Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Campaign Design - The Lords of Hell: Ninkurra


Queen of the Infernal Hive; The Consuming Swarm; Demon Mistress of Goblins, Torture, and Vermin

Alignment: Lawful Evil.
Domains: CorruptionDiabolic, (Goblin), Pain, Rulership, Summoner.
Summon Monster: Ninkurra's clerics and favored souls may summon axiomatic and fiendish creatures using summon monster spells.
Symbol: Three intersecting beetle mandibles.
Favored Weapon: "The mother's mandible" (scimitar or vardatch).
Related Classes: Křižák.

Ninkurra is the great Queen of the Goblins, who acknowledge her as the queen of the first hive from which all goblins were ultimately spawned. She appears as an oversized Goblin Queen, standing nearly thirty feet tall with the characteristic wormlike body, pallid and green coated with a sheen of pale yellow slim. She walks on six great suckered tentacles, each of which ends in a multifaceted yellow eye. Her "head" consists of a chitinous sheath topped with three cruelly hooked mandibles. Six long insectoid arms tipped with tiny claws that almost look like three-fingered human hands protrude from a set of bony ridges along the sides of her body. She reeks of mold and decay, and tiny vermin crawl all over her body, feasting upon the slime and detritus that falls from her rancid body.

As the mistress of the Infernal Hive, Ninkurra is attended by a legion of goblinoid servants of all types who spend most of their time grooming, feeding, and pampering her, and carrying off the endless stream of eggs she lays to be implanted in the bodies of the massive torpid drones that serve as the incubators for her multitudinous offspring. She is also always surrounded with monstrous vermin of every size - the goblinoid priests maintain that she is not merely the mother of the goblinoid race, but that she is the mother of all monstrous vermin save for the spiders. Ninkurra advocates correction of the wayward with harsh punishments, although the definition of "wayward" that leads to such tortures seems to be extraordinarily broad. In the War in Heaven, Ninkurra's swarm ravaged the lands, consuming all before them until Eiur shone her piercing light upon them, driving the verminous host back into the darkness from which they came, leaving Ninkurra with an eternal enmity towards the Divine Mother. She also has a deep and abiding hatred of Gangyn, as the great spider spirit and her offspring so often feed upon her children. As a result, goblinoids wage perpetual war against the chitine, who regard the goblinoids with bitter loathing in return.

Other than goblins and the rare intelligent insectoid creature, very few worship this harsh and cruel Demon Lord. Goblinoids, however, maintain that Ninkurra spawned the very first queens of the goblin race long ago, and that as a result, every goblin alive can trace their lineage directly to her. Members of the goblinoid race don't merely worship her as the patron of their race, they honor her as their literal ancestral mother. Because of this, goblinoids who do not place Ninkurra first in their worship are vanishingly rare - and goblinoids who are priests of another Demon Lord are simply unheard of. For her part, Ninkurra seems to regard her progeny as a particularly demanding and exacting mother might regard children desperate to do anything to gain her favor. Ninkurra does not exactly exploit her children, but it is clear that she regards her needs and desires as being of prime importance, and the welfare of her children as being a secondary consideration at best. After all, there are so very many of them, and so long as the whole survives, the individuals do not matter.

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