Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Weaponized Limb

Weaponized Limb [Ironborn] (The Book of Iron Might)
One of your arms has been replaced with a sword blade, axe, mace, or similar weapon. As an extension of your body, it is easier to wield than a standard weapon.
    Prerequisites: Ironborn.
    Benefit: Select a melee weapon you can wield one-handed. This weapon is installed on your arm. This is a masterwork weapon and cannot be disarmed. Like any other masterwork weapon, you can enhance it with magical properties as normal. When using this weapon, you gain a bonus to damage rolls equal to 1½ times your Strength bonus, the same as if you wielded the weapon with two hands. Because the weapon is part of your body, you can put more weight behind it than normal and have superior leverage with it.
    Special: You must purchase a masterwork weapon of the appropriate type for your arm if you take this feat after 1st level. You can take this feat once only. When you do, you lose the ability to use the hand on your weaponized arm. You cannot use a double weapon with this feat. You otherwise gain the benefits of all feats and abilities relating to this weapon as normal. Since you have only one hand after you take this feat, you suffer penalties in some situations. You take a -2 penalty on all grapple checks unless your weaponized arm has a light weapon. You take a -2 competence penalty on all Climb, Craft, Disable Device, and Open Lock checks. In addition, the DM can assess a -2 competence penalty in any situation in which your lack of a hand is a drawback. Your remaining hand is considered your off-hand, and you may suffer any relevant penalties for using it as normal.

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