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Racial Feats - Ironborn

Ironborn Feats

The following feats may be taken by ironborn characters in the Three Worlds. These feats have mostly been taken from the Eberron Campaign Setting, Races of Eberron, or The Book of Iron Might. In many cases these feats have been modified from the original. In all cases the versions of the feats presented here are the feats to be used in the Three Worlds Campaign setting. Ironborn feats may be taken as Fighter bonus feats by Ironborn fighters.

This list uses several abbreviations to show what sourcebook the entries were drawn from. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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Feat Name
Adamantine Body
Ironborn, 1st level onlyYou gain an armor bonus and may gain damage resistance
Cold Iron Tracery
IronbornYour natural attacks are treated as cold iron and you may gain a Will save bonus
Construct Lock
Ironborn, BAB +2You gain a bonus to damage rolls against constructs and may be able to temporarily paralyze constructs
Cool Under Pressure
Ironborn, Wisdom 13+You can take 10 on several skills even when threatened or distracted
Improved Damage Reduction
IronbornYou gain damage reduction or improve your existing damage reduction
Improved Fortification
Ironborn, BAB +6You gain immunity to critical hits and sneak attacks, but you lose the ability to be healed by healing magic
Improved Resiliency
IronbornYou become immune to nonlethal damage but cannot benefit from regeneration or fast healing
Intricate Joints
Ironborn, Spring-Loaded Reflexes, Dexterity 15+You cannot be flanked
Iron Heart
IronbornYou are immune to mind-affecting effects.
Ironborn Acrobat
IronbornYou gain a bonus to certain acrobatic skills and may gain a speed increase.
Ironwood Body
Ironborn, 1st level onlyYou gain an armor bonus and may gain damage reduction.
Jaws of Death
IronbornYou gain a bite attack.
Memory Bank
Ironborn, Intelligence 13+You gain a +2 bonus with a single class skill that can be changed daily.
Mithral Body
Ironborn, 1st level onlyYou gain an armor bonus.
Mithral Fluidity
Ironborn, Mithral Body or Ironwood BodyYour maximum Dexterity bonus to Armor Class is increased and armor check penalties are decreased.
Second Slam
Ironborn, BAB +6You can make a second slam attack when you make a full attack.
Shadow Friend
Ironborn, 1st level onlyYou gain a bonus on Bluff and Hide checks and may gain Darkvision.
Silver Tracery
IronbornYour natural weapons are treated as silver weapons and you may gain a bonus to Fortitude saves.
IronbornYou gain a bonus to attack flanked or flat-footed opponents, and may have a built-in hidden dagger.
Spell Runes
Ironborn, arcane caster level 1st+, ability to prepare spellsYou have three spells scribed on your body and gain a bonus when casting those spells.
IronbornYou gain a bonus to attack rolls made with spells and may allow you to retain spell's even if you fail a Concentration check.
Spiked Body
IronbornYou deal piercing damage with your grapple attacks, and your slam attack now does piercing damage.
Spring-Loaded Reflexes
Ironborn, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Dexterity 13+You do not lose your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class when flat-footed or attacked by an invisible attacker.
IronbornYou gain cold and fire resistance.
Unarmored Body
IronbornYou lose your armor bonus and light fortification, but have no arcane spell failure chance and can wear armor and robes.
Weaponized Limb
IronbornYou have replaced one of your limbs with a weapon.

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