Saturday, June 15, 2013

Campaign Design - The Lords of Hell: Tunar


The Pitiless Queen; The Blood-Drinker; The Dark Lady; Demon Mistress of Vampires and the Underworld

Alignment: Lawful Evil.
Cleric Domains: Deathbound, Envy, Infernal, Mysticism, Undead, (Vampire).
Unholy Warrior Domains: Darkness, Envy, Undead.
Summon Monster: Tunar's clerics and favored souls can summon axiomatic and fiendish creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A six-fingered white hand, or a white left hand.
Favored Weapon: "The lash of lamentation" (whip or whip-dagger).
Related Classes: Unholy Warrior.
Related Prestige Classes: Champion of the Dark Seven.

Tunar always shows herself as an unbelievably ugly old crone dressed in a black cloak. She is said to be so terrible in appearance that any mortal who sees her will flee in horror until they collapse from exhaustion. Her hair is entwined with poisonous snakes, and her skin is pallid and deathly. Tunar is usually represented holding a barbed whip with which she tortures those who displease her until the torment drives them insane. She is the spouse of Tuni and their worshipers are invariably found together in an order of priests known as “The White Hand”. Tunar and Tuni rule the dreaded land of Helas from their underworld fortress named Elvidnir, located in the deepest pit of Hell.

All of Tunar’s clerics are female, and each of them is expected to find a mate from among Tuni’s priesthood. The land of Loring is a stronghold of her worship, and she and Tuni are counted as the supreme powers of that realm.

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