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Campaign Design - Prestige Classes: Sage of the U'pesuristean Vault Oneiromancy


One thing the sages of the U'pesuristean Vault have found that runs through the histories of the Tauta' is that they were obsessed with prophecy, and those most devoted to studying the oracular arts believed that the surest path to prophetic visions was in the world of dreams. Ceyx, the most prominent of the ancient Tauta'an oneiromancers went to far as to assert that the study of dreams was the foundation of all arcane endeavors. Whether his contemporaries agreed with him is a mystery lost to the mists of time. The Tauta'an obsession with the dreamlands has led some modern oneiromancers to claim that the dream folk and other inhabitants of the dreaming world are in fact the remnants of the Tauta'an people, who retreated and become trapped there following the devastation of the lieutsignis

Some sages of the U'pesuristean Vault begin their exploration of the planes and prophecy with the study of oneiromancy, the magic of dreams. Although this is only a stepping stone for many, there are a few who continue in their oneiromantic studies, delving deeply into the nature of dreams, the dreamlands, and the dreaming mind. These wizards have uncovered many secrets of how to uncover the hidden meaning of dreams that were hitherto known only to the clergy of Woda and Füllar, although many believe that this branch of magic is more aligned with the mind of Lyßa than with Woda or Füllar. As a result, oneiromancers have gained a reputation among many as dangerous transgressors whose study harms the dreamlands and imperils the capacity of mortals to dream.

Specialty Skill: Knowledge: Dreams

Spell List:

0th Level

Steal Sleep (RR)

1st Level

Silent Image

2nd Level

Alibi (RR)
Hypnotic Pattern
Minor Image
Perfect Recollection (RR)
Sleep of the Dead (RR)

3rd Level

Detect Dreams (RR2)
Major Image

4th Level

Dream Walk (WW)
Modify Memory
Phantasmal Killer

5th Level


6th Level

Deep Sleep (RR2)
Summon Monster VI [dream folk only]

7th Level

Summon Monster VII [1d3 dream folk only]

8th Level

Mind Blank
Summon Monster VIII [1d4+1 dream folk or 1 dreamwraith only]

9th Level

Astral Projection
Summon Monster IX [1d4+1 dream folk, 1d3 dreamwraiths, 1 night hag, or 1 nightmare only]

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