Monday, February 25, 2013

Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Syfa

Syfa (Andate)

Celestial Mistress of Nature, Forests, and the Hunt

Alignment: Neutral Good.
Domains: Celerity, Fey, Plant, Weather.
Summon Monster: Syfa's clerics can summon celestial and wood element creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A stag skull or a sheaf of wheat.
Favored Weapon: Javelin.
Related Prestige Classes: Fleet Runner of Syfa, Ranger

Syfa is the fleet footed mistress of the hunt and guardian of the wild places of the world. The legends hold that she is sister to the three brothers Forseti, Heim, and Tiwas, and half-sister to Füllar. She is also possibly the half-sister of Vali but the exact nature of their kinship is unclear in the myths. She appears to mortals as an athletic woman with blond hair, although myths variously describe her as human, fey, or half-fey. She is always depicted wearing green and brown hunting clothes, and carrying a sheaf of javelins. Syfa is said to be faster afoot than any beast or creature that runs on feet, and the myths hold that her endurance is such that she can run down any prey. Syfa is a wild untamable spirit who delights in sport and dancing, but is regarded as a faithful consort to Thunor, unlike her promiscuous half-sister Vali.

Syfa is said to live on a diet of deer milk and eagle meat, and refuses to consume any meat she has not personally hunted and slain. Syfa is also the mistress of plants and growing things, and has a great love for the forests and trees of the world. In the War in Heaven, Syfa is said to have mastered the demon hound Garm, but could not slay the animal because it was protected by a death gesa that said it could not be destroyed without causing the end of the world. Instead, she confined the hound until Wünd could forge a cage strong enough to imprison the beast, and even then the Lords of Heaven had to place an entire mountain on top of Garm's prison to keep it from escaping.

Syfa is regarded as the mistress of the hunt, and is a popular celestial among shifters and rangers. Despite her association with hunting, Syfa is closely associated with the stag, and hunters must take care not to arouse her wrath by inflicting cruelty upon their quarry and must sacrifice a portion of their kills to her in order to appease her. Syfa also has dominion of the weather, but is seen as the benevolent mistress of life-giving spring rains and warm summer breezes, making her a counterpoint to the storms and fury of her spouse Thunor. Due to her association with plants and the weather, Syfa is also venerated by farmers as a mistress of farming and the harvest. Clerics devoted to Syfa may treat the scout class as an additional favored class and may become members of the fleet runner of Syfa prestige class.

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