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Campaign Design - The Lords of Heaven: Füllar

Füllar (Llugus)

The Oracle of the Heavens; Celestial Lord of Fate, Gnomes, Prophecy, and the Wheel

Alignment: Neutral.
Domains: Destiny, DivinationDream, Fate, (Gnome), Oracle, Prophecy.
Summon Monster: Füllar's clerics and favored souls can summon anarchic, axiomatic, celestial, and fiendish creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A wheel
Favored Weapon: "A cast of the hand" (sling).

Legends say that Füllar is Woda’s son, but his birth was the result of Kivutar’s trickery. The demoness beguiled Woda with powerful illusions and enchantments and he fathered Füllar with her. After his birth, the brother knights Forseti, Heim, Rúadan and Tiwas and his half-sisters Syfa and Vali stole him from his mother to bring him to Heaven. As a child of the union between Woda and Kivutar, Füllar is half-brother to Forseti, Heim, Rúadan, Syfa, and Tiwas. He is also the half-brother of Vali as well, even though the details of her parentage are somewhat murky in the myths. Not fully celestial, but not quite demonic either, Füllar’s position is unique in the universe.

Füllar is usually depicted as a bald young man covered in golden runes with one shining star and one smoking ember for eyes. He is regarded as the Celestial Lord responsible for the placement of the stars in the sky, and his hand is said to be the agent that guides their motions. He is held in high regard by gnomes, who see his fellow markings as a prediction of their own race's creation. The fact that gnomes did not exist when Füllar was born is seen as being of no consequence - he is, after all, the lord of prophecy, so his devotees say that his own existence being a portent of the coming existence of gnomes is fitting. Some of Füllar's most fervent gnomish followers state that just as their patron is unique in the universe, and is the wheel about whom the world revolves, so are the gnomes. These zealots point to the gnomish prevalence in Enselm as further confirmation of this belief, and have established many sites of worship in the city.

Füllar is, in a sense, responsible for the War in Heaven, or at least his existence is. After his half-brothers and half-sisters stole him from Kivutar, she harangued the other Demon Lords into kidnapping Rúadan in retaliation, setting off the cycle of offense and retaliation that culminated with the great battle between the Divine and the Infernal.At the critical juncture of the conflict, Füllar definitively sided with the Celestial Lords, using his prophetic powers to reveal the means by which the various Lords of Hell could be defeated, cast down, and imprisoned. Most of the knowledge about the future second conflict between the forces of Heaven and the forces of Hell is derived from Füllar's prophetic visions, although the picture is maddeningly incomplete. Whether this is because Füllar is unable to see those parts of the future or because he is simply not willing to reveal what he knows is a mystery, as Füllar is something of an enigmatic figure in all of the myths that he is featured in. Some have speculated that Füllar hasn't revealed everything he knows because for unknown reasons he will side with the Infernal Lords in the future conflict, but no one knows if this is true or not.

Like his father, Füllar is closely associated with magic and learning, which is reflected in the predilections of his most prominent followers, who are often scholars, seers, or wizards. While Woda’s focus is on the mysteries and secrets of ancient lore and the past, Füllar is forward looking focusing his attention to the future and things to come, as he is the only being who can truly comprehend the full measure of the future. He is the patron of prophecy and divination, and it is believed that portents, visions and signs are granted through his power. Many temples devoted to him are famous as oracular sites that house individuals said to have been granted the power to see the future by this Celestial Lord. Those devoted to Füllar claim that he provides predictions in the movement of the stars that can be read and interpreted by those who study and understand the meaning of such celestial motion.

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