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House Rules - Duskblade Spell List

The duskblade spell list contained in the Player's Handbook II is quite limited. Some of this limitation is clearly intentional - the duskblade is supposed to be a melee combat oriented spell caster and the spells chosen for the class reflect this. Some of this limitation, on the other hand, seems to be the result of the designers being limited to only use those spells found in the Player's Handbook and the Player's Handbook II when constructing the list. The following list is intended to rectify that issue by adding selected spells that I think "fit" the duskblade class which are found in other resources such as the Spell Compendium.

Overall, my general guide for selecting spells to add to the duskblade spell list has been to add spells that are combat touch spells, spells that create or modify weapons, ray spells, a selection of combat augmentations and defensive spells, and a handful of spells that directly affect combatants. I am also aiming at having a selection of spells from each of the alvari birth schools at each spell level, in order to allow members of those birth schools to be effective as members of the duskblade class. One might note that I have not reached this goal as of yet, which means that this list is a work in progress. I will add more spells as I am able to review other source material.

Spells drawn from sources other than the Player's Handbook and Spell Compendium are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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0th Level
ConjurationAcid Splash
Caltrops (SC)
DivinationDetect Magic
Know Greatest Enemy
Read Magic
EvocationElectric Jolt
Ray of Frost
Sonic Snap
IllusionShadow Bite (BoRL)
Shadow Knife (BoRL)
NecromancyDisrupt Undead
Touch of Fatigue
TransmutationBat Sight (BoRL)
Launch Bolt
Launch Item

1st Level
AbjurationLesser Deflect
Resist Energy
ConjurationÅdon's Energy Armor (S&S)
Blades of Fire
Corrosive Grasp
Kelgore's Fire Bolt
Obscuring Mist
DivinationCritical Strike
True Strike
EnchantmentDistract Assailant
Hesitate (S&S)
Shock and Awe
EvocationBrega's Tripping Hand
Blood Wind
Burning Hands
Ice Dagger
Persistent Blade
Shocking Grasp
IllusionColor Spray
IllusionIllusionary Bolt (S&S)
Phantom Threat
NecromancyBlade of Blood
Cause Fear
Chill Touch
Ray of Enfeeblement
TransmutationCutting Hand
Deafening Clang
Expeditious Retreat
Fist of Stone
Hammerstrike (S&S)
Magic Weapon
Ray of Clumsiness
Swift Expeditious Retreat
Weapon Shift
Whirling Blade

2nd Level
AbjurationDaggerspell Stance
Grey Spellbreaker (BoRL)
ConjurationIce Knife
Dimension Hop
Melf's Acid Arrow
DivinationSee Invisibility
Sure Strike
EnchantmentRay of Stupidity
Sting Ray
Touch of Idiocy
EvocationBattering Ram
Brega's Striking Fist
Disruption Missiles (S&S)
Flame Dagger
Mark of Fire (BoEM)
Mark of Frost (BoEM)
Mark of Water (BoEM)
Rainbow Beam
Ray of Ice
Scorching Ray
Seeking Ray
Surtan's Farstrike (RR)
Delusions of Grandeur
Shadow Spray
Swift Invisibility
NecromancyDeath Armor
Ghoul Touch
Ray of Sickness
Ray of Weakness
Wracking Touch
TransmutationAnimalistic Power
Bear's Endurance
Belker Claws
Body of the Sun
Bull's Strength
Cat's Grace
Eagle's Splendor
Infernal Wound
Mountain Stance
Shieldbreaker (BoEM2 and BoRL)
Spider Climb
Stretch Weapon
Swift Fly
Vigilant Guardians (S&S)

3rd Level
AbjurationDispelling Touch
Energy Ægis
Protection from Energy
ConjurationBands of Steel
Doom Scarabs
Ring of Blades
DivinationFind the Gap
Know Opponent
Shadow Sight (S&S)
EnchantmentRay of Dizziness
Suppress Breath Weapon
EvocationÅdon's Dancing Shield (S&S)
Blade of Pain and Fear
Brega's Mass Missile (S&S)
Force Shockwave (S&S)
Malediction of Razors (S&S)
Moon Blade
NecromancyClaws of Darkness
Ray of Exhaustion
Spectral Weapon
Spider Poison
Vampiric Touch
TransmutationBody Blades
Crown of Might
Crown of Protection
Energy Surge
Greater Magic Weapon
Keen Edge
Knight's Move
Weapon of Energy
Weapon of Impact

4th Level
AbjurationBlack Spellbreaker (BoRL)
Dispel Magic
Ray Deflection
Ray of Deanimation
Repel Undead (S&S)
ConjurationDimension Door
Toxic Weapon
Translocation Trick
DivinationFlickering Fate (BoRL)
EvocationBrega's Interposing Hand
Channeled Pyroburst
Fire Shield
Wind Tunnel (S&S)
IllusionPhantasmal Killer
NecromancyBlack Hand (BoRL)
Burrowing Bony Digits (S&S)
Mind Poison
Displacer Form
Flame Whips
Lion's Charge

5th Level
AbjurationAura of Evasion

Bål's Iron Bead (RR2)
Lesser Ironguard
Slashing Dispel
ConjurationAcid Sheath
Greater Dimension Door
EnchantmentHold Monster
EvocationBrega's Clenched Fist
Chain Lightning
Greater Fireburst
Polar Ray
Prismatic Ray
Sonic Shield
NecromancyNecrotic Blast (S&S)
Night's Caress
Waves of Fatigue
TransmutationCharge of the Triceratops
Girallon's Blessing

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