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Campaign Design - Nations: Gwenarþ


Largest City: Dulyn

Extending from the foothills of the Crespor Mountains in the north to the Misty Isles in the south. Gwenarþ is one of the most powerful nations in the Freeholds. It is rumored that the members of the ruling House Fæth have khülen blood. This is a green country, with most of its inhabitants working as farmers or shepherds. Although the largest city is the prosperous port of Dulyn, most of House Fæþ make their home at Cær Creigiog nestled among the foggy rocks of the Misty Isles. In the last couple of decades the stabilization of Celliwig has resulted in the northern trade route taking on larger importance, resulting in the city of Donega gaining greater prominence in recent years.

Gwenarþ has traditionally maintained a small fleet of warships to combat the pirates that plague the shipping lanes. In addition to being the location of the most significant trade hub for merchants dealing with the nations that border the Galation Sea, Gwenarþ has excellent farmland. Much of the kingdom is good farmland, and crops of wheat, barley and other grains, as well as many vegetables. In the north, sheep and pigs are the most commonly raised livestock, and wool and cloth from the Cruþ river valley are highly prized.

The population is, like most of the other Freeholds, mostly human, with a noticeable but small minority of khülen who mostly live in and around the Cruþ River or on the Misty Isles. As bustling trade cities, Dulyn and Donega both have a thriving community of halflings and gnomes, as well as a small population of changelings. There are small, isolated communities of dwarves in the Crespor Mountains. Alvari are rare in Gwenarþ, but a small number do travel to Ynys Mon to consult with Mannan, while a handful of gnomes have taken up residence there.

The warriors from this land favor the use of the greataxe, probably as a result of their contacts, both peaceful and otherwise, with the inhabitants of Langjord, Midtenjord, and Kysthjem. Even though the weapon has found common use in Cadfor as well, the greataxe is truly the signature weapon of a warrior from Gwenarþ. The preference displayed by many warriors from this land for the greataxe carries over to other two handed melee weapons, with many favoring the two-handed sword, maul, or mattock.

Ruler: Brann Beagansonne of House Fæþ

King Brann Beagansonne is a giant of a man. He stands over seven feet tall, is hugely proportioned and is renowned as one of the Three Strongest Warriors of the Freeholds. Brann is in his middle thirties, and has ruled Gwenarþ since his father Beagan Iainsonne died ten years ago. He has proven himself to be a fierce warrior and an able leader of men, but has left much of the day to day rule of his kingdom to his younger brothers.

Brann has two brothers: The twins Visien and Envisien. In addition to his brothers, Brann is related to the mysterious mage Mannan, who long ago gave up his claim to the throne and immersed himself in the study of arcane lore in his isolated citadel on Ynys Mon, where he has resided for many decades, although he remains a trusted adviser to the succeeding generations of his younger relatives.

As Gwenarþ borders both the Crespor Mountains in the north, and the Niwlog Bay to the south as well as the Galation Sea to the east, House Fæþ has long promoted an aggressive military policy. Brann is a staunch supporter of the regime in Cær Alrys, reasoning that so long as Polþia has to expend resources dealing with a stubborn band of paladins in their own backyard they are less likely to be able to cause trouble for the Freeholds. He has also been a vocal proponent of Seluc Kiarrsonne's efforts in Nuþralia, pushing the High Council to provide more aid to the adventurer king's prolonged war for survival against the Polþian forces. Ever pugilistic, Brann is also quick to lend his approval to Blansky's expeditions into the northern mountains and has consistently agitated for the Council to give him more funding to expand the Galation Sea war fleet.

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