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Campaign Design - Nations: Ceniþ


Largest City: Dunnum

Ceniþ has the misfortune of being neighbored to the Nimlau Mountains, which would not be so bad were it not for the two passes that lead from Elizon into the strategic Brigantia Valley. Needless to say, these passes are carefully guarded and patrolled by many watchful soldiers. The larger of these two passes, named Uchel Caniatad is guarded by the largest fortress of the Order of the Shield, the nearly impregnable Cær Wydyr built long ago by the legendary masons of Steinigreich who had been hired by the High King which now overlooks the foreboding Achelos Forest.

Although having to guard against the raids of bands of giants from the north would be difficult, the problems faced by the people of Ceniþ are further compounded by their border with the ill-reputed Thornwood to the east. To guard against the incursions from this monster infested forest Smoit maintains a chain of timber forts along its borders which consume much of the remaining resources of the kingdom.

Despite the looming hazards to the north and east, Ceniþ remains a prosperous kingdom. The largest city in the realm is Dunnum, the second largest trading port on the western coast of the Freeholds, and a major hub for commerce from both Ceniþ and Eidling. Grain grows plentifully here, and cattle are raised in large numbers. Fine cattle are so prized in Ceniþ that two of the lords of this land, Lord Grada and Lord Gilolla, have been feuding politely over a particularly fine bull for many years. Cenith is also particularly noted for its fine whiskey and mead.

Notable about the warriors from this land is their heavy use of the longbow and relatively common use of the greatbow. Trained longbowmen and greatbowmen form the backbone of the troops from the kingdom, and many outsiders are surprised to discover that some levied troops from this land are also trained in the use of the weapon. As one might expect, the militant orders of the three brother knights have a strong following here, especially the Church of Heim, and the Order of the Shield, which maintains several fortified monasteries in addition to Cær Wydyr.

Ruler: Smoit Scanlansonne of House Tewdwr

Cadfor is ruled by King Smoit, a hugely fat middle aged man, impressive in girth, if not so much in height. He is red haired and ham-fisted, a prodigious eater and drinker. His thirst for ale and mead is so great that he is renowned as one of the Three Greatest Drinkers of the freeholds. He is a jovial fellow, always happy to drink and swap stories with a traveler. Visitors are advised not to underestimate Smoit because of his girth or his mirth as he is a capable warrior tested in battle against both giant and orc.

Smoit has no heirs, as his only son Prince Trystan mysteriously disappeared nearly four years ago. The loss of his only son and heir was devastating enough on its own, but the misery was compounded by the fact that Trystan had been betrothed to Astryd Eatunsdottir, a political alliance that would have brought the kingdoms closer together, and could have possibly set the stage for an eventual permanent union between the two nations. Without an heir, Smoit has named Eorl Morcan of House Rhinwedd as his successor, and required all of his vassals to take an oath to support Morcan's ascension after Smoit has passed on. Whether such a transition of power will go smoothly or the earls of Ceniþ will fall to fighting one another over the nation's throne is a decidedly open question.

Smoit is said to be outspoken in Council meetings, and makes no secret of his desire to take the offensive against the threats on his borders. Due to the difficulty in merely defending his lands, Smoit is unable to seriously consider any attack without assistance from the Council, and as a result has become very frustrated at the caution displayed by the other council members, and their reluctance to provide troops for his schemes.

Subordinate Houses:
House Aanwar

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