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Campaign Design - The Lords of Hell: Khil


The Reaver; The Leg Breaker; The Seething Chain; Demon Lord of Orcs, Fury, and Savagery

Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Domains: Force, Fury, (Orc), Power, Rage, Savagery.
Summon Monster: Khil's clerics can summon anarchic and fiendish creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A broken thigh bone wrapped with black chains.
Favored Weapon: "The bloody chain" (flail or spiked chain).

The demonic patron of the orcish race, Khil appears as a massive orc and wrapped in massive black iron chains, that serve as both armor and weapons for the demon lord. The chains are covered in cruel spikes, and their ends are sharpened into deadly blades, which Khil wields as vicious whip-like weapons. He is the towering figure of enraged anger and wrath who is said to be unable to feel the pain of wounds or injury - not even from his own chains whose spikes are pierced through his flesh so as to be secured to his body. He cares only for the field of battle, exulting in the frenzy and bloodlust of combat, glorying in the carnage and cruelty of war. He is the embodiment of war, but not war for some other goal, but rather war for the sake of war.

In the War in Heaven, Khil led the charge of the demon host with a whirling fury, ravaging the foes of Hell with the lashings of his chains, savoring the cries of his dying foes and the wailing of those who quailed before him. But Khil's reckless and unreasoning rage was exploited by Tiwas, whose cunning and skill enabled the celestial lord to endure the demon lord's fury and outwit him. Khil's followers angrily maintain that Tiwas used underhanded treachery to defeat their patron, Wünd called upon the very earth to rise up and hold fast the demon lord, and now Khil is imprisoned in a tomb of thick, unyielding stone, wrapped in the very chains that served as his weaponry.

As with most of the demon lords, Khil has few human worshipers, but the orcs hold him in high esteem, honoring his strength and wild abandon. Khil bears a deep and abiding hatred for all things, but tolerates this veneration because it seems to amuse him. He is a harsh patron, demanding a level of dedication to battle and bravery from his followers that most would describe as recklessly foolhardy - and a refusal to ever retreat or accept defeat. Khil demands regular ritual blood sacrifices as his worshippers must prove their ability to withstand pain, and their willingness to endure grievous wounds in pursuit of renown on the battlefield. Khil does, however, bear a seething rage towards both Tiwas and Wünd, the former for his role in defeating the demon lord and subjecting him to his long imprisonment, and the latter because of his imprisonment within the living rock of the world.

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