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General Rules: Monsters - Tempered Creature (Template)

Tempered Creature (adapted from Hammer & Helm: A Guidebook to Dwarves)

Tempered creatures are blessed by Wünd. They are either permanently imbued with this blessing at the moment of their creation, or they are temporarily gifted after passing the test of the Forge God.

The test varies with each one who undergoes it, but it always ends with a mighty blast of divine power from Wünd's hammer. Those who pass the test are struck a violent blow that leaves them purified an strengthened. The tempered creature's hide thickens, it gains special abilities when wearing metal armor, and its skin takes on a metallic sheen.

"Tempered" is a template that can be added to any corporeal creature (hereafter referred to as the "base creature". The creature must undergo and pass the test of the Forge God before the template is applied temporarily. The template is applied permanently as Wünd desires. The creature's type does not change.

Hit Dice: Same as the base creature.

Speed: Same as the base creature.

Armor Class: Natural armor improves by +2.

Attacks: Same as the base creature.

Damage: Same as the base creature.

Special Attacks: A tempered creature retains all of the special attacks of the base creature and gains the following attack.
  • Hammer of Wünd (Sp): A tempered creature can use this ability once per day as the spell holy smite cast by a 10th level cleric. The DC for the saving throw is 14 + the tempered creature's Constitution modifier.
Special Qualities: A tempered creature retains all of the base creature's qualities and gains the following:
  • Armor Affinity (Su): Tempered creatures treat armor as if it were one category lighter for purposes of determining speed.
Saves: A tempered creature gains a+4 sacred bonus on all saving throws.

Abilities: Change from the base creature as follows: Strength +4, Constitution +4. Intelligence is at least 3.

Skills: Tempered creatures gain a +10 scared bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks that affect dwarves.

Feats: Same as the base creature.

Climate/Terrain: Dwarven cities and underground.

Organization: Solitary or accompanying dwarves.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +2.

Treasure: Same as the base creature.

Alignment: Same as the base creature (usually good).

Advancement: Same as the base creature.

Level Adjustment: Same as base creature +3.

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