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Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Forseti

Forseti (Neit)

The Questing Lord; The Fist of Heaven; Celestial Lord of Justice and Victory

Alignment: Lawful Good.
Domains: Celestia, Courage, (Crusade), Crusader, Exorcism, Leadership, Victory
Summon Monster: Forseti's clerics and favored souls can summon axiomatic and celestial creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: An upraised fist wearing a silver gauntlet on a blue field.
Favored Weapon: "The fist of victory" (spiked gauntlet).
Related Prestige Classes: Paladin.

Forseti is the son of Woda and Eiur, and one of the four brother gods affiliated with the Church of Eiur. When he and his three brothers and their two sisters set out to recover the infant Füllar from the clutches of Kivutar, it was Forseti who led the expedition. During the War in Heaven, Forseti personally battled several of the powerful demon lords from among the infernal forces, and cast many of them down into the pits of Hell. Because of this, Belial, Gangyn, Kalma, and Sirchade hold a special animosity towards Forseti.

While Heim is the divine guardian, and Tiwas is the divine judge and oath keeper, Forseti is the agent of divine justice and retribution. Legends in which he features almost always portray the celestial on a quest to hunt down and either slay his quarry, or bring a terrible foe back for judgment. When Forseti is not tracking down and destroying fiends, he is said to live in a great hall named Glintir that glows with a holy light and is supposedly filled with the ranks of his devoted followers whose souls he has assembled to battle at his side in the next war against demon kind.

Paladins who follow Forseti are usually members of a religious order known as the Order of the Gauntlet, a crusading order that is devoted to hunting down and destroying or exorcising fiends, demons, and evil villains. His priesthood is militant, comprised of hunters who track down demons and those who seek to evade justice. His church is one of the subordinate faiths to Eiur along with his two surviving brothers. His followers are primarily men, and his priesthood is composed primarily of clerics and paladins, although his clerics and paladins sometimes become scouts as well so as to better be able to track down their chosen quarry.

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