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Campaign Design - Nations: Pen-Loring


Largest City: Cær Her

This small nation on the southern flank of Loring has only recently become part of the Freeholds. During the reign of the High Kings, Pen-Loring was, as the name implies, a dependency of Loring, a region that owed allegiance to House Llud. After the sinking of Dáiríne and the fall of the High Kings, Loring went into a slow but catastrophic decline that ended with the realm in anarchy. As its northern neighbor descended into chaos, so did Pen-Loring, and within living memory it was a desolate land inhabited only by pirates, brigands, humanoids, and other more nefarious denizens.

The fact that Pen-Loring is currently inhabited at all is a testament to the will and fortitude of the warrior Beowalt. For the first thirty-seven years of his life Beowalt won fame and respect as the foremost warrior in the service of the nations of the Freeholds. About sixty years ago Beowalt brought his followers to this cold, rocky land and set about conquering and establishing himself as the kingdom's ruler. He built a fortress named Cær Her and began waging a twenty year war against the bandits, orcs, goblins, and giants that inhabited much of the countryside. His warriors, tested by many previous battles smashed the disorganized tribes of evil creatures and pushed them back into Loring and deep into the Œfel Forest. When the High Council was formed, Beowalt was given a seat despite Pen-Loring not technically being part of the Freeholds, as the kings of the region desired his counsel in their deliberations.

It was after ten years of peace that the White Hand unified the disorganized bands of humanoids in the Loring and struck back, pushing Beowalt's forces out of Loring itself and back behind the protective shelter of the Steinig Mountains. After enduring many years of war against the Polþians and facing hostile bands of brigands, giants, and humanoids on their own borders, the kings of the High Council were unwilling to offer more than token assistance to the new inhabitants of Pen-Loring. Despite his requests, the High Council turned its back upon its most renowned hero, seeking to enjoy the fruits of peace after long years of war. Denied assistance from the other Council nations, Beowalt’s followers struggled simply to survive against the now organized threat to their lives. Soon, the beleaguered inhabitants were pushed to the coast lands, barely able to hold back the tide of evil that washed across the nation. It was only the heroics of Beowulf and his loyal warriors that quelled the uprising and blunted the threat of the White Hand.

Now the land is at relative peace. Although much of the land remains hostile, the coastal areas and farmlands are protected by the fierce warriors who follow Beowalt’s banner of the Golden Dragon. The citizens of Pen-Loring have turned to the sea for their sustenance, and fishing and whaling are among the most common professions among the inhabitants of this inhospitable nation.

Ruler: Beorwalt Hewardsonne of House Gelban

At one point in time Beowalt was regarded as the mightiest warrior in all the Freeholds. His strength and skill made him unmatchable on the battlefield, and his exploits are said to have been instrumental in the victories scored by the High Council during its early years. Among his other accomplishments, Beowalt was instrumental in founding the Warknights of the Council.

King Beowalt is now almost one hundred years old, having spent virtually all of his life fighting to expand the lands ruled by the High Council. Although his legendary strength has waned, he is still a capable warrior, and age has given him wisdom and insight and he has become the voice of experience within the Council chambers. He has outlived three wives, and has nine living children.

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