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General Rules - Monsters


This page has a listing of all of the monsters that I have referenced in my campaign settings that are not in the Monster Manual, Monster Manual II, Monster Manual III, or Fiend Folio or have had their names changed for campaign reasons from the source material. Any original monsters I have designed or standard monsters that I have changed from their original versions will also be listed here. For the purposes of campaign settings presented here, including the Three Worlds campaign setting, the versions of the monsters listed here supersede any other versions of those monsters which might be found in another resource.

This list uses several abbreviations to show what sourcebook the entries were drawn from. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

All of the material contained on this page and other pages of this blog is presented in accordance with the terms of the Open Game License.


Air Elemental, Small [CR 1] (MM)
Akyanzi [CR 1] (DCC19)
Albatross [CR ¼] (SW)
Amphisbaena [CR 5] (SK)
Anarchic Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (MotP)
Aquan Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (MotP)
Auran Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (MotP)
Avarice Giant (Template) [CR +1] (GL)
Axiomatic Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (MotP)


Baboon [CR ½] (MM)
Badger [CR ½] (MM)
Bat [CR 1/10] (MM)
Bat, Vampire [CR ⅙] (D341)
Bat, Gloom [CR 3] (DCC45)
Bat, Night Hunter [CR 1] (MosF)
Bear, Black [CR 2] (MM)
Beast of Oxoßi, Claw Slayer Form [CR 11] (MosF)
Beast of Oxoßi, Feral Bat Form [CR 11] (MosF)
Beast of Oxoßi, Hunting Panther Form [CR 11] (MosF)
Beholderkin, Eyeball [CR ½] (MosF)
Blade Guardian [CR 6] (CW)
Blink Dog [CR 2] (MM)
Blood Kraken [CR 6] (CC)
Bloodmote Cloud [CR 6] (LM)
Boar [CR 2] (MM)
Bone Creature (Template) [CR +1] (BoVD)
Bookworm [CR ⅓] (S&S)
Brutigan [CR 2] (GL)


Camel [CR 1] (MM)
Carrion Crow [CR 6] (UHB)
Cat [CR ¼] (MM)
Cat, Tressym [CR ¼] (FRCS)
Celestial Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (MM)
Celestial Piper [CR ½] (S&S)
Celestial, Harmonious Choir of the Words [CR 12] (D353)
Celestial, Sliver [CR 3] (D353)
Celestial, Thaerestian Angel [CR 15] (BoEM2)
Celestial, Valiance Angel [CR 10] (BoEM2)
Chameleon [CR ⅙] (D341)
Chipmunk [CR -] (D277)
Chitine [CR 1] (MosF)
Choldrith [CR 4] (MosF)
Clockbug [CR -] (S&S)
Copper Asp [CR ½] (D341)
Corpse Creature (Template) [CR +1] (BoVD)
Corrupted Creature (Template) [CR +1 to +3] (BoVD)
Creature of the Mist (Template) [CR +1] (BoEM3)
Crocodile [CR 2] (MM)
Crocodile, Giant [CR 4] (MM)
Crow [CR ⅙] (D341)
Crystal Cat [CR 1] (D341)
Cunæ Womb [CR 6] (UHB)


Dæmonic Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (UHB)
Dark Chanting Goshawk [CR ⅓] (D341)
Dead Eater [CR 1] (VW:WR)
Demon, Babau [CR 7] (BoVD)
Demon, Bar-Lgura [CR 5] (BoVD)
Demon, Chasme [CR 10] (BoVD)
Demon, Ilkean Abductor [CR 7] (BoEM3)
Demon, Ilkean Annihilator [CR 13] (BoEM3)
Demon, Ilkean Dancer [CR 9] (BoEM3)
Demon, Incubus [CR 3] (D353)
Demon, Manes [CR 1] (BoVD)
Demon, Quasit [CR 2] (MM)
Demon, Rutterkin [CR 3] (BoVD)
Demon, Shadow [CR 8] (BoVD)
Demonic Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (UHB)
Deremole [CR ½] (S&S)
Deathcoils [CR 7] (SK)
Devil, Death [CR 11] (D353)
Devil, Ghargatula [CR 16] (BoVD)
Devil, Imp [CR 2] (MM)
Devil, Kocrachon [CR 6] (BoVD)
Diabolic Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (UHB)
Dinosaur, Ceratosaur [CR 7] (SK)
Dinosaur, Compsognathus [CR ½] (D318)
Dinosaur, Dimetrodon [CR 2] (D318)
Dinosaur, Diplodocus [CR 12] (D318)
Dinosaur, Giganotosaurus [CR 13] (D318)
Dinosaur, Helicoprion [CR 5] (D318)
Dinosaur, Liopleuridon [CR 15] (D318)
Dinosaur, Needletooth [CR ⅙] (D351)
Dinosaur, Pachycephalosaurus [CR 6] (D318)
Dinosaur, Pteranadon [CR 3] (SK)
Dinosaur, Pterodactylus [CR 2] (D318)
Dinosaur, Rhamphorhynchus [CR ¼] (D318)
Dinosaur, Stegosaurus [CR 7] (SK)
Dire Bat [CR 2] (MM)
Dire Ostrich (Axebeak) [CR 6] (W&R)
Dire Rat [CR ⅓] (MM)
Dire Rhinoceros [CR 10] (W&R)
Dire Weasel [CR 2] (MM)
Dog [CR ⅓] (MM)
Dragon, Amethyst [CR 3 to 25] (MM2)
Dragon, Arcane [CR 2 to 24] (CC2)
Dragon, Brown [CR 2 to 24] (MoF)
Dragon, Crystal [CR 2 to 23] (MM2)
Dragon, Deep [CR 2 to 24] (MoF)
Dragon, Dire [CR 2 to 19] (DL)
Dragon, Emerald [CR 2 to 24] (MM2)
Dragon, Fang [CR 2 to 21] (MoF)
Dragon, Molten [CR 2 to 21] (DL)
Dragon, Reef [CR 1 to 20] (DL)
Dragon, Sand [CR 2 to 27] (SS)
Dragon, Sapphire [CR 2 to 24] (MM2)
Dragon, Shadow [CR 2 to 23] (MoF)
Dragon, Song [CR 2 to 24] (MoF)
Dragon, Tar [CR 18] (CC)
Dragon, Topaz [CR 3 to 25] (MM2)
Dragon, Wild [CR 3 to 25] (DL)
Dragon Wisp [CR 6] (DCC30.5)
Drake, Courier [CR 1 to 4] (DL)
Drake, Guardian [CR 3 to 11] (DL)
Drake, Scout [CR 1 to 7] (DL)
Drake, War [CR 9 to 15] (DL)
Drake, Watcher [CR ½ to 3] (DL)
Dream Folk [CR 4] (CC2)
Dreamwrack [CR 3] (CC2)
Dreamwraith [CR 9] (CC2)
Drowned Lady [CR ¼] (CC)
Dune Beast [CR 1] (DCC45)


Eagle [CR ½] (MM)
Earth Elemental, Small [CR 1] (MM)
Eldlorn (Arcane Dwarf) [CR ⅓] (H&H)
Eel [CR ½] (SW)
Eel, Ebon [CR 1] (CC)
Eel, Reef [CR 1] (CoFP)
Eisernguard [CR 3] (H&H)
Eleven-Headed Brass Hydra [CR 14] (BoEM)
Erudite Owl [CR 2] (D341)


Fatling [CR 5] (CC)
Ferret [CR ¼] (T&B)
Fiendish Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (MM)
Fioð Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (MotP)
Fire Elemental, Small [CR 1] (MM)
Firebird [CR 4] (FPT)
Flying Abomination, Medium [CR 2] (S&S)
Flying Abomination, Small [CR 1] (S&S)
Flying Abomination, Tiny [CR ½] (S&S)
Formian Worker [CR ½] (MM)
Fox [CR ¼] (D280)
Fox, Arctic [CR ¼] (FB)
Fox, Flying [CR ¼] (D341)


Gauntlet Guardian [CR 4] (CW)
Genie: Dao [CR 7] (MotP)
Genie: Marid [CR 9] (MotP)
Genshok [CR 1] (DF:CoL)
Ghoul [CR 1] (MM and LM)
Giant Ant Drone [CR 3] (PFSRD)
Giant Fire Beetle [CR ⅓] (MM)
Giant Leech [CR 2] (W&R)
Giant Slug [CR 8] (W&R)
Giant, Feral [CR 3] (MosF)
Giant, Fog [CR 8] (MosF)
Giant, Glutton [CR 10] (GL)
Glass Dragonfly [CR 1] (D341)
Glyph Guardian (Template) [CR +3] (D302)
Golem, Alchemical [CR 10] (D302)
Golem, Eye [CR 2] (BoEM3)
Golem, Fungus [CR 4] (D341)
Golem, Junk [CR 5] (D341)
Golem, Mud [CR 10] (D302)
Golem, Paper [CR 1] (D341)
Golem, Puzzle [CR 12] (D302)
Golem, Rat [CR 6] (VW:WR)
Golem, Rope [CR 12] (D302)
Golem, Serpentflesh [CR 8] (SK)
Golem, Web [CR 7] (D302)
Gore Mole [CR 4] (H&H)
Gorgon, High [CR 9] (CC)
Greater Lycanthrope: Greater Werelion (Template) [CR +4] (N:AA, RoF, and TL)
Greater Lycanthrope: Greater Weretiger (Template) [CR +5] (RoF and TL)
Greater Lycanthrope: Greater Werewolf (Template) [CR +4] (RoF and TL)
Groundhog [CR -] (D277)
Gyrfalcon [CR ⅓] (FB)


Hag, Annis [CR 6] (MM)
Hag, Brine [CR 10] (CC)
Hag, Cavern [CR 9] (CC)
Hag, Green [CR 5] (MM)
Hag, Ice [CR 7] (CC)
Hag, Marzanna [CR 6] (FB)
Hag, Moon [CR 13] (CC)
Hag, Sea [CR 4] (MM)
Hag, Storm [CR 9] (CC)
Hag, Swamp [CR 6] (CC)
Hammerstruck Creature (Template) [CR +1] (H&H)
Hare [CR -] (D280)
Hawk [CR ⅓] (MM)
Hawk, Sea [CR 2] (CoFP)
Hedgehog [CR ¼] (T&B)
Hell Hound [CR 3] (MM)
Hookwing [CR ¼] (CC)
Horserat [CR 2] (VW:WR)
Huitzil [CR ⅓] (DMagic)


Ice Beast (Template) [CR 1+] (FB)
Ice Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (MotP)
Ice Paraelemental, Monolith [CR 17] (D347)
Ignan Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (MotP)
Iguana [CR ⅙] (D341)
Isen (Arctic Dwarf) [CR ½] (H&H)
Ísern-Souled Creature (Template) [CR +2] (H&H)


Jaculi [CR 3] (SK)
Jankx [CR ⅓] (D319)


Kallendine [CR 13] (BoEM3)
Khezotek (Bugbear) [CR 2] (MM)
Kongamato Dragon, Adult [CR 1] (N:AA)
Kongamato Dragon, Juvenile [CR ½] (N:AA)
Kralovna (Goblin Queen) [CR 10] (MM2)
Kuo-Toa [CR 2] (MM)


Lard Worm [CR ¼] (CC)
Lavoriss [CR 3] (DF:CoL)
Lemming [CR ⅛] (FB)
Lizard [CR ⅙] (MM)
Lizard King/Queen [CR 2] (SK)
Lizard, Horned [CR ¼] (SS)
Lizard, Night [CR ¼] (D341)
Lizardfolk, Blackscale [CR 3] (MM3)
Lizardfolk, Poison Dusk [CR 1] (MM3)
Lobir [CR 4] (N:AA)
Lycanthrope: Werebat (Template) [CR +3] (MosF, RoF, and TL)
Lycanthrope: Wereconstrictor (Template) [CR +4] (TL)
Lycanthrope: Werecrocodile (Template) [CR +3] (MosF, RoF, and TL)
Lycanthrope: Werehyena Template) [CR +2] (N:AA)
Lycanthrope: Werelion (Template) [CR +3] (N:AA)
Lycanthrope: Werepuma (Template) [CR +3] (TL)
Lycanthrope: Wereraven (Template) [CR +3] (TL)
Lycanthrope: Wereshark (Template) [CR +4] (MosF, RoF, and TL)
Lycanthrope: Wereviper (Template) [CR +3] (TL)
Lycanthrope: Werevulture (Template) [CR +2] (CC and SS]
Lycanthrope: Wereweasel (Template) [CR +3] (TL)
Lycanthrope: Werewolverine (Template) [CR +3] (TL)


Magical Construct (Template) [CR +2 to +4] (BoEM)
Magma Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (D347)
Magma Paraelemental, Monolith [CR 17] (D347)
Mammoth of Iku-Tyrma [CR 12] (UHB)
Mana Symbiote [CR 2] (TL)
Mercurial Spider [CR 1] (D341)
Mire Wyrm [CR 9] (VW:WR)
Mlarraun [CR 1] (SK)
Modron, Duodrone [CR 1] (D354)
Modron, Messenger Monodrone [CR ½] (D354)
Modron, Monodrone [CR ½] (D354)
Modron, Pentadrone [CR 5] (D354)
Modron, Quadrone [CR 4] (D354)
Modron, Tridrone [CR 3] (D354)
Modron, Winged Quadrone [CR 4] (D354)
Monkey [CR ⅙] (MM)
Mouse [CR -] (D280)
Mulworm [CR ⅙] (D319)
Muzotek (Goblin Drone) [CR 4] (MM2)


Naga, Banelar [CR 8] (SK)
Naga, Bone (Template) [CR +1] (SK)
Naga, Ha [CR 22] (SK)
Naga, Iridescent [CR 8] (SK)
Nagahydra [CR 18] (SK)
Nifern [CR 2] (SK)


Obříšotek (Greater Goblin) [CR 2] (M)
Octopus [CR 1] (MM)
Ooze Creature [CR +0 to +2] (D347)
Ooze Paraelemental, Monolith [CR 17] (D347)
Orc, Black [CR 1] (FitW)
Orc, Brown [CR ½] (FitW)
Orc, Common [CR ½] (MM)
Orc, Gray [CR ½] (FitW)
Orc, White [CR ½] (FitW)
Otter [CR ¼] (D280 and SW)
Owl [CR ¼] (MM)
Owl, Fish [CR ¼] (SW)
Owl, Screech [CR ¼] (T&B)
Owl, Snowy [CR ¼] (FB)


Parrot [CR ⅙] (CoFP, D351, SW)
Penguin [CR ⅙] (FB)
Platypus [CR ¼] (D341)
Plague Giant (Template) [CR +2 to +3] (GL)
Porpoise [CR ½] (MM)
Potěr (Goblin Larva) [CR ¼] (MM2)
Prašotek (Goblin) [CR ⅓] (MM)
Pseudodragon (CR 1) [MM]
Puffin [CR ⅙] (FB)
Putrescent Flow [CR 10] (UHB)




Rabbit [CR -] (D341)
Rabid Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (W&R)
Raccoon [CR ⅓] (D280)
Ramphor [CR ⅙] (D319)
Rat [CR ⅛] (MM)
Ratman [CR ½] (CC)
Ratman, Black Pelt [CR 2] (VW:WR)
Ratman, Brown Gorger [CR ½] (CC)
Ratman, Daywalker [CR 1] (CC2)
Ratmen, Diseased [CR ½] (CC)
Ratman, Foamer [CR 1] (CC)
Ratman, Forge Crawler Mechanician [CR 2] (VW:WR)
Ratman, Forge Crawler Pothecary [CR 2] (VW:WR)
Ratman, Mauler [CR 3] (VW:WR)
Ratman, Red Witch [CR 1] (CC)
Ratman, Stalker [CR 1] (CC2)
Ratman, Storm Chaser [CR 3] (VW:WR)
Ratman, Stricken [CR 2] (VW:WR)
Ratman, Unseeing [CR 2] (VW;WR)
Ratman, White Wraith [CR 1] (CC2)
Ratroo [CR ¼] (CC)
Raven [CR ⅙] (MM)
Razor Hawk [CR ½] (D341)
Reklero [CR 10] (UHB)


Salvage Rat [CR 1] (D341)
Scythe Falcon [CR 2] (CC)
Sentry Crow [CR ½] (CC)
Serpent Person, Civilized [CR ½] (FPT)
Serpent Person, Degenerate [CR ½] (FPT)
Sewerm [CR 2] (SK)
Shadow [CR 3] (MM)
Shadow Constrictor Snake [CR 4] (FPT)
Shadow Creature (Template) [CR +1] (MotP)
Shadow Raven [CR 2] (Evil)
Shadow Serpent [CR 3] (FPT)
Shark, Large [CR 2] (MM)
Shark, Medium [CR 1] (MM)
Shocker Lizard [CR 2] (MM)
Shrew [CR ⅙] (T&B)
Simpering Servant [CR 1] (UHB)
Sinthrall (Template) [CR +1] (BEA1)
Skunk [CR ¼] (D280)
Smoke Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (D347)
Smoke Paraelemental, Monolith [CR 17] (D347)
Spark Guardian [CR 3] (CW)
Snake, Dung [CR 2] (SK)
Snake, Glacier [CR 2] (SK)
Snake, Reed [CR ½] (SK)
Snake, Small Constrictor [CR ¼] (D277)
Snake, Tiny Sea [CR ⅓] (SW)
Snake, Tiny Viper [CR ⅓] (MM)
Snake, Tree Python [CR 2] (SK)
Snake, Whipsnake [CR 2] (SK)
Sohr [CR 8] (BoEM3)
Sohr, Battle [CR 7] (BoEM3)
Sparrowhawk [CR ¼] (T&B)
Spider, Hairy [CR ½] (MosF)
Spirit of the Plague [CR 4] (CC)
Squid [CR 1] (MM)
Squirrel [CR ⅛] (D280, D341)
Staroztek (Goblin Great Old One) [CR 6] (MM2)
Stone Dire Tiger [CR 13] (BoEM)
Stonestrider [CR 4] (H&H)
Storm Kin [CR 7] (CC)
Swarm Drone (Template) [CR +1] (TL)
Swarm, Bat [CR 2] (MM)
Swarm, Bone Rat [CR 3] (LM)
Swarm, Centipede [CR 4] (MM)
Swarm, Corpse Rat [CR 4] (LM)
Swarm, Ephemeral [CR 5] (MM3)
Swarm, Hellwasp [CR 8] (MM)
Swarm, Ironbiter [CR 8] (DCC30.5)
Swarm, Locust [CR 3] (MM)
Swarm, Rat [CR 2] (MM)
Swarm, Spider [CR 1] (MM)
Swarm, Swamp Strider [CR 5] (MM3)
Swarm, Viper [CR 2] (DF:CoL)
Syfa's Fox [CR ½] (CC)


T'kraam (Thunderkin) [CR 7] (BoEM3)
Tempered Creature (Template) [CR +2] (H&H)
Terran Creature (Template) [CR +0 to +2] (MotP)
Thrush [CR -] (T&B)
Toad [CR 1/10] (MM)
Tomb Viper [CR 2] (DCC45)
Tren [CR 3] (SK)
Troll-Blooded (Template) [CR +2] (GL)
Troll, Dire Frost [CR 14] (GL)
Troll, Rock [CR 8] (DF:CoL)
Troll, Sentry [CR 6] (GL)
Troll, Shambling [CR 10] (GL)
Troll, Stone [CR 5] (GL)
Turtle, Sea [CR ½] (CoFP)


Umbral Gloom [CR 11] (D353)
Unholy Riven [CR 13] (BoEM2)


Vrail [CR 1] (MM)
Vyšotek (Hobgoblin) [CR ½] (MM)


War-Worm [CR ¼] (DCC29)
War-Worm Queen [CR 2] (DCC29)
War-Worm Zombie (Template) [CR ⅛ to CR 6] (DCC29)
Water Elemental, Small [CR 1] (MM)
Weasel [CR ¼] (MM)
Whale, Orca [CR 5] (MM)
Wrath Giant (Template) [CR +2] (GL)
Wuggle (Bullywug) [CR 1] (MosF)






Z'tal [CR ½] (D319)

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