboo (SHB)
Detect Spirits (Shamans)
Douse (BoRL)
Eagle Eyes (S&S)
Extend Shifting (RoE)
Hunter's Raiment (PGtRR)
Invisibility to Spirits (SHB)
Keen Ear (S&S)
Lay to Rest (SHB)
Lucius' Rustling Leaves (S&S)
Minor Symbol of Divinity (RR)
Moonscript (BoRL)
Protection from Spirits (SHB)
Razor Claws (Gods)
See Spirits (SHB)
Shockwave Strike (RR)
Silveryberry (PGtCD)
Spirit Dart (SHB)
Web Walking (S&S)
Whirlwind of Ice (S&S)
Whispering Branches (S&S)


Animal Infusion (RR)
Blight (SHB)
Body of Sand (RRII)
Call Aquatic Animal I (RR)
Chameleon Skin (S&S)
Circle of Sounds (RR)
Cold Snap (RR)
Confront Disease Spirit (SHB)
Confront Magical Spirit (SHB)
Crebain (PGtWBS)
Dig (S&S)
Doom Fog (S&S)
Feign Death (BoRL)
Flame/Frost Weapon (RR)
Fleet Feet (S&S)
Frog Tongue (RR)
Ghost Touch (SHB)
Hunter's Stalk (RR)
Icebolt (BoEM)
Identify Spirit (SHB)
Lava Missile (SK)
Mass Revelation (Shamans)
Oaken Archer (PGtCD)
Razorscales (SK)
Roof Runner (BoRL)
Scent (SK)
Scent of the Beast (Gods)
Silent as Rats (BoRL)
Small as Mice (BoRL)
Spirit Claws (SHB)
Spirit Spear (SHB)
Surface (S&S)
Syfa's Stick Servant (RR)
Tozlan Refuge (RR2)


Animal Spy (RR)
Battle Rage (SHB)
Beast Soul (RR)
Body of Eyes (SHB)
Boulder (H&H)
Corrode (PGtRR)
Discern Shapechanger (OA and RoE)
Enhanced Shifting (RoE)
Expedite Poison (UHB)
Listening Ringworm (RR)
Magic Circle against Spirits (SHB)
Mark of Air (BoEM)
Mark of Earth (BoEM)
Mark of Fire (BoEM)
Mark of Frost (BoEM)
Mark of Water (BoEM)
Materialize (SHB)
Nature's Bounty (SHB)
Pressure Sphere (RR)
Read Spirit Echo (Shamans)
Rescue (S&S)
Stonelore (S&S)
Surtan's Farstrike (RR)
Syfa's Affinity with Nature (S&S)
Syfa's Exile from Nature (RR)
Thorn Throw (RR)
Treehouse (PGtCD)
Venomfire (SK)


Acid Form (H&H)
Acid Spray (H&H)
Armor of Brambles (RR2)
Aspect of the Werebeast (RoE)
Black Mulching (BoEM)
Blinding Beauty (BoED)
Call Aquatic Animal II (RR)
Cull the Weak (Shamans)
Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Floor of Fire (S&S)
Frostform (RR2)
Gluttony (RR)
Kiss of the Storm (PGtCD)
Lava Splash (SK)
Live Wood (RR)
Mind Over Matter (RR)
Polymorphic Projection (SHB)
Rumor of the Earth (S&S)
Spirit Wall (SHB)
Treant Shape (Gods)
Venomous Spray (S&S)
Wall of Earth (S&S)
Wind Tunnel (S&S)


Breath of Death (RR2)
Death Curse (SHB)
Finger of Life (S&S)
Gangyn's Poison Pillar (S&S)
Ghost Dance (Shamans)
Greater Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Greater Mark of Air (BoEM)
Greater Mark of Earth (BoEM)
Greater Mark of Fire (BoEM)
Greater Mark of Frost (BoEM)
Greater Mark of Water (BoEM)
Gutroot (RR)
Journey of Healing (SHB)
Journey of Soul Retrieval (SHB)
Lesser Astral Projection (SHB)
Maddening Mist (Shamans)
Sap Strength (RR2)
Wall of Vermin (S&S)


Awaken the Land (Shamans)
Bål's Iron Bead (RR2)
Children of the Serpent Mother (PGtWBS)
Cleanse (Gods)
Curse Turning (SHB)
Dark Water (RR)
Ethereal Banishment (SHB)
Firebird (FPT)
Forge Rock (Gods)
Freezing Claw (BoEM)
Hall of Fire (S&S)
Khil's Iron Bead (RR2)
Mass Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Power Walk (Shamans)
Power Word, Thunder (RR)
Seþra's Serpent Hands (RR)
Slay Spirit (SHB)
Sudden Wave (BoEM2)
Þunor's Iron Bead (RR2)
Wall of Crystal (VW:SA)


Freezing Curse (RR)


Greater Healing Circle (RR)
Grove of Serenity (RR)
Journey of Mass Healing (SHB)
Squamous Pulse (BoEM2)
Unearthly Beauty (BoED)


Control Nature (Gods)
Magma Burst (BoEM)
Shadow Projection (SHB)
Þunor's Fury (RR)

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House Rules - Paladin Spell List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive spell list for Paladins that includes all of the spells drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. For the most part, this list does not include spells that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

One important note is that for the Three Worlds campaign setting, the Prestige Paladin class replaces the base Paladin class from the Player's Handbook. Consequently, this spell list is not used for this campaign setting with the exception of spells that only appear on this list. A Prestige Paladin may add any spells that appear on this list to the class spell list of whatever spell casting class they belonged to before becoming a Prestige Paladin. If a particular spell is not on the Prestige Paladin's base spellcasting class spell list, it is added to that class spell list at the spell level listed here.

All of the material contained on this page and other pages of this blog is presented in accordance with the terms of the Open Game License.


Ephod of Melee (RR)
Gaze of Truth (RR)
Holy Beacon (RR)
Minor Symbol of Divinity (RR)


Argent Glory (PGtCD)
Armor of the Heart (H&H)
Aura of Light (S&S)
Expose the Dead (MoE)
Limbs of Endurance (RR)


Body and Mind (H&H)
Heart of Valor (RR)
Mask of Virtue (VW:SA)
Sword of Justice (S&S)


Brothers in Arms (RR)
Cloak of Righteousness (RR)
Demonbane (RR2)
Hand of Justice (RR)
Halo of Vengeance (S&S)
Holy Beacon's Answer (RR)
Ironheart (RR)
Recall the Forge (PGtCD)

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House Rules - Ranger Spell List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive spell list for rangers that includes all of the spells drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. For the most part, this list does not include spells that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

One important note is that for the Three Worlds campaign setting, the prestige ranger class replaces the base Ranger class from the Player's Handbook. Consequently, this spell list is not used for this campaign setting. However, a prestige ranger may add any spells that appear on this list but not on their original class spell list to the class spell list of whatever spell casting class they belonged to before becoming a prestige ranger. For example, a prestige ranger whose original spellcasting class was cleric may treat the spell eagle eyes as if it were a first level spell on the Cleric/Favored Soul list.

All of the material contained on this page and other pages of this blog is presented in accordance with the terms of the Open Game License.


Adhere to Wood (RR)
Chameleon Cloak (RR)
Champion Swimmer (RR2)
Chill/Warmth (RR)
Clean (RR)
Detect Enemy (PGtRR)
Dowsing (RR)
Eagle Eyes (S&S)
Eavesdrop (PGtRR)
Expedite Poison (UHB)
Extend Shifting (RoE)
Hunter's Raiment (PGtRR)
Keen Ear (S&S)
Lucius' Rustling Leaves (S&S)
Minor Symbol of Divinity (RR)
Ranger Armor (PGtRR)
Replace the Senses (Shamans)
Rogue's Stab (BoRL)
Silveryberry (PGtCD)
Web Walking (S&S)
Whispering Branches (S&S)


Caire's Touch (RR)
Call Aquatic Animal I (RR)
Cavernlore (H&H)
Chameleon Skin (S&S)
Circle of Sounds (RR)
Detect Spirits (Shamans)
Fleet Feet (S&S)
Follow the Shifting Sands (PGtWBS)
Hunter's Stalk (RR)
Lucius' Flurry (RR)
Nature's Bounty (SHB)
Oaken Archer (PGtCD)
Razorscales (SK)
Scent (SK)
Sharpen Senses (PGtWBS)
Speareyes (PGtCD)
Spoor (PGtRR)
Stonelore (S&S)
Tozlan Refuge (RR2)


Animal Infusion (RR)
Animal Spy (RR)
Beast Soul (RR)
Bramble Blade (PGtRR)
Fiery Vengeance (PGtRR)
Inspired Aim (BoED)
Poison Thorn (PGtRR)
Rumor of the Earth (S&S)
Spiritual Bestowment (Shamans)
Syfa's Stick Servant (RR)


Æonian Lantern (BoHM)
Arrow of Slaying (N:AA)
Aspect of the Werebeast (RoE)
Blinding Beauty (BoED)
Call Aquatic Animal II (RR)
Corrode (PGtRR)
Cull the Weak (Shamans)
Ghost Armor (Shamans)
Hated Enemy (PGtRR)
Syfa's Affinity with Nature (S&S)
Venomfire (SK)

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