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Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Wünd

Wünd (Wreylund)

Lord of the Forge; The Dwarf Lord; The Divine Crafter; Celestial Lord of Smiths, Craftsmen, and Dwarves

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Domains: Craft, (Dwarf), The Forge, Inspiration, Metal, StoneStonehearth.
Summon Monster: Wünd's clerics and favored souls can summon tempered and terran creatures using summon monster spells. Dwarven clerics and favored souls devoted to Wünd can also summon hammerstruck creatures.
Symbol: A smith's hammer or other crafting tool.
Favored Weapon: "The smith's hand" (warhammer).

Wünd is the master of all crafts and delights in works of skill, however small or great they may be. It is said that he placed all of the gems in the earth when he crafted the substance that makes up the stones and rock, and the gold, silver and other metals that may be found under the land are where they are by his hand. Some believe that the courses of the veins and types of minerals that may be followed by miners may, if properly interpreted, provide his followers with advice and guidance. Wünd is said to have manufactured all of the weapons and armor of the gods that were used in the War in Heaven, and myths hold that those armaments he makes can never be broken and never miss when used in battle. Wünd is also credited with crafting Heim’s silver hands and eyes, Tiwas’ golden arm and great oath ring, and the cage used to imprison the demon hound Garm, as well as many other wondrous and powerful items. In the War in Heaven, only Wünd could stand before the heat and fury of the fire demon Surtan, having become inured to the flames by his long labors over his intensely hot furnaces. Protected by his iron mask and flame hardened war shield, Wünd used his great war hammer and felled the fire demon, who was cast out of heaven. Because of this, Surtan hates and despises Wünd and his followers seek to destroy Wünd’s adherents whenever they find them.

Wünd always is depicted as a mighty and stoutly built blacksmith clad in a leather apron. Among dwarves, Wünd is always shown as a massively muscled dwarven smith, a representation that is not uncommon among other races. This deity is very popular among dwarves, who hold that the most skilled and worthy dwarven smiths are taken to his great workshops to become his assistants, but craftsmen and miners of all races revere him. His consort is Hlín, the kindler of the sacred flame, and in legend it is her who lights the fires of his holy forges. Wünd is also shown working closely with Hœnir, and some story-cycles even claim that it was the Dwarf Lord who created the Machine Who Makes, although this is a decidedly minority view. As would be expected for the lord of smiths, Wünd’s followers favor the warhammer, which is his chosen weapon.

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