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Campaign Design - Nations: Nuþralia


Largest City: Seland

The current regime in this kingdom is relatively new, with much of it having been conquered from Polþia within the last twenty-five years. Nuþralia was a well-established kingdom during the reign of the High Kings of the Sea Empire. Because this land is the location of the primary pathways to the crusader states of Ranska, Saksa, and Kreikka it received generous financial and military assistance from the High Kings and the churches of Forseti, Heim, and Tiwas, but when the Great Houses fell to warring among themselves for the Carnelian Throne and the crusader states came under pressure from Isakoti, the support provided to this land's rulers dried up and Louviar's forces soon overwhelmed them.

Soon after the formation of the High Council, the adventurer Kiarr Hewardsonne announced his intention to reclaim Nuþralia under his own banner. With a fair amount of support from the Council, who saw the campaign to win the land from Polþia as a means of occupying Louviar's forces and directing her attentions away from their own dominions, Kiarr fought a nearly three decade long war to realize his dream before falling in battle a little more than fifteen years ago. His youngest son Seluc now rules this land, gaining his position by outliving his brothers, both of who died on the battlefield.

As one might expect for a nation that is essentially locked in perpetual war with its neighbor, Nuþralia is not a wealthy land, nor are its inhabitants particularly prosperous. Herding is generally favored over farming, as livestock may be moved when raiders foray into the kingdom, while fields of crops are stationary targets. Although sea trading and whaling are not unheard of in Nuþralia, most of the sailors from this land are fishermen, and that forms the basis for much of the region’s economy, as such work is just slightly further away from the reach of Polþia's influence.

The biggest coup that has taken place within the Freeholds in recent years was accomplished by warriors from Nuþralia who took the strategic city of Seland from Polþia, a conquest that cost Niall, Seluc's older brother and predecessor as king of Nuþralia, his life. The seizure of Seland has had the beneficial effect of invigorating the Nuþralian lumber industry, and Seluc hopes that this will spur the development of a local shipbuilding industry as well. The seizure of this city has proven to be a mixed blessing for, however, as it has become a tremendous drain on his resources, too strategic for Seluc to let go, and possibly too expensive to keep.

Ruler: Seluc Kiarrsonne

Seluc is young and inexperienced, and has only ruled this land for slightly less than five years. Two of his older brothers were killed fighting in the near constant war waged between Nuþralia and Polþia, and both his uncle and father lost their lives in that ongoing conflict as well. To date Seluc has established a modest track record as an able sovereign, but there is very little actual evidence to make a full evaluation of Seluc's capabilities.

Seluc’s most significant military asset is his veteran war leader Morgant. Although he is a humorless man with a scarred face, Morgant has a reputation as a skilled and fearless warrior and a peerless battle tactician. Morgant has served the ruler of Nuþralia for almost twenty years, previously fighting alongside Kiarr, and now serving his son Seluc. Given Nuþralia's perpetual state of war with its neighbor, Seluc's consistently takes positions on issues before the Council that send aid in his direction while downplaying and discouraging resources be diverted to dealing with the threats to the Freeholds that may loom on other quarters.

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