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Campaign Design - Bloodlines: Amethyst Sûl-Blooded

Amethyst Sûl-Blooded
(adapted from Unearthed Arcana)

The dragons from Ámgerðr's line are regal and proud, but also affable and friendly, at least insofar as dragons can be considered affable and friendly. Because of their fondness for both fæy and mortals, there are many who can claim descent from the mighty purple dragons. Like their forebears, those with this bloodline tend to be skilled at social interaction, making them natural diplomats, and also natural demagogues. Those who carry purple dragon blood in their veins tend to have sharp features, and a slight purple tint to their skin - some even have purple hair that hangs like strands of crystalline glass, although this is quite rare.

Amethyst Sûl Bloodline Traits

Character Level
--+2 on Diplomacy checks
-+2 on Diplomacy checksSkill Augmentation (Listen and Spot)
--Strength +1
+2 on Diplomacy checksSkill Augmentation (Listen and Spot)Force resistance +2 (Ex)2
--Amethyst Sûl affinity +21
-Strength +1+1 to natural armor +1
--+2 on Bluff checks
Skill Augmentation (Listen and Spot)Force resistance +2 (Ex)2Fire resistance 5 (Ex)2
--Constitution +1
-Amethyst Sûl affinity +21Body equilibrium, once per day (Sp)4
--Amethyst Sûl affinity +41
Strength +1+1 to natural armor +1+1 to natural armor
--+2 on Sense Motive checks
-+2 on Bluff checksPower Attack
--Charisma +1
Force resistance +2 (Ex)2Cold resistance 10 (Ex)2Breath weapon (Ex)3
--Amethyst Sûl affinity +61
-Constitution +1+1 to natural armor
--+2 on Intimidate checks
Amethyst Sûl affinity +21Body equilibrium, once per day (Sp)4Force resistance +4 (Ex)2
1 You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with amethyst dragons and other creatures descended from amethyst dragons, including others with this bloodline..
2 You gain the indicated bonus on all saving throws against force effects. If you gain force or fire resistance (or immunity) from another source (such as from levels in the dragon shaman or sorcerer classes), this ability becomes the ability to bestow force or fire resistance (or immunity) of the indicated strength upon your allies within 30 feet. This ability requires a swift action to use, lasts for one round for each of your character levels, and is usable once per day.
3 60-foot line of concussive force, 6d8 damage; Reflex half (DC 10 + ½ your Hit Dice + your Constitution modifier). Usable once per day. You can use this ability to deal nonlethal damage if you choose to. If you have a breath weapon ability from sorcerer levels, this ability instead indicates that you may use your sorcerous breath weapon an additional time per day. If you have a breath weapon ability from dragon shaman levels, this ability instead means that you gain +2d6 to your dragon shaman breath weapon.
4 Once per day, you can adjust your body equilibrium to correspond with any solid or liquid. Thus, you can walk on water, quicksand, or even a spider's web without sinking or breaking through. This does not confer any resistance to particularly sticky webs. Movement is at normal speed, but running on a fragile, mushy, or liquid surface requires a Dexterity check (DC 10 or more, depending on the surface) to avoid breaking through. Falling damage is halved while this power is in effect. Body equilibrium lasts 1 round per character level.

Favored Class: Sûl-Blooded individuals can replace their racial favored class with the Sorcerer class. Amethyst Sûl-Blooded sorcerers must take the Sûlic sorcerous bloodline and select amethyst dragon as their dragon type.

Exclusive Class: Sûl-Blooded individuals must replace their racial exclusive class with the Dragon Shaman class. An Amethyst Sûl-Blooded dragon shaman must choose the Amethyst Sûl Totem.

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