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General Rules - Rage Feats

This is a list of rage feats that do not appear in the Player's Handbook, but that I use in my campaigns. All of these feats require that the character have the ability to rage, as a barbarian. As feats get added to my ongoing campaigns, I will add more to this listing.

Collective Fury [Rage]
Multiple characters with the rage ability can cause fear in opponents.
   Prerequisite: Ability to rage, Warcry.
   Benefit: A character with the Collective Fury feat knows how to amplify the terror that a raging mob can generate. When a character with Collective Fury rages, all other characters within 30 feet who are raging temporarily gain the benefit of the Warcry feat. Multiple Warcry effects stack with one another.

Furious Strength [Rage]
You can channel your rage into a single burst of incredible strength.
   Prerequisite: Ability to rage.
   Benefit: You can choose to forego the normal benefits of rage for a single round of incredible strength. To use this feat, a character must still be able to rage at least once during the current day. Furious Strength may be invoked whenever rage would be activated. When the character uses this feat, he gains +20 Strength for a single action that can last no longer than one minute. This can be used to bash down an obstacle, lift an impossible weight until friends can run safely through, or deal tremendous damage to a foe with a single attack. After this action, the character is fatigued for one minute, suffering the same effects as if he had just finished a normal rage.

Holy Fury [Rage]
You can channel positive energy and rage to deal severe damage to undead.
   Prerequisite: Ability to channel positive energy, ability to rage.
   Benefit: Characters who can both rage and turn undead can combine these two abilities when fighting undead. By sacrificing one turning attempt for the day while raging, the character gains the ability to affect undead with critical hits. This lasts until the end of his current rage.

Raging Jump [Rage]
You can use your rage to extend your leaping distance.
   Prerequisite: Ability to rage, Jump 3+ ranks.
   Benefit: While raging, you can channel some of your energy into a prodigious leap. You gain a +10 bonus on a single Jump check at the cost of shortening your total rage time by one round.

Savage Health [Rage]
You gain temporary hit points when you rage.
   Prerequisite: Ability to rage, Con 15+.
   Benefit: In the first round that a character is raging, he may choose to channel some of his fury into a surge of health. This free action grants them 1d8 temporary hit points for each round by which they shorten their rage. All of these hit points vanish when the rage ends. Damage is taken from these temporary hit points first. If the total damage taken during the rage does not exceed these hit points, the character has taken no real damage.

Warcry [Rage]
You can terrify opponents with a fearsome battle cry.
   Prerequisite: Ability to rage, Cha 13+.
   Benefit: When you are raging, as a move-equivalent action, you can emit a battle cry that severely unnerves opponents Each opponent within 30 feet of you at the time of the cry must make a Will save (DC 10 + your Charisma bonus). Add two to the DC of the Will save if you have at least five ranks of Intimidate. Opponents that fail the Will save suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls, Will saves, and AC for as long as you remain in combat and raging. Using Warcry reduces your total time in rage by one round.

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