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Campaign Design - Race: Changelings

(adapted from the Eberron Campaign Setting)

Changelings are subtle shapeshifters capable of disguising their appearance. Originally created as a result of unscrupulous alvar experiments aimed at developing the perfect spies and assassins for use in the internecine struggles of Pilosian politics by magically crossbreeding doppelgangers and humans, they are now a separate race distinct from either of their ancestral roots. They do not possess the full shapeshifting abilities of a doppelganger, but they can create effective disguises at will. This ability makes them consummate spies as intended, but also makes them excellent criminals, and many changelings live up to that potential.

Personality: The changelings are a created race and their reputation is colored by the purpose for which they were created. As such, they have a varied set of reactions to their heritage. Some changelings are resentful of their heritage, and seek to avoid it, attempting to blend into whatever society they find themselves in, using their abilities to adopt a persona as a member of whatever other race they find most advantageous. On the other hand, some changelings wholeheartedly embrace their heritage, although the expression this takes can vary. Some changelings refuse to use their abilities to disguise themselves, instead insisting that the world must accept them on their own terms. Others embrace their mutability and take on an array of ever changing personalities, usually ending up employed in a variety of professions where their shifting appearance is an asset.

Physical Description: Changelings strongly resemble their doppelganger lineage, with only a passing nod to their human heritage. They generally stand between five and six feet tall. Unlike true doppelgangers, changelings do have gender in their natural form, but may shift between genders as they wish. In their natural form, changelings have pale grey skin and thin white hair. Their limbs are long and slightly out of proportion compared to other humanoids. Their faces have slightly more distinct features than a doppelganger's, including a hint of nose and lips, although their eyes remain blank white and the rest of their facial features don't look quite "finished".

Relations: Few outsiders trust changelings. Many, however, have reason to do business with them. Most members of other races treat changelings with extreme caution. Most changelings live as minorities in communities dominated by members of other races, and because of their natural abilities, they are often viewed with suspicion. Compounding matters, many changelings distrust their own kind, preventing them from working together for a common goal.

Changelings have a complicated relationship with both humans and the alvar. Because they are descended from humans, changelings generally are either envious of the "normal" nature of humans, or regard humanity with some of the same contempt as their doppelganger forebears bear towards humans. As the entire race is the result of alvar experiments, changelings are usually either grateful to the alvar, or angrily resentful. Those who embrace their racial stereotype as spies and assassins are most likely to be friendly with the alvar, while those who reject it are most likely to be bitter and resentful.

Alignment: Changelings of all alignments exist, but most gravitate towards the neutral alignment. They focus on their own concerns without regard for laws or morals. Many have their own code of honor, but are also fiercely independent. Some refuse to engage in assassination, while other embrace that path as the ultimate expression of their racial destiny.

Changeling Lands: Changelings have no lands of their own, but most are found in Enselm and the the regions that formerly made up the Rhadynnic Sky Empire. A fair number can be found living in the various Pilosian city-states. They are most often found in large cities where they form the backbone of the criminal underworld - changelings are the core of the feared Sang Frere - although many also work as spies, entertainers, couriers, investigators, and sometimes adventurers.

Religion: As befitting their mutable nature, changelings are found among the worshipers of almost every Lord of Heaven and Lord of Hell. Lódur is most common celestial lord honored by changelings, as many seek to emulate his ever-shifting nature and his personification of the unpredictable nature of luck. Changelings often honor Aíne for her dominion over diplomacy and commerce, Woda for his dominion over hidden knowledge, and Füllar as the master of prophecy. There are relatively few changelings who follow any of the three brothers, but those that do are often staunch proponents of their doctrines. Evil changelings tend to gravitate most toward Gangyn the mistress of assassins, Vaßatar the demon prince of thieves, and Seþra the demon princess of lies. For somewhat obvious reasons changelings are among the very few devoted followers of the ever changing demon lord Sirchade.

Language: Changelings speak Enslaic, Rhadynnic, Sorglish, or Quolin as their native tongue, a choice made at character creation. They often learn many other languages to facilitate a multitude of disguises.

Names: Changelings tend to have names similar to the names of the larger culture in which they find themselves, either because they are trying to "pass" and blend in as a member of the society around them, or because they have constructed a false identity to cloak their illegal activities. Thus, a changeling in Rhadynnic lands will usually have a Rhadynnic name, a changeling from Enselm with have an Enslaic name, and a changeling living in Steinigreich will have a Zwersprachen name. and so on. Some changelings, for obvious reasons, use several names, each with a different identity, but think of one particular name as their "true" one. Others have no single name, and don't regard any name as the one definitive appellation that applies to them. For these changelings, the mutability of their race is extended to their name, and even their self-identity.
  • Type: Changelings are humanoids with the shapechanger subtype.

  • Size: Medium size.

  • Movement: Changelings have a base speed of 30 feet.

  • Slippery Mind: +2 racial bonus on saving throws against sleep and charm effects. Changelings have slippery minds.

  • Deceptive: +2 racial bonus on Bluff, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks. Changelings are naturally skilled at deception and intimidation.

  • Lódur's Children: Changelings gain an extra luck point every level for every Luck feat they have. Changelings are the favored of Lódur, the celestial lord of luck.

  • Doppelganger-Blooded: The blood of doppelgangers flows through the veins of every changeling. They are treated as doppelgangers for the purpose of race-restricted spells, feats, magic items and anything else that only works for those with doppelganger blood. In addition, changelings may choose to become Gutter Mages if they desire to do so.

  • Natural Linguist: Changelings add Speak Language to their list of class skills for any class. A changeling character also speaks one bonus language, chosen at character creation.

  • Minor Change Shape (Su): Changelings have the supernatural ability to alter their appearance as though using a disguise self spell that affects their bodies but not their possessions. This ability is not an illusory effect, but a minor physical alteration of a changeling’s facial features, skin color and texture, and size, within the limits described for the spell. A changeling can use this ability at will, and the alteration lasts until he changes shape again. A changeling reverts to his natural form when killed. A true seeing spell reveals his natural form. When using this ability to create a disguise, a changeling receives a +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks. Using this ability is a full-round action.

  • Automatic Languages: Enslaic, Rhadynnic, Sorglish, or Quolin. The choice is made at character creation.

  • Favored Class: Rogue.

  • Favored Class: Expert.

  • Exclusive Class: Chameleon (adapted from Path of Shadow).

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