Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Campaign Design - Bloodlines: Hag-Blooded

(adapted from Unearthed Arcana)

Like Abonde, most hags are driven to have children. Many hags have the ability to change their appearance, making it possible for them to interact with creatures of other races. Though horrible to contemplate, some use this ability to lure in mates, in the hopes that the offspring can help them further their evil plots. Although most hags prefer that giants and ogres father their children, they have been known to interbreed with almost every known species.

Hag rarely raise their own children. Instead, they usually sneak into some unsuspecting person's house, steal their baby, and replace it with their hag-born infant. In this way, hag blood enters outlying communities, with the children growing up, living their lives, and having their own children. The hag traits might reveal themselves in such children, or they might lie dormant for generations and appear in the progeny of individuals who had no clue about their hagish heritage. Most people with hagish heritage live on the outskirts of civilization, in settlements near the wilderness where most hags make their homes, but due to the vagaries of human travel and the fact that latent hag-blood can remain undetected for generations, even those in the most sophisticated of cities can find themselves raising a child who displays hag traits.

Having hag blood in a community is usually considered something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, people are understandably horrified at the thought that their own children might be spirited away and replaced by hag offspring. On the other hand, many of the denizens of rural areas already have hag blood flowing through their veins, and thus owe their very existence to their hagish ancestor. Further, only the hag-blooded are blessed with the talents needed to become witches, who are considered to be valuable members of the community by almost every rural village. The descendants of a hag are thought of as being hardier shrewder than the norm and often share their ancestor's love of schemes, making them valuable members of their villages.

Hag Bloodline Traits

Character Level
+2 on Hide checks
+2 on Hide checksSkill Augmentation (Listen and Spot)
Strength +1
Skill Augmentation (Listen and Spot)+1 to natural armor
Hag affinity +21
Strength +1Double heal rate (Ex)2
+2 on Listen checks
+1 to natural armorPower Attack or Item Creation Feat3
Constitution +1
Hag affinity +21Scent (Ex)
1 You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with hags.
2You heal naturally at double normal rates.
3You may choose to gain any item creation feat for which you meet the prerequisites.

Exclusive Class: All hag-blooded individuals replace their racial exclusive class with the Witch class.

Gender: Individuals of any gender may have a minor hag bloodline. Only female characters may have an intermediate hag bloodline. A child born with the equivalent of a major hag bloodline is simply a hag.

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