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House Rules - Common Alchemical Items

Commonly Available Alchemical Substances

Alchemist's Mercy1 shilling-
Biteabate20 shillings1 lb.
Blackwater100 shillings1 lb.
Brightvigil30 shillings¼ lb.
Burn Salve15 shillings¼ lb.
Candle, Focusing100 shillings1 lb.
Candle, Restful100 shillings1 lb.
Cooling Gel100 shillings¼ lb.
Dehydrated Food2 shillings¼ lb.
Devil's Soap25 shillings1 lb.
Dragon Brew50 shillings1 lb.
Dwarfblind50 shillings1 lb.
Euir's Hazel5 shillings1 lb.
Firebane50 shillings1 lb.
Fleetfoot50 shillings1 lb.
Focus30 shillings1 lb.
Frost Lotion15 shillings1 lb.
Gash Glue40 shillings¼ lb.
Ghostoil40 shillings1 lb.
Ghunûk30 shillings¼ lb.
Glitterbright5 shillings-
Gravebane50 shillings1 lb.
Hawk's Ointment50 shillings¼ lb.
Healing Ointment10 shillings1 lb.
Healing Salve50 shillings1 lb.
Ice Crystal5 shillings-
Icewalker Oil75 shillings1 lb.
Insect Repellent5 shillings¼ lb.
Journeyman Serum5 shillings1 lb.
Kharûn20 shillings⅓ lb.
Khülen Mask100 shillings1 lb.
Longbreath50 shillings¼ lb.
Nature's Draught50 shillings¼ lb.
Night Eyes25 shillings¼ lb.
Magebane100 shillings5 lbs.
Oil of Hardness50 shillings1 lb.
Peikko Ink20 shillings¼ lb.
Polar Skin20 shillings1 lb.
Powdered Water½ shilling-
Purebalm75 shillings¼ lb.
Raitho50 shillings-
Red Wriggler1 shilling1 lb.
Ruumsormi30 shillings-
Sailor's Wax10 shillings1 lb.
Scentbreaker5 shillings½ lb.
Senses50 shillings1 lb.
Shinewater10 shillings1 lb.
Shriek Paste50 shillings½ lb.
Signal Paste1 shilling1 lb.
Slimebane15 shillings1 lb.
Snortawake25 shillings¼ lb.
Softshield10 shillings1 lb.
Soupstone300 shillings1 lb.
Spiderlilly Essence75 shillings1 lb.
Suregrip20 shillings½ lb.
Titan Gum25 shillings¼ lb.
Traveler's Solace50 shillings1 lb.
Verminbane20 shillings1 lb.
Wittlewort Brew30 shillings1 lb.
While most potions and other actual magical items can be hard to come by given that divine and arcane spell casters are hard to find, and when found, difficult to persuade to give vagabond adventurers products requiring them to spend their time and experience crafting, a wide array of alchemical products can be found on the market. While many villages and towns have no spell caster capable of crafting magical items, almost all have an alchemist or herbalist engaged in local trade: usually providing simple remedies and useful products to aid in farming and crafting. However, these tradesmen are generally capable of producing a variety of items that are of interest to adventurers. Virtually all village alchemists can produce everything with a Craft DC of 20 or less, and most can produce anything with a Craft DC of 25 or less. In general, one must travel to one of the larger towns or cities to find alchemists who can craft items with a higher DC. The list given here details the substances that a typical alchemist or apothecary is generally familiar with, and either has on hand, or has the ingredients to make if requested. Also listed are the typical prices for these substances. Note, however, that these prices may vary based upon the seasons, the local demand for the product, and other market conditions.

Note that the list of alchemical substances is not exhaustive. Many possible alchemical substances are not detailed because they are difficult to find, or obtaining them is generally restricted. For example, while most defensive substances designed to protect against fire or cold are commonly used (due to their obvious usefulness in combating winter cold, or when engaged in trades such as blacksmithing involving close proximity to heat sources), most "offensive" alchemical substances, such as blasting pellets or fire beetle paste, are rarely available to those who do not have contacts in various military or quasi-military organizations or the black market. Alchemical substances with primarily criminal uses, such as armor-soft or brittlebone are generally prohibited by law, and only available through black market or organizational contacts. Poisons and similar deleterious substances typically fall into this category. Other substances not listed, such as stonecloth, are simply rare and difficult to find due to the fact that they include rare and hard to find ingredients, or the process for crafting them is kept as a secret by some guild or organization. Finally, some substances not listed, like free-foot or courier's ink are simply not generally in demand, and hence most alchemists don't keep the ingredients needed for them on hand, although one could probably obtain some given enough time.

Item Descriptions

Alchemist's Mercy: A fine powder that, when mixed with water or fruit juice and consumed, eliminates the effects of a hangover. Cost: 1 shilling; Craft: Alchemy DC: 10; Weight: -.

Biteabate: This soft white gel soothes temporary hurts, clears the head, and relieves the pain of minor bruises and wounds. Each application of biteabate heals 1d8 points of nonlethal damage. Cost: 20 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20; Weight: 1 lb.

Blackwater: When dumped into water, blackwater immediately eliminates the oxygen, suffocating most aquatic beings that are caught in its area. Unfortunately, the poison also eliminates most fish, crustaceans, and other wildlife in the area. A single vial of blackwater rapidly affects a 10-foot by 10-foot cube of water. Any aquatic creature that breathes blackwater must make a Constitution check (DC 10) each round or begin to drown (see Chapter 3: Running the Game, the Drowning Rule in the Dungeon Master's Guide). The DC for this check increases by 1 on each subsequent round. The creature can also try to “hold its breath” (as a creature going underwater would normally do) using the rules from the Dungeon Master's Guide. Blackwater affects creatures that can breathe underwater due to a spell or effect, such as water breathing, but has no effect on creatures that can only breathe air. Cost: 100 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Brightvigil: This clear, light liquid induces wakefulness, making the user less likely to succumb to magical sleep effects. Brightvigil provides a +5 alchemical bonus on saving throws to resist sleep effects. The effects of brightvigil last one hour. Cost: 30 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight: ¼ lb.

Burn Salve: The boiled leaves of the musk muddle plant form an integral part of burn salve, an excellent remedy for even severe burns. As its name implies, burn salve mitigates some of the effects of fire damage, but only if it is applied within 2 rounds of the injury. If applied in time, the smooth white salve heals 1d6 points of damage, but it cannot heal damage that was not inflicted by fire. Cost: 15 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 10; Weight: ¼ lb.

Candle, Focusing: This large, green taper candle burns quickly, lasting only an hour despite its size. While burning, the focusing candle fills the air with a fresh, crisp odor. The candle is a great boon to those engaged in strenuous mental activity, sharpening most cognitive processes. Characters within 20 feet of a burning focusing candle gain a +1 circumstance bonus on the following skill checks: Craft: Alchemy, Appraise, Decipher Script, Forgery, Search, and Spellcraft. When making a skill check that takes more than one action to complete (such as attempting to identify a potion with Spellcraft), characters only gain the bonus of the focusing candle if they spend the entire duration of the skill check within range of the burning candle. Cost: 100 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Candle, Restful: This thick blue candle burns slowly, filling the air with a sweet, relaxing scent for 8 hours. These candles, although slow to function, have tremendous restorative abilities. Characters that spend a night of rest sleeping within 20 fee of a lit candle heal at twice the rate they normally would. After a day of light activity, characters who rest under the influence of the candle heal double their level in hit points and 2 points of ability damage. After a day of complete rest, characters who sleep under the influence of the candle heal three times their level in hit points and 2 points in ability damage. The benefits of a restful candle stack with those provided by someone providing long-term care with the Heal skill. Cost: 100 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Cooling Gel: The cold blue gel can be applied to the skin. It provides a +1 resistance bonus to fire or heat based attacks, or heals 1d6 points of burn damage that the character has suffered, provided it is applied within an hour of the damage. Cost: 100 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20; Weight: ¼ lb.

Dehydrated Food: Explorers and adventurers of all sorts benefit from alchemically dried food. Although expensive, dehydrated food weighs only half as much as an equivalent supply of trail rations, making it ideal for long journeys where water is plentiful and food is scarce. Characters eating dehydrated food must consume twice as much water per day as they normally require or suffer the effects of going without water (see Starvation and Thirst Dangers in Chapter 3 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). The cost and weight given are for one day’s worth of food. Cost: 2 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight: ¼ lb.

Devil’s Soap: The insides of a stygian pumpkin are used to make a foul-smelling black paste called devil’s soap. Devil’s soap is a favorite of blacksmiths and those who work with fire. One application of devil’s soap provides fire resistance 2. The effects of devil’s soap last for 1 hour. Cost: 25 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20; Weight: 1 lb.

Dragon Brew: Spotty dragonfire is used in the making of dragon brew, a thick liquid that increases stamina and numbs pain. A dose of dragon brew grants the imbiber a +1 alchemical bonus to all Fortitude saves for 1 hour. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Dwarfblind: Dwarfblind stones are small stones treated with alchemical substances, giving them a faint purple sheen. You can throw a dwarfblind stone as a grenade-like weapon. When it strikes a hard surface, it releases a burst of violet light. The light illuminates a 20-foot-wide area for an instant and temporarily interferes with the darkvision of those caught in its effects. Creatures within a 10-foot radius of the stone’s impact point must succeed on a Reflex save (DC 15) or lose their darkvision ability for 10 minutes. Dwarfblind has no effect on normal and low-light vision. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Eiur's Hazel: The sap of Eiur's willow is the main component in a fluid called Eiur's Hazel. If Eiur's Hazel is applied to any scar (from a now-healed wound) the scar slowly vanishes. It takes a week of daily applications for the scar to vanish completely. One "dose" is sufficient for a week's worth of daily applications for one scar. Cost: 5 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 10; Weight: 1 lb..

Firebane: This thick grease provides protection against one fire based attack. To be effective, firebane must be smeared over the entire body. Anyone protected by the grease has fire resistance 10 while covered. The grease is only effective for half an hour. If left on the body for more than one hour, firebane begins to cause serious damage to the skin and deals one point of nonlethal damage per minute. Firebane can be washed off with water. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Fleetfoot: This thin, light blue liquid temporarily loosens the drinker’s muscles and joints, allowing her to run faster and jump farther. When running, a character under the effect of fleetfoot moves at five times her speed. The effect lasts for 10 rounds + 1 round per point of Constitution modifier. The effects of fleetfoot stack with the Run feat, allowing a character to run at six times her speed and jump half again as far as normal with a running jump. Fleetfoot does not grant a character the ability to exceed her maximum jump distance. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Focus: Made from steeped duskwood bark and a selection of herbs found in the Freeholds, focus is one of the part-time alchemist’s most successful and valuable mixtures. Focus provides a +2 alchemical bonus to Concentration checks. This benefit lasts 10 minutes. Cost: 30 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Frost Lotion: The silvery edges of tyrant’s sword can be boiled and used to make a warm, porridge-like substance called frost lotion. This pleasant-smelling topical heals injuries caused by extreme cold. Frost lotion can mitigate some of the effects of cold damage, but only if it is applied within 2 rounds of the injury. If applied in time, the thick lotion heals 1d6 points of damage, but it cannot heal damage that was not inflicted by cold. Cost: 15 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 10; Weight: 1 lb.

Gash Glue: Old man’s friend can be crushed and mixed with a number of other substances to produce a thick gray glue called gash glue. Soldiers often carry gash glue to seal a fallen companion’s wounds quickly. One application of gash glue stabilizes a dying creature. Cost: 40 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20; Weight: ¼ lb.

Ghostoil: This clear oil has a slight tint of gray, and strange, wispy forms seem to swirl through it. When applied to a weapon, ghostoil allows it to affect incorporeal creatures normally for the next 2 rounds. One flask of ghostoil contains enough liquid to coat one weapon of Large size or smaller. Applying ghostoil to a weapon of any size is a full-round action. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Ghunûk: This Eurozoic salve cures 1d6 points of a particular wound with nonmagical healing that is applied by rubbing into open wounds. Thick, black, and foul-smelling, orcish alchemists brew the ointment from a variety of mushrooms and herbs. Those that have used it report a terrible but thankfully brief stinging in and around the wound after the substance is applied. A pot found on an orc will contain 1d4 applications. Cost: 30 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20.

Glitterbright: This sparkling liquid enhances flaws and facets in gemstones. Any Appraise or Craft: Gemcutting checks on a gem treated with a dose of glitterbright receive a +4 alchemical bonus. This effect lasts for 1 minute. Cost: 5 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20; Weight: -.

Gravebane: This thick white liquid evaporates almost instantly upon contact with the air, creating a thin, nearly invisible smoke. The smoke is early odorless, and it has no effect on most creatures. Undead, however, are repulsed by the smoke and can only pass through it with an effort of will. When opened (usually by throwing it on the ground), a flask of gravebane fills a 5-foot-square area with smoke. Undead cannot enter an area filled with gravebane smoke unless they succeed on a Will save (DC 10). Undead can attack into a gravebane-filled area normally as long as they don’t enter the area to do so. Gravebane ordinarily lasts for 1 minute, although strong winds may decrease this duration. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Hawk’s Ointment: This thick, acidic gel temporarily sharpens the user’s vision. Once its beneficial effects wear off, however, the gel burns and stings the eyes for a few minutes. After spreading the gel over her eyes, a character gains a +1 bonus on Search and Spot checks for 2 minutes. After the duration expires, she takes a -2 penalty on Search and Spot checks for 1 minute. Characters who spend a round washing out their eyes with clean water halve the duration of the penalty. Applying hawk’s ointment is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: ¼ lb.

Healing Ointment: When applied directly to a wound, these herbal balms speed healing and produce a sedative effect. They are not especially useful in the heat of combat, as it can take several hours for the sedative effect to wear off and for the subject to return to normal. A healing ointment converts 1d4 points of damage into the same amount of nonlethal damage. The nonlethal damage heals at the normal rate of 1 hit point per character level per hour of rest. For one hour after the use of a healing ointment, the user is drowsy and suffers a -1 to all skill and ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws. A healing ointment can only be effective used once per hour – penalties and healing do not stack with multiple uses during that time – though subsequent applications after an hour's wait do convert more damage. If you have 5 or more ranks in Profession: Herbalist, you gain a +2 synergy modifier on checks to craft this substance. Cost: 10 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight 1 lb.

Healing Salve: Rubbing this stinky green paste into wounds promotes rapid healing. Applying the salve is a full-round action. One dose cures 1d8 points of damage to a living creature. If you have 5 or more ranks in Profession: Herbalist, you gain a +2 synergy modifier on checks to craft this substance. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Ice Crystal: When immersed in liquid, this small piece of rock crystal becomes as cold as a piece of ice and remains that way until it is removed from the liquid, whereupon it reverts to its normal temperature. Ice crystals are used to cool liquids in alchemical laboratories and to keep drinks cold. Cost: 5 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight -.

Icewalker Oil: The ice lotus is the key ingredient in a powerful alchemical substance called icewalker oil. If properly treated with alchemical reagents, ice lotus petals yield a thin blue liquid that grants uncanny ability to walk and climb on ice. The effects of icewalker oil are identical to the spider climb spell, but the substance functions only on icy or snow-covered surfaces. The effects of icewalker oil last for 10 minutes. Cost: 75 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 35; Weight: 1 lb.

Insect Repellent: This strong smelling liquid can be applied to the skin to repel insects. Tiny or smaller insects are kept at bay for four hours per application. Larger insects and those under the control of a spell must make a Will save (DC 12) to approach a protected character. This benefit is lost if the character attacks the insect. Cost: 5 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight: ¼ lb.

Journeyman Serum: Wolfweed has one function that is not commonly known. With careful preparation, it forms an integral part of an alchemical substance called journeyman Serum. Journeyman Serum provides a +2 alchemical bonus to Constitution checks made to resist taking nonlethal damage from making a forced march (see Chapter 9: Adventuring of the Player's Handbook for more information on forced marches). Cost: 5 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 5; Weight: 1 lb.

Kharûn: This strong, bitter-tasting tonic is a Euroz creation, and is used to restore vigor. Made in a similar process to that which is used to manufacture ghunûk, the substance is strained through leaves until only the liquid remains. The tonic can only remove nonlethal damage gained through exertion rather than through starvation, dehydration, or environmental damage. A dose immediately heals 1d10 points of nonlethal damage. A typical pot found on an orc contains 1d3 doses. Cost: 20 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20.

Khülen Mask: This alchemical formula helps mask the natural scent of anyone who wears it for up to three hours. Creatures with the Scent ability cannot detect the wearer by scent unless they are within five feet. Khülen Mask also eliminates the tracking bonus such a creature would normally gain to track the character. A small bottle contains five applications (each is enough for one Medium creature). Cost: 100 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 30; Weight: 1 lb.

Longbreath: This thick, brown-tinted smoke is a great boon to anyone with needs to go without air for more than a few rounds. After inhaling longbreath, a character can hold his breath for 3 rounds per point of Constitution, rather than 2 rounds per point. Longbreath can be used after the character begins holding his breath, but it provides less of a benefit. If a character inhales longbreath after beginning to hold his breath, simply multiply the number of rounds that a character could continue holding his breath by 1½. Once a character begins making Constitution checks to continue holding his breath, longbreath provides no benefit. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: ¼ lb.

Magebane: This foul-smelling substance is rendered from nettles, poison sumac, and devil's club, and has such a powerful irritant effect that it must be transported in sealed clay pots. Burning a pot releases clouds of dense white smoke. Anyone caught in the cloud suffers from the burning, irritating substance and spellcasters are at a special disadvantage. Burning magebane creates thick clouds of smoke in a 10-foot cube wherever the pot strikes. The smoke takes one round to spread. All creatures within the area suffer a -4 circumstance penalty to all Concentration checks, and all spells cast within the cloud that have a casting time of a standard action instead take a full round to cast. The pot is consumed after the releasing the smoke and the cloud dissipates normally. Craft: Alchemy DC: 25. Weight: 5 lbs.

Nature’s Draught: This tiny vial contains a murky, pungent liquid. When consumed, nature’s draught causes subtle changes in the user’s scent. Animals respond well to a character who has consumed nature’s draught, finding her less threatening and easier to trust. Drinking a vial of nature’s draught provides a +1 circumstance bonus on Handle Animal and Wild Empathy checks made during the next day. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: ¼ lb.

Night Eyes: This thick grease, when applied to the naked eyes, grants temporary low-light vision. The grease takes one full round action to apply and lasts for ten minutes. Torches and other faint light sources provide light normally for a character, but any source of bright light (like bright sunlight or a daylight spell) causes the user the suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls. Cost: 25 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: ¼ lb.

Oil of Hardness: This alchemical oil, when applied to an inanimate object, made of wood, stone, or metal, adds 5 to its hardness. This increase lasts for 1 hour. The oil of hardness has no effect on animated objects or constructs of any kind. One application can cover a Medium creature or object or one 10 foot by 10 foot flat surface such as a wall. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Peikko Ink: The juice of the peikko rouge berry can be used in the creation of a high-quality waterproof ink, sometimes called goblin ink after its origin. The waterproof peikko ink cannot be smeared or distorted by water after it dries. It is popular for public notices and is sometimes used in spell books or other works that will be exposed to the elements. Cost: 20 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 10; Weight: ¼ lb.

Polar Skin: This dull white cream provides limited protection against cold-based damage. Polar skin becomes ineffective once it has absorbed 5 points of cold damage. Regardless of whether it absorbs any damage, polar skin loses its effectiveness one-hour after application. Polar skin does not stack with magical protection from cold. Magical effects such as the protection from energy spell superseded the protection provided by polar skin. Applying polar skin takes 1 minute. Cost: 25 shillings, Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Powdered Water: This fine white powder sparkles faintly. An ounce, mixed with a single drop of water, becomes a gallon of drinkable water. The powder is usually put in a vessel that can contain the full gallon of water before the drop of activating liquid is added. The vessel is then shaken to agitate the mixture. It takes a full round for the water to form. The powder must be kept in a watertight container to remain effective, but it is an easy way to transport large amounts of water over great distances. Cost: 1 half-shilling; Craft: Alchemy DC: 10; Weight: -.

Purebalm: Cotsbalm sap is extracted and used as a base for a clear, syrupy substance called purebalm. When applied to the skin of someone who has been poisoned by an injury or contact poison, purebalm turns black as it absorbs the poison out of the victim’s system. Purebalm only functions when administered between the initial and secondary onset of an injury or contact poison. If applied before the secondary onset of an appropriate poison, purebalm provides a +8 alchemical bonus to the Fortitude saving throw to resist the poison’s secondary effect. Cost: 75 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 35; Weight: ¼ lb.

Raitho: Every tribal alchemist has her own version of this ancient recipe, but all have the same effect: They turn the user into a frothing maniac. The user ingests the the drug as a full-round action, with different forms are smoked, eaten, or drunk.The user is then able to fight without penalty even while disabled or dying, but also automatically fails any non-Strength based skill check and suffers a -2 circumstance penalty on Will saving throws. Craft: Alchemy DC: 30; Weight: -.

Red Wriggler: An active red wriggler is an ingenious invention that resembles a large writhing worm of centipede. In truth, a red wriggler is nothing more than a specially treated strip of fabric and twine about a foot long and no more than half an inch wide. When a red wriggler becomes wet, it becomes puffy and slimy and begins to twitch and undulate in place like a dying worm. The wriggler remains active for 3d6 rounds before the special resins finally cause the thing to melt away into an acrid yellow cloud that quickly fades. Red wrigglers are popular items for practical jokes; young halflings have been known to hide one in someone's bathing suit or slip one into someone's drink when they aren't looking. Red wrigglers have little practical use, but their value as components for practical jokes is without bounds. Cost: 1 shilling; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight: 1 lb.

Ruumsormi: Orcs commonly carry the bulbs of this pale white marsh flower, called corpsefinger in the vernacular. The bulbs have no effect on other humanoids, but one dose makes orcs virtually immune to the effects of pain. A dose of ruumsormi grants the user 10 temporary hit points but also imposes a -4 circumstance penalty to Armor Class. Each dose lasts for 1d6 x 10 minutes and the user must make a successful DC 14 Fortitude save when the drug leaves his system or suffer 2d6 nonlethal damage from the aftereffects. Each additional dose increases the duration of the effect by 1d6 minutes by increases the Fortitude save DC by +2. Weight: -.

Sailor’s Wax: Sailor’s wax is an alchemical substance used to protect metal. A single jar of the ooze covers one suit of Medium armor, or two suits of Small armor, or 10 Medium weapons, or 20 Small weapons, or 40 Tiny weapons. It takes about an hour to apply it to armor, and about five minutes to apply it to weapons. Once applied, it protects the item from normal (but not magical) rust for two days. Cost: 10 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 13; Weight: 1 lb.

Scentbreaker: This small bag contains either a collection of aromatic herbs or a strongly scented alchemical mixture. Either version can confound any creature's sense of smell. You can toss the bag as a grenade-like weapon with a range increment of 10 feet, or you can scatter the contents someplace where a creature tracking by scent comes across it. (It covers an area 5 feet square). Once scattered, the contents remain potent for one hour. A creature can sniff the bag's contents from a direct hit, from a splash, or from sniffing the area where the contents were scattered. If struck by a direct hit, the creature must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 18) or lose its scent ability for 1 minute. After the minute is up, the creature must make a second Fortitude save (DC 18) or lose its scent ability for another hour. Being splashed or sniffing the scattered contents has the same effects, but the save DC is 15. A direct hit or splash affects only one creature of Small or larger size. The contents affect all creatures of Tiny or smaller size in the 5-foot area where a bag of scentbreaker strikes. If you have 5 or more ranks in Profession: Herbalist, you gain a +2 synergy modifier on checks to craft this substance. Cost: 5 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight: ½ lb.

Senses: An alchemist who knows the proper distillation techniques can create a powerful effect by refining normal prickly tea into a stronger, fouler-tasting substance known as senses. Senses sharpens the imbiber’s eyes and ears, providing a +1 alchemical bonus to Spot and Listen checks for 1 hour. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Shinewater: The heads of dwarven thistles are used to create shinewater, a rust remover and polisher. Metal objects left in a bath of shinewater overnight shed all rust and corrosion, and they look highly polished after being dried and rubbed lightly with a soft cloth. One dose of shinewater is sufficient to de-rust one Medium metal weapon or a similarly sized object, and each bath is only good for one use. Cost: 10 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 5; Weight: 1 lb.

Shriek Paste: Shriek paste is an oily, smelly substance with a slightly purplish color. When smeared on a surface, it retains its same consistency almost indefinitely. When the paste is exposed to a light source equivalent to torchlight or greater, it rapidly crystallizes. During this process, the paste makes a high-pitched screeching noise, making it a useful signaling device. The shriek is loud and easy to hear (Listen DC -10, modified as usual for distance, solid barriers, and other environmental factors). This sound lasts for 1 round before the paste dries up entirely and is rendered inert. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20; Weight: ½ lb.

Signal Torch: These simple items are normal torches treated with a variety of alchemical substances to color the flames. Signal torches each burn with a differently colored flame. They are available in a variety of colors, the most common being green, blue, and yellow. Cost: 1 shilling; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight: 1 lb.

Slimebane: This concoction breaks down oozes of all sorts. When used as a grenade like ranged weapon it does 1d6 points of damage on a successful hit and one point of splash damage. On the round following a direct hit, the ooze targeted must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or take an additional 1d6 damage. Slimebane has no effect on creatures that are not of the ooze type. Cost: 15 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Snortawake: Snortawake is a pungent-smelling clear liquid that is kept in tiny glass vials. A single does of snortawake poured into the mouth or nose of a living creature removes 1d8 points of nonlethal damage. This useful liquid got its name from the highly amusing snorting noises people tend to make after they are revived from being knocked unconscious. Cost: 25 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20; Weight: ¼ lb.

Softshield: This thick, pungent paste reduces the chance of infection. If applied within 10 minutes of the time of infection, softshield provides a +1 alchemical bonus on saving throws made to resist the initial infection of the disease. It provides no benefit on subsequent saving throws to resist the disease. Cost: 10 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight: 1 lb.

Soupstone: When dropped into a container of water, this small smooth stone transforms the water into a hot nourishing broth of a flavor chosen when the stone is manufactures. A single soupstone can transform up to ten gallons of water before it becomes inert. This object has no effect on water-based creatures such as water elementals. Cost: 300 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight: 1 lb.

Spiderlilly Essence: A single dose of spiderlilly essence is enough to coat a single Small creature. Each size increase requires twice the dosage of the previous size, and each size decrease requires only half the larger size's dosage. Spiderlilly essence is particularly noxious to most vermin (with the notable exception of spiders, who ironically cannot detect the stuff). Fine vermin avoid creatures that wear the essence, and monstrous non-spider vermin must make a Will saving throw (DC 15) to attack the target. Once a vermin makes a Will save against the essence of spiderlilly, it is immune to the essence for an hour. Spiderlilly essence lasts for one hour before it wears off. Cost: 75 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Suregrip: This gluey substance improves your grip, granting a +2 circumstance modifier on any check that deals with holding on to something, including Climb checks and grappling attacks. When applied to a rope, it confers a +2 circumstance modifier on Use Rope checks that involve tying knots or binding creatures or objects. Applied to the soles of one's footwear or feet, it confers a +2 circumstance modifier on Balance checks made to avoid slipping. Once applied, suregrip lasts 10 minutes. Cost: 20 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20; Weight: ½ lb.

Titan Gum: Darkroot is used in great quantities by alchemists in the production of titan gum, a particularly strong and fast-setting form of glue. Titan gum bonds completely in one round. Substances bonded by titan gum require a DC 20 Strength check to separate. Titan gum can support 500 pounds of weight before breaking. Cost: 25 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight: ¼ lb.

Traveler’s Solace: This fiery unpleasant liquid allows the user to temporarily circumvent the effects of fatigue and exhaustion for a short time. Fatigued or exhausted characters that drink a vial of traveler’s solace can run and charge normally. Fatigued characters under the effects of traveler’s solace suffer no penalties to their Strength or Dexterity, but exhausted characters suffer a -4 penalty to both scores. The beneficial effects of traveler’s solace last 1d4 hours. Exhausted character’s who use traveler’s solace to lessen the effects of exhaustion require a full eight hours of rest before they become fatigued, and fatigued characters who have used traveler’s solace require eight hours of rest before they become fully rested. A vial of traveler’s solace is ineffective if a previous vial has been taken in the preceding eight hours. Cost: 50 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 25; Weight: 1 lb.

Verminbane: This tightly sealed flask contains a pale green smoke. When released into the air, the smoke fills a 5-foot-square area. Most creatures are unaffected by the smoke, although humanoids generally find the smell unpleasant. Vermin, however, find the smoke almost intolerable. To pass through an area filled with verminbane, vermin must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 15). Verminbane lasts for 1 minute, although strong winds may decrease this duration. Cost: 20 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 20; Weight: 1 lb.

Wittlewort Brew: Wittlewort brew immediately grants creatures under the effects of Enchantment spells or effects another saving throw to resist those effects. If the Enchantment effect did not allow an initial saving throw, wittlewort brew has no effect. Cost: 30 shillings; Craft: Alchemy DC: 15; Weight: 1 lb.

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