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House Rule - Skills by Character, Skill Feats, and Skill Synergies

Skills by Character
Which skills are class skills, and which skills are cross class skills are not determined by character class. Instead, they are determined by the player during character creation. Each character has a pool of twenty class skill slots that they may use to define the class skills for their character. For most skills, choosing them as a class skill costs one slot. Specific Craft, Knowledge, Perform, and Profession skills can be purchased for one skill slot each. To purchase Craft: Any, Knowledge: Any, Perform: Any, or Profession: Any costs four skill slots. Players must define the skill list for their character during character creation, and once set, this is the list of "class skills" for the character for the remainder of his adventuring career.

Note: Using four skill slots does not grant the skill Craft: Any, Knowledge: Any, Perform: Any, or Profession: Any. Those skills do not exist. Using four skill slots places all of the individual skills on the character's class skill list, but each skill must be taken individually. For example, a character who spent four skill slots during character creation to add "Craft: Any" to their class skill list could then spend skill points on Craft: Blacksmithing, Craft: Weaponsmithing, and Craft: Goldsmithing as skills, purchasing each of these skills separately.

Skill Feats
The various “+2 to two skills” feats such as Athletic, Diligent, Negotiator, and Self Sufficient are not used. Instead, the following feat replaces them all:

Skill Augmentation [General]
   You display an aptitude for certain skills.
   Benefit: Choose two related skills (subject to approval). You gain a +2 bonus on all checks involving those two skills.
   Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new pair of skills.

Synergy Bonuses
The following synergy bonuses are used. To gain a synergy bonus from a feat, one must simply have the feat. To gain a synergy bonus from a skill, one must have a certain number of ranks in that skill. Feats provide a flat +2 synergy bonus to the specified skill. Skills provide a bonus depending upon how many ranks in the skill a character has. If a character has 5 ranks in a skill that grants a synergy bonus, the character gets a +1 synergy bonus on checks involving the affected skill. When the character reaches 10 ranks in a skill, the applicable synergy bonus increases to +2, when the character reaches 15 ranks, the synergy bonus increases to +3, and finally when the character reaches 20 ranks, the bonus increases to +4.

The feats and skills in the left hand column provide synergy bonuses to the skills in the column on the right.

Brew PotionCraft: Alchemy
RunEvasion and Pursuit
Scribe ScrollProfession: Scribe

BluffDisguise (to stay in character)
BluffSleight of Hand
ConcentrationRitual Casting
CraftAppraise (related to the subject of the Craft skill)
Craft: AlchemyProfession: Cook
Craft: AlchemySpellcraft (when identifying magical oils and potions)
Craft: LocksmithOpen Lock
Craft: TrapmakingDisable Device
Decipher ScriptUse Magic Device (involving scrolls)
Disable DeviceCraft: Trapmaking
Escape ArtistUse Rope (when binding someone)
Gather InformationProfession: Guide (in urban areas)
Handle AnimalProfession: Farmer
Handle AnimalProfession: Teamster
Handle AnimalRide
Handle AnimalWild Empathy (class feature)
Knowledge: ArcanaSpellcraft
Knowledge: Architecture and EngineeringSearch (involving secret doors and compartments)
Knowledge: DungeoneeringSurvival (when underground)
Knowledge: GeographyProfession: Cartography
Knowledge: GeographySurvival (to keep from getting lost)
Knowledge: HistoryBardic Knowledge (class feature)
Knowledge: LawProfession: Barrister
Knowledge: LocalGather Information (in local area)
Knowledge: NatureProfession: Sailor
Knowledge: NatureSurvival (in aboveground natural environments)
Knowledge: Nobility and RoyaltyDiplomacy
Knowledge: ReligionTurn or Rebuke Undead (class feature)
Knowledge: the PlanesSurvival (when on other planes)
Knowledge: WarProfession: Siege Engineer
Open LockCraft: Locksmith
PerformProfession: Actor
Profession: ActorBluff
Profession: ActorDisguise
Profession: ApothecaryCraft: Alchemy
Profession: ApothecaryKnowledge: Nature (natural properties of animals or plants only)
Profession: BarristerKnowledge: Law
Profession: BarristerDiplomacy (when used to persuade or convince)
Profession: CartographerForgery
Profession: CookKnowledge: Nature (for plants and animals commonly eaten)
Profession: FarmerKnowledge: Nature
Profession: FishermanKnowledge: Nature (for fish, fish life, and coastal areas)
Profession: GroomHandle Animal
Profession: GuideSurvival (to keep from getting lost)
Profession: HerbalistHeal
Profession: InnkeeperGather Information
Profession: ProstituteBluff (when used to seduce or deceive)
Profession: ProstituteDiplomacy (when used to seduce or deceive)
Profession: SailorBalance
Profession: SailorUse Rope
Profession: ScribeForgery
Profession: ScribeDecipher Script
Profession: SoldierKnowledge: War
Profession: TeacherKnowledge (applies to one specific Knowledge skill)
Profession: TeamsterHandle Animal
Profession: WoodcutterKnowledge: Nature (in relation to plants)
SearchSurvival (when following tracks)
Sense MotiveDiplomacy
Sense MotiveProfession: Innkeeper
SpellcraftUse Magic Device (when using scrolls)
SurvivalKnowledge: Nature
SurvivalProfession: Farmer
SurvivalProfession: Fisherman
SurvivalProfession: Guide (in wilderness areas)
SurvivalProfession: Woodcutter
Use Magic DeviceSpellcraft (to decipher spells on scrolls)
Use RopeClimb (involving climbing ropes)
Use RopeEscape Artist (to escape rope bindings)

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