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Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Heim

Heim (Nuada)

The Defending Lord; Guardian of the Gates; Celestial Lord of the Silver Hands and Eyes; The Stalwart Counselor; Celestial Lord of Guardians

Alignment: Lawful Good.
Domains: Celestial, (Crusade), Guardian, Heraldry, Protection, Purification, Valor.
Summon Monster: Heim's clerics and favored souls can summon axiomatic and celestial creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A green shield with two silver eyes.
Favored Weapon: "The defender of the weak" (spiked shield).
Related Prestige Classes: Paladin.

Heim appears as a massive man, or sometimes a massive dwarf, with silver hands and eyes carrying a green shield. Legend holds that before the War in Heaven, Heim was given the post of sentry to watch for the invasion of the Infernal host. While at his post, he was ensnared by Ishi’s enchantments and fell asleep, allowing the dark forces to sweep forward and overrun the Gods and their followers. Before charging forward, Darmas stopped where Heim slept and severed both his hands. Not content with this mutilation, Ninkurra stopped and gouged out his eyes.

Despite his wounds, Heim was shamed by the failure of his watch and in atonement he swore an oath of eternal vigil bound by Tiwas’ great Oath Ring. Wünd and Hœnir forged him new hands and eyes of silver, so now Heim never needs to sleep or rest while he guards the ramparts of Heaven. With his all-seeing silver eyes and the hard lessons of adversity, Heim has gleaned great wisdom, and his counsel is regarded as among the most valuable in the Heavens. It has been foretold that he will kill Ninkurra and be killed by her in the final battle in the next War in Heaven. He carries the Güllhorn, the warning horn of heaven, to signal the start next invasion. Heim is one of Eiur’s sons, and like his brothers, his priesthood is subordinate to Eiur’s faith.

Heim's church is one of the subordinate faiths to Eiur, and many of her temples are guarded by vigilant paladin's devoted to him. Heim's priesthood has no single classed clerics among its ranks, all of his chosen are paladins or cleric/paladins. His paladins are typically members of a religious order named the Order of the Shield. Heim’s priesthood also has no female members and an unrelenting hostility to goblin kind, perhaps a sign of his hostility to the female Demon Lord Ninkurra. The Church of Heim counts many dwarves and halflings among its members, perhaps because of Heim's emphasis on defense and enmity towards goblins.

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