Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Campaign Design - The Brigantia March: House Aanwar

The current ruler of the Brigantia March is Eorl Rhuddlum Cwensonne of House Ånwar, who has ruled over the March for just a little over eight years. A decade ago the March was the site of a fierce war against the forces of an evil temple located in Elizon that cost the lives of Rhuddlum's father, uncle and older brother. After Eorl Cwen was killed during the winter siege of Laketon, Rhuddlum's older brother Beagan assumed the title of Eorl of Brigantia, a title he held for less than six months before he died at the Battle of Red Fields, whereupon Rhuddlum's other older brother Einion became Eorl. Einion ruled the Valley for a little more than a year before he was crippled while fighting raiders in the northern march and then caught a fever that swept through the March that winter and died. With the entire adult male line of his house in the direct line of succession now dead, Rhuddlum became ruler of the Brigantia March when he was barely twenty.

Rhuddlum is not the last member of his house left alive, however, he has several female relatives. Rhuddlum's own mother Sibeal died some years before the war against the Dark Temple, but his father Cwen remarried a young woman named Eysellt, who is both still alive and by Cwen the mother of two daughters, Rhuddlum's half-sisters Glynydd and Mairi, who are now fourteen and twelve. Rhuddlum's older brother Einion also married, although his wife Torra is no longer alive, having died from the plague that killed her husband. The pair did, however, have a child, Rhuddlum's nine year old niece and legal ward Lilias. House Ånwar has various and sundry other members who are distant relations of the Eorl, but none closer than third or fourth cousins. Rhuddlum has not married, and more importantly, has not produced a male heir, despite substantial political and familial pressure to do so.

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