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General Rules - Rage Feats

Rage Feats

This is a list of rage feats that do not appear in the Player's Handbook, but that I use in my campaigns. All of these feats require that the character have the ability to rage, as a barbarian. As feats get added to my ongoing campaigns, I will add more to this listing.

This list uses several abbreviations to show what sourcebook the entries were drawn from. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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Feat Name
Blood of Þunor
Human or Khülen, ability to rageWhen you rage, you gain bonus damage points that may be applied to your attacks
Collective Fury
Ability to rage, WarcryYour rage gives nearby raging allies the ability to make a Warcry
Defensive Rage
Ability to rageYou can "spend" a rage to gain a bonus to your Armor Class
Focused Rage
Ability to rageYou can "spend" a rage to gain a bonus to skill checks
Furious Strength
Ability to rageYou can forego normal rage bonuses for one round of tremendous strength
Fury’s Focus
Ability to rageYour move increases by +10 feet while you rage
Ghost Rage
Ability to rageYou can "spend" a rage to gain the ghost touch special ability for all of your attacks
Holy Fury
Ability to channel positive energy, ability to rageYou can channel holy energy to be able to inflict critical hits on undead while raging
Punishing Rage
Ability to rageYou can "spend" a rage to gain the Great Cleave ability for one round
Raging Jump
Ability to rage, Jump 3+ ranksYou can shorten your rage to enhance your ability to jump
Savage Health
Constitution 15+, ability to rageYou can gain temporary hit points when you rage
Unholy Rage
Ability to rage, evil alignmentYou can "spend" a rage to smite good
Unstoppable Rage
Ability to rageYou can "spend" a rage to gain a morale bonus to saving throws
Charisma 13+, ability to rageYou can terrify opponents when you rage with a mighty shout
Whirlwind Rage
Ability to rage, Punishing RageYou can "spend" a rage to temporarily gain the Whirlwind Attack feat

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