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Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Þunor

Þunor (Taranis)

The Thunderer; The Fury of the Storm; Celestial Lord of Thunder, Storms, and Strength

Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Domains: Air, Feast, Lightning, Storm, Strength, Thunder, Wrath.
Summon Monster: Þunor's clerics and favored souls can summon anarchic and auran creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: An eagle bearing a lightning bolt in its talons.
Favored Weapon: "Wind splitter" (greataxe).
Related Prestige Classes: Mighty Contender of Þunor

Þunor is said to live in a land atop a great thunderhead named Þruþheim where he maintains a mighty hall named Bilskinir. Þunor represents the wild rage of a seething thunderstorm, and his followers are expected to emulate this characteristic. In all stories in which he appears, he is depicted as incredibly strong, totally fearless, straightforward, bluff, hearty, and violent. His eyes are a deep blue, like the sky, and when he is angered, they flash lightning. Though he is the thunderous frenzy of the storm, he can be calmed by his spouse Syfa, and in stormy weather many in the Three Worlds pray to her to intercede and stay his wild rage.

Þunor has little care for the past or the future, and is of little aid as a counselor or adviser, but is a hardy albeit inconsistent ally in time of trouble. He normally appears as a huge, muscular warrior with wild red hair, a bristling red beard, ruddy flesh and an enchanted greataxe that can split the wind with a thunderclap, a weapon many of his devoted followers carry in his honor. In the War in Heaven, Þunor was at the forefront of battle, confronting Halpas and Bål, his wild rage driving them both back into Hell.

Þunor is associated with the eagle, and he wears a helm decorated with two wings made from eagle feathers. Among men, Þunor is often referred to as the Wind Lord or the Storm Lord, and his wrath is said to be the mighty thunderstorm that can rock the earth and break even the highest mountains. To many uncivilized warriors he is the ideal, possessing strength, courage and resoluteness in abundance, delighting in wrestling and contests of strength. Many barbarians hold Þunor as their patron and clerics devoted to Þunor may treat the barbarian class as an additional favored class.

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