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Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Tiwas

Tiwas (Toutatis)

The Binder of Oaths; The Golden Arm of Justice; Celestial Lord of Law and Judges

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Domains: Balance, (Crusade), Judgment, Justice, Law, Nobility, Sword.
Summon Monster: Tiwas' clerics ad favored souls can summon axiomatic and celestial creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A balanced golden scale with a silver longsword as the fulcrum.
Favored Weapon: "Righteous justice" (longsword).
Related Prestige Classes: Paladin.

Tiwas is the lord of law and judgment, and every properly conducted trial takes place under his protection. In the War in Heaven, Tiwas combined with Forseti to turn back Belial and his demon host. Tiwas lost his right hand when the Lords of Heaven sought to imprison the demon hound Garm. The demonic beast refused to allow itself to be imprisoned unless one of the Lords of Heaven agreed to place it in the beast’s mouth as a hostage. Tiwas took up the task, and did not shirk even when Garm ripped off Tiwas' arm. As they had done for Heim, Wünd and Hœnir worked together and crafted Tiwas a new arm, but this limb was not made from silver, but is instead gold. In legend, Tiwas lives in a great fortress named Himinbjorg from which he presides over the court of the Heavens. He is said to wear a silver arm ring that is supposed to be enchanted such that any oath sworn upon it may never be broken, even by one of the Celestial or Demonic Lords. His temples hold similar rings upon which oaths are sworn, mounted as the central altar of shrines devoted to him, although they are not usually enchanted.

Tiwas emphasizes strategy and tactics in combat, and many of his followers have earned renown as skilled and brilliant war leaders. As is to be expected of one devoted to the law, he expects his followers to be valorous, organized and orderly in wartime, and demands that they remain true to all promises and oaths they have given. He is a popular celestial among the Warknights of the Council, supporting both their steadfast courage and inspirational leadership of troops in battle. Judges look to Tiwas for guidance when making their decisions, and no court in the Freeholds is conducted without calling upon his blessing. Tiwas is the third of the brother gods descended from Eiur. Although his church is more prominent than that of Forseti or Heim, his priesthood is also subordinate to Eiur’s.

Clerics of Tiwas frequently favor the longsword as a weapon of war. Clerics and paladins of Tiwas may treat the skills Knowledge: Law and Sense Motive as class skills for free but may never tell a lie or hedge the truth. Paladins who follow Tiwas are usually members of the religious order known as the Order of the Scales.

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