Tuesday, September 3, 2013

House Rules - Sorcerer/Wizard Spell List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive spell list for Arcane Engineers, Sorcerers, and Wizards that includes all of the spells drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. For the most part, this list does not include spells that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

All of the material contained on this page and other pages of this blog is presented in accordance with the terms of the Open Game License.

AbjurationDirtwall (RR:E)
Minor Ward (BoEM)
ConjurationCaltrops (SC)
Conjuror's Toolbelt (S&S)
Create Equipment (BoRL)
Gelbann's Barb (BoEM)
Quill (S&S)
Zap Trap (D302)
DivinationDeftness (D302)
Dowsing (RR)
Enumerate (RR)
Foraging Charm (D302)
Mental Alarm (BoEM)
Perfect Pitch (D302)
Summarize (S&S)
EnchantmentAddle (RR:E)
Trinket Charm (BoRL)
EvocationBoom (SoE)
Caustic Halo (SoE)
Chill (SoE)
Thunderhead (D302)
IllusionBurst of Magic (SoI)
Coin of the Realm (D302)
Conceal (SoI)
Crawling Skin (SoI)
Dim (SoI)
Distort Shadow (RR)
Distract (SoI)
Face in the Crowd (SoI)
Flag (D302)
Illusory Whisper (SoI)
Minor Stench (D302)
Mirror (D302)
Shadow Bite (BoRL)
Shadow Knife (BoRL)
Silhouette (BoRL)
Smuggler's Veil (BoRL)
Wild Quiet (RR:E)
NecromancyAnimate Animal (N:BtG)
Detect Dead (N:BtG)
TransmutationBat Sight (BoRL)
Bouncing Fall (BoRL)
Chill/Warmth (RR)
Clean (RR)
Enchanting Flavor (BoEM)
Extend Shifting (RoE)
Fermentation (RR:E)
Footpad's Grace (D302)
Glittering Razors (D302)
Heat Water (D302)
Quick Boost (BoEM2)
Quick Sober (RR)
Resize (D302)
Shadow Blindness (BoRL)
Shelve (S&S)
Tongue of Angels (BoEM)
Tongue of Fiends (BoEM and BoRL)
Yell (D302)

AbjurationCleanse Minor Vermin (S&S)
Disdain the Divine (BoEM2)
Resist Scrying (BoEM3)
ConjurationÅdon's Energy Armor (S&S)
Buoyancy Net (RR)
Dimensional Slip (P&P)
Glue (RR)
Shadow Mist (CGtDrow)
Summon Dragon I (N:AA)
Summon Monster I (PHB)
DivinationArrow Charm (RR)
Creature Loresight (BoEM2)
Detect Fæy (FM and RR:E)
Detect Gold (RR)
Identify Scrier (BoEM3)
Maþ's Anticipated Attack (BoEM2)
Object Loresight (BoEM2)
Shade's Sight (BoEM3)
EnchantmentBad Luck (Færies)
Beggar's Charm (BoRL)
Charm Spirit (Shamans)
Gilded Tongue (RR:E)
Good Luck (Færies)
Guilt (BoEM)
Hesitate (S&S)
Id Seizure (BEA1)
Siodhnaar's Quiet Contemplation (RR)
Tasha's Tickle Finger (S&S)
Thieves' Charm (BoRL)
EvocationAcidic Curse (BoEM)
Death Strike (RR:E)
Flame Bolt (RR)
Flame Tongue (SoE)
Flash (RR)
Flashing Light (SoE)
Freezing Weapon (SoE)
Halt (SoE)
Harassing Weapon (BoEM2)
Maþ's Floating Disk (PHB)
Quakethrust (S&S)
Shadow Hands (BoRL and CGtDrow)
Silent Sound (BoRL)
Stench (S&S)
Unhand (BoEM2)
Watch the Watchers (BoRL)
IllusionChameleon Cloak (RR)
Cloak of Fears (SoI)
Disappear (RR)
Ghost Combatant (Shamans)
Illusionary Bolt (S&S)
Limited Invisibility (SoI)
Mantle of Shadows (S&S)
Obscure (RR:E)
Obscure Shadow (RR)
Obscured Script (SoI)
Reverse Field (RR:E)
Shadowskin (SoI)
Switch Item (BoRL)
Woda's Magic Aura (PHB)
Write (SoI)
NecromancyAnimate Skeleton (N:BtG)
Chill Blood (N:BtG)
Death's Shadow (N:BtG)
TransmutationAcid Spittle (RR)
Animate Small Object (H&H)
Arrow Deflection (BoEM3)
Blood Spikes (BoEM2)
Change Weapon (BoEM3)
Douse (BoRL)
Emblazon (RR:E)
Eyes of the Avoral (BoED)
Flavorlock (RR:E)
Forgetfulness (S&S)
Hammerstrike (S&S)
Inscribe (RR:E)
Jinx (W&R)
Lengthen Shadows (BoRL)
Light Blindness (BoRL)
Precise Vision (BoEM)
Private Conversation (BoRL)
Proficiency (BoEM3)
Rabbit Feet (RR)
Rattling Chant (BoRL)
Replace the Senses (Shamans)
Reshape Shadow (RR)
Sharpen (RR:E)
Sticking Scabbard (RR:E)
Trackless (Wind and Broom) (BoRL)
Unravel (S&S)
Web Walking (S&S)

AbjurationÆgis (PGtWBS)
Blazing Shield (RR)
Disrobe (Færies)
Grey Spellbreaker (BoRL)
Helm of Warding (BoEM3)
Protect Book (S&S)
Protection from Fæy (RR:E)
Rune of Darkness (RR)
Static Veil (BoEM)
Thief Ward (BoEM)
Tozlan Refuge (RR2)
ConjurationBoulder (H&H)
Dimensional Hop (P&P)
Felonious Friend I (S&S)
Gwydion's Mapping (RR)
Hangman's Tree (RR:E)
Life Shield (RR)
Lucius' Flurry (RR)
Saltburst (FPT)
Shadow Jump (BoRL)
Summon Dragon II (N:AA)
Summon Monster II (PHB)
Yoke (BoEM2)
DivinationAssassin's Senses (RR)
Dangerous Augury (RR:E)
Dead Man's Eyes (RR)
Detect Spirits (Shamans)
Detect Ward (S&S)
Expose the Dead (MoE)
Insidious Insight (RoE)
Planar Focus (P&P)
Scrytalk (BoEM3)
Trigger Item (BoRL)
EnchantmentAdversary (RR:E)
Alibi (RR)
Imprint (S&S)
Jester's Gift (S&S)
Part Crowd (BoRL)
Rend the Sovereign Soul (RR)
Vaßatar's Prank (RR)
EvocationÅdon's Force Wave (RR)
Acerbic Gasp (SoE)
Battlecry (RR)
Blade of Will (SoE)
Brittle (SoE)
Chaos Flame (RR2)
Cold Snap (RR)
Dark Flames (RR)
Disruption Missiles (S&S)
Energy Lash (BoEM3)
Ethereal Bolt (RR)
Fist of Brega (SoE)
Flame/Frost Weapon (RR)
Freezing Fog (SoE)
Furnace Within (RoE)
Gloom (RR)
Icebolt (BoEM)
Mark of Air (BoEM)
Mark of Earth (BoEM)
Mark of Fire (BoEM)
Mark of Frost (BoEM)
Mark of Water (BoEM)
Shadow Bolt (CGtDrow)
Starburst (RR:E)
Surtan's Farstrike (RR)
Threatening Weapon (BoEM2)
Treasure Magnet (BoRL)
Vivid Discharge (BoEM2)
Welter (BoEM2)
IllusionAwakened Fears (SoI)
Ever Scent (RR)
Faceless (SoI)
False Appraisal (SoI)
Legacy (BoEM2)
Minor Shadow Conjuration (RR)
Misrepresent Alignment (RoE)
Peerless Camouflage (BoRL)
Project Voice (RR:E)
Shadow Claws (SoI)
Shadow Images (RR)
NecromancyAnimate Zombie (N:BtG)
Bleeding Wound (N:BtG)
Bones of Steel (N:BtG)
Incantation of the Broken Limb (N:AA)
Lockjaw (N:AA)
Phantom's Howl (RR)
Protective Sleep (RR:E)
Stinking Bolt (W&R)
TransmutationAcidic Vapors (S&S)
Acuminate (BoEM2)
Animate Medium Object (H&H)
Blunt Edge (RR:E)
Claws of the Demon (S&S)
Construct Essence, Lesser (RoE)
Dig (S&S)
Exhaust (S&S)
Energize Potion (BoED)
Float (GL)
Glittering Robe (S&S)
Imbue Combat Reflexes (GL)
Inscribe, Mutable (RR:E)
Instability (S&S)
Intoxicate (RR)
Invigorate Item (BoEM2)
Plunge Deep to the Core (BoEM3)
Pounce (W&R)
Razorscales (SK)
Reinforcement (RR:E)
Renewed Focus (RR)
Rogue's Stab (BoRL)
Roof Runner (BoRL)
Scent (SK)
Shaping (VW:SA)
Sharpen Senses (PGtWBS)
Shieldbreaker (BoRL)
Silent as Rats (BoRL)
Silent Combat (BoRL)
Slipping the Ranks (S&S)
Slither (BoRL)
Small as Mice (BoRL)
Undaunted Fixture (BoEM)
Vigilant Guardians (S&S)
Weightless Cube (S&S)
UniversalEnhance Magical Flow (SoI)

AbjurationEnlarge Ward (S&S)
Foil Tracer (SoI)
Rune of Fire (RR)
Rune of Sleep (RR)
Spell Shield (RR:E)
Sphere of Safe Passage (P&P)
Trigger Trap (S&S)
Zone of Visibility (S&S)
ConjurationBolt of Conjuring (BoEM)
Call Aquatic Humanoid I (RR)
Dimensional Warp (P&P)
Doom Fog (S&S)
Dragonskin (BoEM)
Gelbann's Venomblade (BoEM)
Gas Cloud (RR)
Sirchade's Breath (SK)
Smuggler's Chest (BoRL)
Summon Dragon III (N:AA)
Summon Monster III (PHB)
Summon Shadow Raven (Evil)
DivinationBody of Eyes (SHB)
Detect Dimensional Disturbance (Shamans)
Detect Dreams (RR2)
Discern Lineage (RR:E)
Discern Shapechanger (OA and RoE)
Item from Beyond (BoEM3)
Mass Revelation (Shamans)
Mind Raid (RR)
Read Spirit Echo (Shamans)
Reveal Ward (S&S)
Rune of Seeing (RR)
Shadow Sight (CGtDrow and S&S)
Speak with Shadows (CGtDrow)
EnchantmentCrebain (PGtWBS)
Dolorous Motes (BoED)
Elation (BoED)
Eriador's Permanent Levity (BoEM2)
False Love's Kiss (S&S)
Forget (BoRL)
Greater Sleep (BoEM)
Image Association (RR:E)
Jevicca's Just Reversal (BoEM2)
Luck of the Fæy (Færies)
Miscast Spells (W&R)
Stamp of Nobility (RR:E)
Unseen Marker (Gods)
EvocationÅdon's Dancing Shield (S&S)
Acid Burst (SoE)
Acid Spray (H&H)
Acidic Globes (BoEM3)
Bloodstorm (RR)
Breath of the Winter Wolf (SoE)
Brega's Mass Missile (S&S)
Brutal Seething Surge (BoEM2)
Cynthia's Sonic Wave (PGtWBS)
Dessicate (S&S)
Discordant Bolt (SoE)
Dragon's Breath (RR)
Floor of Fire (S&S)
Force Shockwave (S&S)
Forceblast (BoEM2)
Hlín's Tiny Hut (PHB)
Imbue Weapon (RR:E)
Iron Storm (RR)
Malediction of Razors (S&S)
Manaspear (RR)
Minor Wall of Force (BoEM3)
Sacrifice Spell (RR)
Scry Retaliation (BoEM3)
Shadow Blade (CGtDrow)
Zilvanus' Shadow Bolt (RR)
IllusionChameleon Skin (S&S)
Deadly Darkness (SoI)
Disguise Trap (SoI)
Fæy Mask (Færies)
False Thoughts (SoI)
Gandar's Chatterbox (S&S)
Glew's Lure (SoI)
Mask of Virtue (VW:SA)
Minor Shadow Evocation (RR)
Phantasmal Swarm (SoI)
Phantom Visitation (RR:E)
Selective Invisibility (SoI)
Shadow Bridge (BoRL)
Stolen Sight (SoI)
Unnatural Charm (SoI)
NecromancyArmor of Undeath (RR)
Ashen Servitor (WQ)
Bone Tattoo (BoEM)
Feign Death (BoRL)
Fracture (VW:WR)
Seek the Soulless (BoEM2)
Shadow Wall (CGtDrow)
Terror (BoRL)
TransmutationAcid Blood (Undead)
Animal Infusion (RR)
Animate Large Object (H&H)
Animate Shadow (RR)
Antaia's Gift (BoEM3)
Antaia's Theft (BoEM3)
Armor Piercing Missile (FitW)
Arrow Reflection (BoEM3)
Distilled Joy (BoED)
Enlarge Familiar (BoEM)
Extended Charge (BoEM2)
Follow the Shifting Sands (PGtWBS)
Great Knock (RR)
Handfang (SK)
Immobilize (S&S)
Knockout (BoRL)
Materialize (SHB)
Missive Token (BoEM2)
One Step Ahead (BoRL)
Pain Missile (FitW)
Pressure Sphere (RR)
Quick Escape (BoRL)
Restore Page (S&S)
Scribe (S&S)
Secure Footing (RR:E)
Softwall (RR:E)
Spiritual Bestowment (Shamans)
Tongue Tie (RR:E)

AbjurationBlack Spellbreaker (BoRL)
Bulwark (RR:E)
Fang Trap (SK)
Knavescour (BoEM2)
Privacy (S&S)
Repel Undead (S&S)
Rune of Poison (RR)
Spelltrap (BoEM)
ConjurationBål's Secure Shelter (PHB)
Bottomless Pit (RR)
Bridge of Air (RR:E)
Calm Weather (RR:E)
Felonious Friend II (S&S)
Ghost Armor (Shamans)
Greater Quick Escape (BoRL)
Hangman's Grove (RR:E)
Hlín's Secure Shelter (PHB)
Iron Butterflies (RR2)
Poison Armor (CGtDrow)
Poisoned Goblet (S&S)
Robe of Reflection (BoEM2)
Summon Dragon IV (N:AA)
Summon Monster IV (PHB)
Þunor's Secure Shelter (PHB)
DivinationDiscern Route (Færies)
Divine Personal History (RR:E)
Flickering Fate (BoRL)
Minor Circle of Seeing (RR)
Piercing Sight (RR:E)
Woda's Translator (RR)
EnchantmentFeedback (BoEM2)
Gluttony (RR)
Maddening Mist (Shamans)
Vaßatar's Strife (RR)
EvocationAcid Shield (SoE)
Bind Item (BoEM)
Brega's Shockwave (H&H)
Celestial Brilliance (BoED)
Chains of Vengeance (BoEM)
Coldscream (BoEM)
Corrosive Sheath (SoE)
Dancing Web (BoED)
Flaming Corrosion (BoEM)
Greater Mark of Air (BoEM)
Greater Mark of Earth (BoEM)
Greater Mark of Fire (BoEM)
Greater Mark of Frost (BoEM)
Greater Mark of Water (BoEM)
Hler's Bead of Frost (RR2)
Purifying Flames (RR)
Shadow Shield (RR)
Spirit Song (Shamans)
Venom Bolt (SK)
Wall of Frost (DCC19)
Warding Globes (BoEM2)
Wind Tunnel (S&S)
Zone of Speed (BoEM)
IllusionArea Invisibility (SoI)
Catalytic Mouth (S&S)
Disguised Phantom Visitation (RR:E)
Ghostdweomer (RR)
Lesser Simulacrum (SoI)
Living Words (SoI)
Madness (SoI)
Magical Deafness (SoI)
Multi Image (S&S)
Selective Silence (RR:E)
Torrent of Color (SoI)
NecromancyAffliction (BoED)
Bestow Curse (PHB and WHB)
Black Hand (BoRL)
Black Mulching (BoEM)
Burrowing Bony Digits (S&S)
Ghoulish Curse (N:BtG)
Ray of Weariness (W&R)
Soul Burst (BoEM2)
TransmutationAcid Form (H&H)
Arrow Redirection (BoEM3)
Coax Forth Power (BoEM2)
Enter Shadow (BoRL)
Frostform (RR2)
Giant Fit (Gods)
Gird the Warrior (BoEM3)
Heart Seeker Missile (FitW)
Hidden Object (BoEM)
Lethargy (S&S)
Mass Combat Reflexes (GL)
Mind Over Matter (RR)
Mirror Safe (RR)
Oliphaunt's Strength (RR:E)
Remove Resistance (RR)
Sap Strength (RR2)
Seal of Tiwas (RR)
Serpent Arrow (SK)
Shadow from of Gangyn (RR)
Shifting Ground (RR:E)
Thief of Spells (BoRL)
Titan's Strength (S&S)
UniversalGreater Magical Flow Enhancement (BoEM)
Mystic Enhancement (VW:SA)
Quick Learn (RR2)

AbjurationBål's Iron Bead (RR2)
Dallen's Private Sanctum (PHB)
Din of Mind (GL)
Eldritch Fortification (RR:E)
False History (S&S)
Greater Spell Shield (RR:E)
Teleport Block (BoEM)
Þunor's Iron Bead (RR2)
ConjurationAíne's Faithful Hound (PHB)
Aíne's Secret Chest (PHB)
Arrow Storm (W&R)
Call Aquatic Monster (RR)
Call Faithful Servants (BoED)
Firebird (FPT)
Ghost Dance (Shamans)
Hlín's Secret Chest (PHB)
Lobir (N:AA)
Pillar of Attraction/Repulsion (RR)
Summon Dragon V (N:AA)
Summon Monster V (PHB)
Vaßatar's Secret Chest (PHB)
Wall of Crystal (VW:SA)
Wall of Vermin (S&S)
DivinationEiur's Telepathic Bond (PHB)
Ishi's Telepathic Bond (PHB)
Lyßa's Telepathic Bond (PHB)
Scry Reverse (BoEM3)
Sensory Bond (RR:E)
X-Ray Vision (BoEM2)
EnchantmentCall of the Ruby (BoEM2)
Call of the Topaz (BoEM2)
Glimpse of Eternity (MoE)
Insidious Suggestion (RoE)
Wall of Fear (Shamans)
EvocationArcing Death (SoE)
Axes of the Caverngård (H&H)
Cross of Lightning (BoEM)
Curtain of Darkness (RR)
Emerald Burst (BoED)
Energy Bubbles (Færies)
Flame Breath (SoE)
Force Ram (W&R)
Hall of Fire (S&S)
Teleport Redirect (BoEM)
IllusionAnimate Images (S&S)
Greater Ventriloquism (SoI)
Improved Invisibility Sphere (SoI)
Obsession (SoI)
Phantom Foil (BoEM2)
NecromancyAnimate Necrosis (BoEM2)
Annihilation (N:BtG)
Dark Water (RR)
Doomwail (RR)
Durlock's Withering Pox (PGtWBS)
Elemental Shroud (BoEM)
Escape the Bonds of Flesh (VW:WR)
Necrotic Blast (S&S)
Nethergaze (RR)
TransmutationAbonde's Limited Liquification (RR)
Animate Huge Object (H&H)
Bandersnatch (S&S)
Construct Essence (RoE)
Involuntary Shapeshifting (RoE)
Ironblight (Færies)
Lesser Ooze Form (PRPG)
Live Wood (RR)
Mannan's Limited Liquification (RR)
Meld Object (RR)
Multiplicity (RR)
Myrddin's Sapper (RR:E)
Resize Magic Arms and Armor
Spine Tendril (BoEM2)
Trait Removal (SK)

AbjurationBladeturn (VW:SA)
Heim's Spell Inhibitor (RR)
Oroster's Revenge (BoEM3)
Spiritwrack (1e PHB)
Starmantle (BoED)
ConjurationAwaken Lesser Infernal Avatar (RR)
Call Aquatic Humanoid II (RR)
Conjure Cavern (RR:E)
Dimension Portal (P&P)
Felonious Friend III (S&S)
Freezing Claw (BoEM)
Power Word, Thunder (RR)
Sudden Wave (BoEM2)
Summon Dragon VI (N:AA)
Summon Monster VI (PHB)
DivinationGlimpse of the Prophecy (MoE)
Piercing Sight, Greater (RR:E)
Teleport Coordinates Transfer (BoEM)
Teleport Tracer (BoEM)
EnchantmentAmnesia (DD and VW:SA)
Call of the Emerald (BoEM2)
Call of the Sapphire (BoEM2)
Coma (BoEM)
Declaration of Death (RR)
Seþra's Dance of Seduction (RR)
Shroud of Sleep (RR:E)
Torment (Gods)
EvocationAcid Fount (SoE)
Conditional Spell (BoEM)
Electrical Deluge (BoEM)
Greater Shatter (SoE)
Hammer of Brega (SoE)
Hler's Freezing Sphere (PHB)
Iku-Tyrma's Freezing Sphere (PHB)
Pulsing Fireball (S&S)
Scry Blast (BoEM3)
Þunor's Lightning Storm (RR)
IllusionAninha's Prism Cloak (RR2)
Greater Madness (SoI)
Horrific Aspect (S&S)
Illusory Place (RR:E)
Magical Blindness (SoI)
Permanent Invisibility (SoI)
Phantasmal Hunter (SoI)
Reverse Illusion (RR)
Selective Invisbility Shield (RR:E)
Selective Phantom Visitation (RR:E)
Somnolent Pattern (SoI)
Visitation (SoI)
NecromancyEthereal Projection (SHB)
Kidnap Soul (Shamans)
Prorogate Death (BoEM2)
Rupture (VW:WR)
Tear the Open Wound (N:AA)
TransmutationChildren of the Serpent Mother (PGtWBS)
Death Blade (RR)
Dallen's Lucubration (PHB)
Gestalt (BoEM2)
Giant's Might (RR:E)
Glassee (1e PHB)
Maþ's Transformation (PHB)
Nonesuch Spell (BoEM2)
Ogre Curse (RR:E)
Ooze Form (PRPG)
Oxoßi's Blessing (RR)
Pass the Years (RR)
Restore Book (S&S)
Shadow Smash (RR)
Speed of the Spider (CGtDrow)

AbjurationProtection from Wards (S&S)
Sever (RR)
ConjurationAíne's Magnificent Mansion (PHB)
Bål's Magnificent Mansion (PHB)
Bridge of Air, Personal (RR:E)
Cacodemon (1e PHB)
Daggers of Vaul (RR)
Eiur's Magnificent Mansion (PHB)
Hlín's Magnificent Mansion (PHB)
Raise Foundation (RR:E)
Summon Dragon VII (N:AA)
Summon Monster VII (PHB)
Þunor's Magnificent Mansion (PHB)
DivinationGreater Sensory Bond (RR:E)
Window to Elsewhere (BoEM3)
EnchantmentCall of the Diamond (BoEM2)
EvocationAcid Deluge (SoE)
Amber Sarcophagus (BoED)
Ball Lightning (SoE)
Broadcast (SoE)
Cacophony (SoE)
Dallen's Sword (PHB)
Darmas' Grasping Hand (PHB)
Disruption Wave (S&S)
Flash Freeze (SoE)
Ilajam Fire (RR)
Þunor's Grasping Hand (PHB)
Whirl of Fangs (SK)
IllusionThe Deadly Mark (SoI)
False Lore (SoI)
Impersonate (SoI)
Massive Image (SoI)
Night Horrors (SoI)
Prolonged Phantom Visitation (RR:E)
Serial Dream (SoI)
Shade Evocation (RR)
NecromancyFlying Abominations (S&S)
Greater Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Lesser Astral Projection (SHB)
Spirit Knife (S&S)
TransmutationAbility Rip (SK)
Acid Rainfall (RR:E)
Animate Gargantuan Object (H&H)
Bubbling Murk (RR:E)
Freezing Curse (RR)
Eladrin Form (BoED)
Greater Ooze Form (PRPG)
Jevicca's Fourfold Ostracism (BoEM2)
Magical Vacuum (S&S)
Mass Fly (BoEM)
Prohibit Kind (BoEM2)
Puppet Master (S&S)
Seþra's Serpent Hands (RR)
Spellmaster (BoEM2)

AbjurationDestined Blow (RR:E)
Steal the Thunder (Shamans)
ConjurationCreate Doorway and Backroad (Færies)
Rapid Journey (RR)
Solid Darkness (N:AA)
Summon Dragon VIII (N:AA)
Summon Monster VIII (PHB)
Tummavoitin's Whip of Devastation (PGtWBS)
DivinationGreater Circle of Seeing (RR)
EnchantmentBrid's Irresistible Dance (PHB)
Füllar's Irresistible Dance (PHB)
Lyßa's Irresistible Dance (PHB)
Utter Thrall (BoEM2)
EvocationAcid Rain (SoE)
Aura of Cold (SoE)
Blackflame (RR)
Delayed Sound Burst (BoEM2)
Disintegration Field (BoEM2)
Disintegration Sphere (S&S)
Fæy Decree (Færies)
Flamecage (SoE)
Hail of Brimstone (SoE)
Illusion Purge (RoE)
Þunor's Clenched Fist (PHB)
IllusionApocalypse (SoI)
Conditional Phantom Visitation (RR:E)
Fæy Curtain (Færies)
Improved Simulacrum (S&S)
Independent Illusion (SoI)
Invisible Dwelling (SoI)
Living Knowledge (SoI)
Maelstrom of Color (SoI)
Mass Change (SoI)
Misleading Images (SoI)
Shadowform (SoI)
NecromancyDark Channeling (S&S)
Darkstaff (RR)
Flesh Made Foul (N:BtG)
Leech Field (RR)
Mark of Death (BoEM)
Mass Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Undead Gate (S&S)
TransmutationAxiomatic Creature (BoED)
Ethereal/Spiritual Junction (Shamans)
Glassteel (1e PHB)
Golem Immunity (RoE)
Imbue Guardian (BoEM)
Mantle of Egregious Might (BoEM)
Primal Release (BoEM)
Strength of Þunor (RR)
Wyrm Strength (RR:E)

AbjurationWoda's Disjunction (PHB)
ConjurationBlinding Glory (BoED)
Iron Golem (N:AA)
Magma Burst (BoEM)
Raise Land (RR:E)
Summon Dragon IX (N:AA)
Summon Elemental Monolith (D347)
Summon Monster IX (PHB)
EnchantmentDominion (Gods)
Dreamstealer (S&S)
EvocationGlacier (SoE)
Ninkurra's Crushing Hand (PHB)
Þunor's Crushing Hand (PHB)
IllusionAlter Reality (SoI)
Deadly Pattern (SoI)
Decoy (SoI)
Delayed Dream (SoI)
Distant Image (SoI)
Mass Improved Invisibility (SoI)
Perfect Illusion (SoI)
Perfect Impersonation (SoI)
NecromancyBite of the Plague Rat (N:AA)
Duplicate (BoEM2)
Graft Limb (Gods)
Life Transfer (VW:SA)
Shadow Projection (SHB)
TransmutationAnimate Colossal Object (H&H)
Arcana Form (BoEM)
Command Construct (S&S)
Construct Essence, Greater (RoE)
Doorway to Elsewhere (BoEM3)
Ogre Lock (RR:E)
Skip Generation (W&R)
Squamous Pulse (BoEM2)

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