Monday, February 18, 2013

Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Brid

Brid (Fræya)

The Lady of Stars; Dancer in the Twilight; Celestial Mistress of Love, Beauty, and Dance

Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Domains: Beauty, Dance, Fæy, HeavenJoy, Love, Pleasure.
Summon Monster: Brid's clerics and favored souls can summon anarchic and celestial creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A nighthawk crowned with stars.
Favored Weapon: "Stars in twilight" (shuriken).

Brid is Yng's consort, the twilight star that follows the glorious light of the sun. She is always depicted as a tall, beautiful woman with silver hair and stars on her brow that glow with an unearthly light. Brid is always accompanied by a dancing troupe of fæy - most commonly nymphs, dryads, and sylphs, but any kind of fæy can be found among her ensemble.

Brid is the patron of passionate love, romance, and lovers. As such, she is impetuous, often rash, and sometimes shortsighted, causing the steady Yng no end of headache as he is called upon to extricate her from whatever predicament she has most recently gotten herself into. Stories in which Brid rushes headlong into assisting some young lovers and finds herself in need of her husband's assistance to fix the impending disaster she has caused are common in the folktales of the Three Worlds. She is also the patron of dance, and in legend she and her troupe of fæy handmaidens are often seen by heroes from afar as she twirls and leaps in the rising of eventide to joyously welcome the stars. Such travelers must be wary or find themselves drawn into the celebration and find themselves caught by Brid's beauty and charm cavorting away the years of their life in her band of performers. In some tales, she has been known to give advice to those she comes across in this manner if she thinks their cause worthy (and for Brid, endeavors involving romantic love are those that she is most likely to find worthy), but one consistent theme is that even though such counsel is always well-intended, the recipients of such advice often find it to be of somewhat dubious usefulness.

In the War in Heaven, Brid fought little, but did confront the demon mistress Kivutar, whose perversion of the act of love had precipitated the conflict. Filled with righteous indignation, Brid rained stars and færie magic upon the Demon Mistress of Lust, setting the vile being aflame with holy fire and driving her from the field of battle back into the infernal realms.

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