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Campaign Design - Prestige Classes: Sage of the U'pesuristean Vault Chronomancy


The records in the U'pesuristean Vault show that the Tauta' were intensely interested in chronomancy, and invested enormous amounts of effort into perfecting the arcane art of manipulating time. They were driven, in part by their innate curiosity about eldritch matters, but mostly due to their increasingly desperate efforts to stave off defeat by the Hallitsijainen. There are suggestions in the records that the ultimate goal of the Tauta' chronomancers was to find a way to change the past and prevent their undead foes from ever coming into existence, although they clearly never achieved this objective. Other documents hint that the devastating lieutsignis was the result of chronomantic magic.

Chronomancers attempt to obtain an understanding of time that lets them transcend its boundaries. Time travel, the resetting of the past, and the completely accurate prediction of the future are this branch of magic's ultimate goals, but the U'pesuristean Vault's knowledge at this point is still rudimentary at best. Even the most powerful chronomantic spells such as time stop and widdershins only let the wizard manipulate the time that is close to the present, and then only for a short duration. Still, while the spells chronomancers have uncovered are still few, they are powerful and the promise that this area of study offers is vast. One of the discoveries that the chronomancers of the U'pesuristean Vault have made is that peering through the timeline to the times when the lieutsignis was used is not possible, as time itself is shattered by the power of that eldritch enchantment.

Specialty Skill: Knowledge: History

Spell List:

0th Level

Enumerate (RR)
Quick Sober (RR)

1st Level

Expeditious Retreat
Feather Fall
Foreaction (RR2)
True Strike

2nd Level

Dead Man's Eyes (RR)
Perfect Recollection (RR)

3rd Level


4th Level

Accelerate Reflexes (RR2)
Lesser Timeheal (RR2)

5th Level

Slow the Years (RR2)
Speed the Years (RR2)

6th Level

Mass Haste
Pass the Years (RR)

7th Level

Ease the Ages' Burden (RR2)
Greater Timeheal (RR2)
Reverse Gravity
Stop the Years (RR2)

8th Level

Timeskip (RR)
Widdershins (RR)

9th Level

Temporal Stasis
Time Stop
Two Minds

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