Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Yng

Yng (Freyr)

The Lord of the Golden Disc; The Lord of Many Colors; The Summer Lord, The Great Master of the Winds; Celestial Lord of Sunshine, the Sky, Archery, and Creatures in Flight

Alignment: Neutral Good.
Domains: Arborea, Birds, Glory, Rainbow, Sky, Summer, Sun.
Summon Monster: Yng's clerics and favored souls can summon auran and celestial creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A sun disk of gold with a red eagle displayed.
Favored Weapon: "The Rainbow" (longbow or composite longbow).
Related Prestige Classes: Shining Blade of Yng.

Yng is the lord of light, the sun, the sky, and the patron of all flying creatures. Although he is paired with the wild and tempestuous Brid, Yng is steady and calm, guiding the sun with a steady hand every day to rise and set in its constant, reliable way. Where Brid is rash and impetuous, Yng is reflective and thoughtful, carefully considering and planning his decisions before he commits himself. In many folktales, Yng is called upon to extricate his foolhardy consort from some predicament she has found herself in as a result of her impulsive nature. Yng is portrayed as the ever-suffering but ever-tolerant spouse, always coming to Brid's aid when she is in need, seemingly regarding her mishaps with kindly affection.

Yng is counted as one of the mightiest of the Lords of Heaven. Despite his contemplative nature, he is said to be terrible to behold when roused to anger, when he fights he is said to shine like the sun itself. Yng is fearsome when hunting and his wrath in battle is dreadful. He rides a giant eagle with red feathers and talons of gold whose wings are so powerful they cause great gales when it flies. Yng is closely associated with the composite longbow and in legend he is considered the greatest archer of the gods, but the stories also recount him battling his foes with a mighty longsword. He owns a many-colored bow that is said to never miss when he fires it, a yellow, shining blade that glows like the sun, and a helm decorated with two brilliant yellow gems. Legend holds that rainbows that appear in the sky are reflections of Yng's great bow, drawn over the earth as the celestial lord hunts his enemies. During the War in Heaven, Yng confronted Gangyn, the great shadow spirit, as well as Abonde, the mistress of night, and drove them back into Hell with his radiant light. Yng holds a special hatred for Tuni, and his priests are called upon to oppose the Demon Lord of Death at all times.

He is also said to own a cloak that can make any who wear it become invisible at will. Yng holds dominion over the sun, and is said to guide it through the sky in a great chariot pulled by a great convocation of eagles. He rules over all of the creatures of the air, and any who travel in the skies fall under his authority. His worshipers can be found everywhere, but those who rely upon the wind and the sun for their livelihoods, such as sailors and farmers, are most likely to seek his favor.

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