Sunday, December 12, 2021

House Rules - New Specific Magic Shields

The following specific shields usually are preconstructed with exactly the qualities desribed here.

This list uses several abbreviations to show what sourcebook the entries were drawn from. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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Angel's Shield: (Book of Eldritch Might III) This +1 spellcasting large steel shield, shaped like a feathered angel's wing is gilded in gold. Created by Woda's arcane angels, this shield also allows the wielder to use Jevicca's just reversal three times per day.

  Aura: Strong abjuration; Caster Level: 13th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Jevicca's just reversal, mage armor, wish; Cost: 56,170 shillings; Cost to Create: 28,170 shillings + 2,240 experience points. Weight: 15 lbs.

Tentacle Shield: (Book of Eldritch Might III) This green shield appears misshapen and lumpy. It is a +3 large steel shield that, upon the use of the command word, grows two writhing tentacles. The wielder can command the tentacles mentally to make disarm attempts with a reach of 5 feet and a bonus of +10. The shield can only make one disarm attempt per round, but doing so requires no action on the wielder's part.

  Aura: Moderate evocation; Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, unhand; Cost: 35,170 shillings; Cost to Create: 17,670 shillings + 1,400 experience points. Weight: 15 lbs.

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