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Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Woda

Woda (Oman)

The All-Father; The Blind Lord; The Runecaster; Celestial Lord of Magic and Knowledge

Alignment: Neutral Good.
Domains: (Alvar), Knowledge, Magic, MemoryMentor, Rune, Wisdom.
Summon Monster: Woda's clerics and favored souls can summon anarchic, axiomatic, and celestial creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A length of cloth tied into a loop, as a blindfold.
Favored Weapon: Staff.

This celestial is the leader of the Lords of Heaven and he is regarded as the patron of sages, sorcerers, and diviners of hidden mysteries. In legend, Woda carries the Runestaff, a mystical weapon upon which is carved runes setting forth the sum total of the knowledge of the heavens, as well as the secrets of the foundations of magic. In his search for knowledge, Woda traded his worldly sight to learn the innermost secrets of the mind of the Grym and the events that took place before the celestial lords were created, learning things that are said to torment him at all times. Many stories about Woda involve his dealings with mortals, but he almost always walks in disguise, usually appearing as a tall, gaunt old man with a cloth bound over his eyes, with gray hair and a beard, and wearing a rough cloak and a hood or broad-brimmed hat.

Woda has a pair of wolves who guard his throne, and a pair of ravens who bring him news of everything that happens throughout the world every day. Woda owns the Cauldron of Abundance, in which everyone who draws from it finds food according to their merit and none are left hungry. He is the spouse of Eiur, and the acknowledged father of Forseti, Füllar, Heim, Rúadan, Syfa, Tiwas, and Vali. In the War in Heaven, Woda’s magical might was tested against Ishi, and the two locked in a mystical struggle, matching enchantment against enchantment. In the end, the All-Father's magic proved to be stronger, and Ishi was forced out of the gates of Heaven, and fell with his compatriots to be imprisoned in Hell.

It is said that when he sits upon his throne, he can see throughout the past, with only the darkened pits of Hell being beyond his backward seeing vision and he can hear anything that is said in the world, so long as the winds can carry it. As the master of magic, this celestial lord is very popular among the alvar, who claim that he holds them in special favor. All clerics of Woda may treat Speak Language as a class skill for free and are required to learn to speak Quolin no matter their race. Clerics devoted to Woda usually favor the staff as a weapon. Clerics devoted to Woda may treat the wizard class as an additional favored class. Many of his most powerful priests become Mystic Theurges.

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