Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Campaign Design - The Lords of Hell: Oxoßi


Lady of the Black Fang; The Carrion Eater; The Beastlord; The Slayer; Demon Mistress of the Kell, Evil Beasts, and the Wild Hunt

Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Domains: Bestial, CanineForaging, Hunting, (Kell), Predator.
Summon Monster: Oxoßi's clerics and favored souls may summon anarchic and fiendish creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: A bone necklace or bracelet.
Favored Weapon: "Prey's end" (barbed spear)

Oxoßi is the ever-hungry demon mistress of gnolls. She is the great leader of the kell race who travels endlessly pursuing prey to feed her perpetually gaunt and empty belly. Oxoßi appears as a an exceedingly tall gnoll, lean almost to the point of emaciation, but weathered and hardened. Her claws and fangs are black, and she is always armed with cruelly barbed hunting spears and wears jewelry made from the bones of those she hunted and killed. Her eyes are yellow and malevolent, and she is said to be able to see the tracks of creatures that passed by weeks or even months before. Oxoßi is savage, uncaring, and utterly contemptuous of authority, embodying the spirit of intransigent and tenacious independence. She rejects the power of tyrants like Darmas, and laughs at Ishi's pretensions of dominion, preferring to run wild and free. One might think that this would make Oxoßi an admirable and beloved figure among those who fight against despots and dictators, but the reality is that her wild nature is fueled by selfishness and narcissism.

To the kell, Oxoßi is the Great Matriarch of their race. She is the one who hunts, the one who finds food, and the one who leads the raiding parties that bring plunder. She praises the swift and strong, and culls the slow and weak. All who follow her must stand on their own because in her view all being are either hunters or the hunted, and the hunted are always fair game. Her credo mostly amounts to little more than "be the hunter". In pursuit, she is relentless and savage, often preferring to take down her prey with tooth and claw to better feel the life draining from her quarry. She is not, however, picky about what she consumes, and will eat any beast that has died, even one that is rotting and diseased. Oxoßi is the only Demon Lord other than Lyßa who did not participate in the War in Heaven, regarding that conflict as a pointless waste of time, and as a result, she remains wild and free, roaming the Infernal wastes with a pack of the most powerful gnoll matriarchs to have ever lived in search of things to hunt and kill.

Unlike some other Demon Lords, Oxoßi has a fair number of adherents from many races - ranging from barbarian tribes of the northern wilds, to some of the more depraved denizens of the At'viras Steppes, to feral halflings of the Tozlu Desert, to savage creatures of just about any culture, tribe, and clan. In short, many of those who believe that the strong should prey on the weak and take what they can are likely to offer homage to Oxoßi. Among the kell, the matriarch of virtually every clan seeks to emulate Oxoßi to provide for her people, ruthlessly winnow out those who would sap the strength of the tribe, and implement the divine plan by taking what they desire from those who are too weak to defend themselves and their own. Many matriarchs dye their own fangs black in honor of the Great Matriarch, and to claim for themselves some modicum of authority to enable them to at least have some chance at keeping their fractious clan members in line.

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