Tuesday, January 4, 2011

General Rules: Feats - Spell Runes

Spell Runes [Ironborn] (The Book of Iron Might)
You scribe the text of several spells onto your body, allowing you to study them without the use of a spell book. In addition, you modify your body to better collect and focus the energies required for those spells.
    Prerequisites: Ironborn, arcane caster level 1st+, ability to prepare spells.
    Benefit: Select any three spells you can prepare and cast. Those spells are scribed on your body. You can prepare them even if you lose access to your spell book. When you cast one of these spells, you gain either a +1 bonus to its save DC or a bonus on the spell's damage equal to your Intelligence modifier. You make this choice at the time of casting, and you can change the benefit from one casting to the next.
    Special: You must spend 800 shillings on raw materials, including iron, bronze, and similar metals to improve your chassis if you take this feat after 1st level.

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