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Campaign Design - Prestige Classes: Sage of the U'pesuristean Vault Planar Geography

Planar Geography

It is unquestionable that he Tauta' were masters of planar magic. Much of the network of gates and portals that knit the Three Worlds together into one, and that provide access to the realms of Færie and Shadow are the work of that ancient vanished race. The historical records found in the Vault show that the Tauta' originated on Ilkeas, and through their arcane efforts they discovered Midrun, Cærulus, and the other realms. This has led some to speculate that there may be many other possible worlds accessible to the denizens of the Three Worlds yet to be discovered - a notion that drives many of those who choose to specialize in the study of planar geography. A handful of scholars, on the other hand, hold that the Tauta' are responsible for the very creation of the various planes of existence, but this is a decidedly minority - and heretical - view.

Planar geography is the study of nothing less than the shape and nature of the cosmos. By utilizing and understanding of the shape and nature of cosmic boundaries, planar geographers have learned a large number of techniques for locating objects, distorting and bending space, and traveling quickly across the multiverse. In addition to the acquisition of raw magical knowledge, the goals of planar geographers include the complete mapping of the multiverse and the categorization of all planar entities. The planar geographers are the most numerous of the sages of the U'pesuristean Vault, and include several subgroups, from the Curators who collect planar artifacts and bind outsiders in a secret museum, to the Orrery Keepers, tinkers who have dedicated their existence to constructing a whirling, mechanized model of the interaction of the planes relative to one another.

Specialty Skill: Knowledge: the Planes

Spell List:

0th Level

Detect Magic
Mage Hand

1st Level

Detect Chaos
Detect Evil
Detect Good
Detect Law
Protection from Chaos
Protection from Evil
Protection from Good
Protection from Law

2nd Level

Dolomar's Mapping (RR)
Locate Object
Rope Trick
See Invisibility

3rd Level

Ghost Body (RR2)
Magic Circle against Chaos
Magic Circle against Evil
Magic Circle against Good
Magic Circle against Law

4th Level

Bottomless Pit (RR)
Dimension Door
Dimensional Anchor
Mirror Safe (RR)

5th Level

Contact other Plane
Leomund's Secret Chest
Lesser Planar Binding

6th Level

Planar Binding
True Seeing

7th Level

Drawmij's Instant Summons
Ethereal Jaunt
Greater Teleport
Phase Door
Plane Shift
Sever (RR)

8th Level

Discern location
Greater Planar Binding
Rapid Journey (RR)

9th Level

Astral Projection
Teleportation Circle

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