Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Campaign Design - The Lords of Hell: Iku-Tyrma


Evil Prince of Ice and Frost; The Foehammer; The Lord in the Ice; Demon Lord of Frost Giants, Sloth, and Winter

Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Cleric Domains: Ambition, Blackwater, Cold, Sloth, Watery Death, Winter.
Unholy Warrior Domains: Pain, Sloth, Water.
Summon Monster: Iku-Tyrma's clerics and favored souls can summon fiendish and ice creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A block of ice encasing a bloody maul.
Favored Weapon: "The foehammer" (greathammer).
Related Classes: Unholy Warrior.
Related Prestige Classes: Champion of the Dark Seven.

Iku-Tyrma is the demon lord of cold and ice, and is so hateful that he is despised even by other fiends. He appears as a huge frost giant with bandy legs, which are short and malformed and make his gait appear slow. His head is a flat oval with slitted blue eyes and grossly broad features. His skin is a blue tone, and he is hairless save for his bushy white eyebrows. He wears a coat of white fur made from the pelts of arctic wolves and polar bears. In battle he carries a huge maul of cold iron inlaid with nickel and it is said that enemies he strikes with it are knocked to the ground amidst a cold rushing wind. Because they both claim mastery of the waters of the world, Iku-Tyrma has an ancient rivalry with Hler, and the two despise one another with a powerful anger. In the War in Heaven, Iku-Tyrma was confronted by Hler, and was defeated by him and cast down into Hell.

Following the War in Heaven, Iku-Tyrma was condemned to be imprisoned in a massive glacier of ice as just punishment for his part in the conflict. Iku-Tyrma straining to free himself from his icy prison are said to be the cause of the movement of glaciers around the world and his struggles are the source of avalanches and surges of flowing ice. The frost giants say that Iku-Tyrma was imprisoned because the Lords of Heaven feared his strength, and his faithful have taken the Demon Lord's greathammer encased in ice as their symbol to show their reverence for the overwhelming power and strength of their patron, believing that their enemies will quail at the sight of a symbol displaying what, in their minds, is a representation of the fear the Lords of Heaven have for the Demon Lord of Winter.

As with many of the demon lords, Iku-Tyrma has few human worshipers, but he is the patron deity of the frost giants, and they hold him as the overlord of their race. Among other races, he is worshipped some who live in Arctic climes or who sail the icy northern waters, hoping to call upon his mastery over the cold of winter for their own benefit.

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