Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Caire

Caire (Nari)

The Bard of Heaven; The Opener of Ways; Celestial Lord of Poetry, Song, and Travel

Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Domains: Doorways, Fæy Roads, Liberation, Portal, Renewal, Sound, Travel
Summon Monster: Caire's clerics and favored souls can summon anarchic and celestial creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A golden harp.
Favored Weapon: "The traveler's friend" (scrub knife).

Legends say that Caire was born mute, a condition that not even the powers of the Lords of Heaven could remedy. Stories say that he traveled the world searching for a cure for his muteness, finding and following all of the secret trails and passages that exist in the universe. In his journeys, Caire studied until he was the most skilled musician ever, capable of playing any instrument with unsurpassed skill, but his favorite was always the harp. During the War in Heaven, Caire traveled by secret ways known only to him and rescued Aíne from her confinement, disguising himself and then charming many of her guards into an enchanted sleep with his music.

After the War in Heaven, Caire was given a mourning poem written by Euir spelling out her most desperate longing for her dead son Rúadan, which Caire set to music. When the time came to perform the piece, Caire was so overcome with its beauty that he broke into song and was cured of his muteness. After he gained the power of speech, Woda inscribed magical runes on his tongue and made him the Bard of Heaven.

Caire is a champion of the underdog and the voice of the voiceless, favoring the use of guile, wit and skill to overcome obstacles. Caire is associated with the gecko, an animal that uses trickery to confound its enemies. Caire is held in high regard by halflings, who regard him, along with Aíne, as a patron of their race. Bards, travelers, and rogues frequently worship Caire, drawn to his love of confounding his enemies and rejection of the strictures of authority.

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