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Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Hler

Hler (Llyr)

Lord of the Waves; The Unrelenting Lord; Celestial Lord of the Seas and Waters

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Domains: Fish, Ocean, River, (Seafolk), UnderseaWater, Windstorm.
Summon Monster: Hler's clerics and favored souls can summon anarchic and aquan creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A necklace made from barracuda, shark, or whale teeth.
Favored Weapon: "Sea fang" (halfspear or shortspear).

The supreme ruler of the great oceans, Hler is said to make his home in an undersea fortress lit with luminous gold that legend holds may be traveled to by hidden passages under the isle of Hlesey where the spirits of the drowned are brought after death by his water-maidens. When he appears to men, he is said to take the form of a terrible mounting wave striding over the waters with a dark foam crested helm and clad in shimmering mail that fades from bright silver into deep shadows of green.

In the War for Heaven, Hler fought the giant ice demon Iku-Tyrma, whose perversions are a great affront to Hler’s power and dominion, and cast him down into Hell. Now both are said to hold a great enmity towards the other. Hler also holds a bitter hatred for the fire demon Surtan. Although he is wild and chaotic as the sea itself, Hler is said to hold a great affection for men and other mortals, and in many legends he dares the boundaries between the heavenly realms and the mundane worlds to assist heroes and kings against horrible enemies. He is a jovial lord, laughing even in the face of the mighty battles of the War in Heaven, but is also a powerful and implacable foe to his enemies.

Hler’s followers are forbidden from having any friendly contact with the servants of Surtan or Iku-Tyrma, the Demon Lords of the fire and frost giants. Priests who venerate Hler may treat Swim as a cleric class skill for free and many are skilled sailors.

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