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Campaign Design - Prestige Classes: Sage of the U'pesuristean Vault Pure Alchemy

Pure Alchemy

Then records show that the discipline of pure alchemy was the domain of the Tauta' warlords, who used its arcane transformative power as both an offensive weapon and a defensive measure. There are numerous folk tales in which a terrible monster turns out to be a Tauta'an warrior in disguise, or a Tauta'an sorcerer punishes those who penetrate the mystic confusions that hide his home by transforming them into stone, or a toad, or dust. Most of these bits of folklore are certainly fanciful inventions, but the documents deciphered from the U'pesuristean Vault demonstrate that they have a kernel of truth.

By studying the ancient Tauta' techniques, pure alchemists have perfected the art of transforming matter, lifting alchemy from a craft of concoctions and mixtures practiced by hedge wizards and wise women into the realm of high wizardry. They have, like druids, the ability to reshape themselves as well, but these powers are gained through arcane and not divine means.

Specialty Skill: Craft: Alchemy

Spell List:

0th Level

Detect Poison

1st Level

Acid Spittle (RR)
Detect Gold (RR)
Enlarge Person
Glue (RR)
Reduce Person

2nd Level

Alter Self
Melf's Acid Arrow

3rd Level

Gas Cloud (RR)
Gaseous Form
Shrink Item
Stinking Cloud

4th Level

Minor Creation
Solid Fog
Tattoo Item (RR)

5th Level

Baleful Polymorph
Dolomar's Limited Liquification (RR)
Major Creation
Meld Object (RR)
Pillar of Attraction/Repulsion (RR)
Stone Shape
Transmute Mud to Rock
Transmute Rock to Mud
Wall of Iron
Wall of Stone

6th Level

Acid Fog
Flesh to Stone
Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
Stone to Flesh

7th Level

Freezing Curse (RR)

8th Level

Horrid Wilting
Incendiary Cloud
Iron Body
Polymorph Any Object

9th Level

Shape Change

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