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House Rules - Gutter Mage Spell List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive spell list for Gutter Mages that includes all of the spells drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. In some cases, I have added particular spells from third party sourcebooks that I thought were thematically appropriate as expansions to the spell list for this class. For the most part, this list does not include spells that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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0th Level

Arcane Mark (Gutter Mark) (PHB)
Animated Tattoo (BoEM3)
Bat Sight (Blind Eye) (BoRL)
Bouncing Fall (Bounce the Baby) (BoRL)
Create Equipment (Just the Thing) (BoRL)
Daze (Upside the Head) (PHB)
Detect Magic (Finder) (PHB)
Fast Escape (Quicker) (BoRL)
Flare (Flasher) (PHB)
Ghost Sound (Groaner) (PHB)
Guidance (Just a Bit) (PHB)
Long Flame (BoEM3)
Lullaby (Crooner's Chant) (PHB)
Prestidigitation (Fingertips) (PHB)
Read Magic (Gutter Sight) (PHB)
Smuggler's Veil (Empty Pot) (BoRL)
Thief Hand (BoRL)
Trinket's Charm (A Coin for Uncle) (BoRL)

1st Level

Beggar's Charm (Fly a Flag) (BoRL)
Card Control (Flip You for It) (BoRL)
Compelling Question (Shakedown) (BoRL)
Confession (I Shouldn't Tell You This) (BoRL)
Disdain the Divine (BoEM2)
Distraction (Screamer) (BoRL)
Dust and Dirt (Not Worth Much) (BoRL)
Expeditious Retreat (Triple Time) (PHB)
Feather Fall (Double Bounce) (PHB)
Gambler's Luck (Sharper) (BoRL)
Guilt (BoEM)
Gutter Storm (BoRL)
Hold Portal (Locker) (PHB)
Hypnotism (Fey Lights) (PHB)
Jump (Higher Step) (PHB)
Mage Armor (Thick Rags) (PHB)
Noness Toma (Slip Between Sight) (BoEM3)
Private Conversation (Just Between Us) (BoRL)
Rattling Chant (BoRL)
Ray of Enfeeblement (Palsy and Shake) (PHB)
Rogue's Stab (BoRL)
Shocking Grasp (Reynard's Handshake) (PHB)
Sleep (Like a Baby) (PHB)
Switch Item (Fool Me Once) (BoRL)
Thieves' Charm (Mine Mine Mine) (BoRL)
Unhand (BoEM2)
Unravel (S&S)
Watch the Watchers (BoRL)

2nd Level

Bull's Strength (PHB)
Cat's Grace (PHB)
Charming Lie (Trust Me, Boys) (BoRL)
Cloak of Darkness (Black Gentleman) (BoRL)
Darkness (Out the Light) (PHB)
Darkvision (Rat Sight) (PHB)
False Life (Bigger Boots) (PHB)
Felonious Friend I (S&S)
Fog Cloud (Morning Sky) (PHB)
Knock (Every Key) (PHB)
Mirror Image (Twins and Triplets) (PHB)
Misdirection (Maze Chant) (PHB)
Part Crowd (Step Aside) (BoRL)
Peerless Camouflage (Running the Shadows) (BoRL)
Play the Fool (BoEM3)
Precise Vision (BoEM)
Roof Runner (BoRL)
Silence (Coffin Chant) (PHB)
Silent as Rats (BoRL)
Silent Combat (Midnight Muffle) (BoRL)
Slipping the Ranks (S&S)
Small as Mice (BoRL)
Step Under My Shadow (BoRL)
Thief Ward (BoEM)
Treasure Magnet (Into the Bag) (BoRL)
Trigger Item (Pull the Lever) (BoRL)

3rd Level

Alikaba's Theft (BoEM3)
Confusion (Ring of Chimes) (PHB)
Deep Slumber (Like a Rock) (PHB)
Deeper Darkness (Out the Stars) (PHB)
Dispel Magic (White Breaker)

Feign Death (Gravedigger's Nap) (BoRL)
Forget (Nothing to See) (BoRL)
Gaseous Form (Foggy Bottom) (PHB)
Glibness (Silvertongue) (PHB)
Grant Mobility (BoEM3)
Greater Sleep (BoEM)
Knockout (Mugged in the Alley) (BoRL)
Nondetection (Blind the Law) (PHB)
One Step Ahead (Spider Eyes) (BoRL)
Quick Escape (Out the Back Way) (BoRL)
Scry Retaliation (BoEM3)
Smuggler's Chest (BoRL)
Spit Shine (Pretty Pebble) (BoRL)
Storm of Ten Thousand Knives (Dagger Chant) (BoRL)
Trigger Trap (S&S)
Unreasonable Rage (Mad as a Hare) (BoRL)

4th Level

Black Spellbreaker (Black Blade) (BoRL)
Coax Forth Power (BoEM2)
Felonious Friend II (S&S)
Freedom of Movement (Nothing Holds Us) (PHB)
Giant Vermin (Crawlers) (PHB)
Greater Quick Escape (Open Every Window) (BoRL)
Greater Treasure Magnet (I Said into the Bag, Dammit) (BoRL)
Hidden Object (BoEM)
Modify Memory (What He Really Saw) (PHB)
Scrying (My Little Eye) (PHB)
Sending (Hawks and Pigeons) (PHB)
Spelltrap (BoEM)
Thief of Spells (Borrow a Cup of Magic) (BoRL)
Transfer Curse (My Gift to You) (BoRL)
Zone of Silence (Really Just Between Us) (PHB)

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