Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Campaign Design - Nations: Medwyr


Largest City: Peniarþ

Located in the valleys to the south of the Steinig Mountains, Medwyr is a prosperous and relatively peaceful land. Except for the occasional incursion from nefarious inhabitants of the eastern arm of the Nimlau Mountains there is really no threat that directly borders upon this land. Since Loring has come under the sway of the White Hand, Medwyr has become an important trade route for products from Steinigreich, although the route from Tiefburg to Peniarþ is long, difficult, and treacherous.

This land is best known for the volume and quality of its finished products and the sharpness of its merchants. With large numbers of shepherds in its highlands, Medwyr produces copious amounts of wool. Textiles, woodwork, and other manufactured products are the most prized items from this land. Because it has a long, rocky coast and no navigable rivers, Medwyr has no substantial trading ports, but does have a moderately large fishing fleet.

Warriors from this kingdom favor the battle axe and throwing axe as weapons of choice, possibly due to the influence of the many Steinig dwarves who pass through the nation on trading caravans, and the longsword is a commonly used weapon as well. Maþ’s academy of wizardry is also located in Medwyr, near its northeastern border in the town of Calleva.

Ruler: Adalbeort Leifsonne of House Rodblad

Adalbeort is in his early thirties, but unlike many of his fellow Council members he is somewhat bookish and has little interest in war and power. He is more of an administrator than a warrior and has made his kingdom more prosperous over the last few years through his wise management of the modest amount of trade that passes through his lands. Although he is not much of a soldier or battle leader, Adalbeort is generally respected due to his decent administration of his kingdom, although it is unlikely that he would ever be regarded by other members of the Council as any kind of leader.

Adelbeort, however, is said to have something of an inflated opinion of his own abilities, and it is rumored that he has aspirations of political leadership. It has been noted that Adelbeort has expressed a distaste for the attitudes of the other lords of the Freeholds whom he terms “warmongers” and clearly believes that he would be better suited to leading the Council than any of them.

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