Third Imperium

Third Imperium

The campaign will take place within the Third Imperium, using the GURPS: Traveller rules. The game is set in 1120 in the alternative timeline provided in the GURPS: Traveller sourcebooks in which Archduke Dulinor does not assassinate Emperor Strephon in 1116 and set off a civil war resulting in  the collapse of the Imperium and the release of a semi-sentient computer virus that renders interstellar civilization virtually impossible. Instead, in this timeline, Archduke Dulinor was killed in a shuttle accident in 1116 and the Third Imperium continued uninterrupted.

I note that this is my version of the Third Imperium, and I am incorporating a fair number of elements from other GURPS sourcebooks, and I may of may not change other setting details as I see fit. In general, the information found in the various Traveller books up through The New Era is probably generally reliable, but I don't warrant that anything is completely accurate in this version of the setting unless it appears here.

A Brief Overview of GURPS

Basic Setting Background

These entries are intended to give a broad overview of the Traveller setting and its assumptions. In many cases, this information will be fleshed out more fully in more comprehensive entries specific to the particular subjects.

Calendars and Dating
Science and Technology in the Third Imperium
Sectors and Subsectors
Starships and Space Combat


Ancients: The Mysterious Forerunners
First Imperium: The Vilani Empire
Second Imperium: The Rule of Man
Twilight and the Long Night
Third Imperium

Government of the Third Imperium

Member Worlds
Imperial Law

Services of the Third Imperium

Imperial Army
Imperial Interstellar Scout Service
Imperial Marines
Imperial Navy: The High Guard

Denizens of the Third Imperium

A Note About Races in GURPS and Races in GURPS: Traveller
Major Races
Minor Alien Races
Minor Strains of Humaniti

Commerce in the Third Imperium

Free Traders

Neighbors of the Third Imperium

Aslan Hierate
Hiver Federation
Solomani Confederation
Two Thousand Worlds
Vargr Extents
Zhodani Consulate

Technology Guide

GURPS: Bio-Tech
GURPS: Ultra-Tech
GURPS: Ultra-Tech 2


Ship Patrons


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