Friday, September 13, 2013

House Rules - Slayer of Lódur Spell List

This is an attempt to create an accessible and comprehensive spell list for Slayer of Lódur that includes all of the spells drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. Spells are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

All of the material contained on this page and other pages of this blog is presented in accordance with the terms of the Open Game License.


Bless Weapon (PHB)
Change Self (PHB)
Deathwatch (PHB)
Divine Favor (PHB)
Ghost Sound (PHB)
Obscuring Mist (PHB)
Spider Climb (PHB)
Vision of Heaven (BoED)


Alter Self (PHB)
Darkness (PHB)
Gentle Repose (PHB)
Pass without Trace (PHB)


Blessed Sight (BoED)
Deeper Darkness (PHB)
Invisibility (PHB)
Misdirection (PHB)
Nondetection (PHB)
Speak with Dead (PHB)


Death Ward (PHB)
Dimension Door (PHB)
Freedom of Movement (PHB)
Holy Word (PHB)
Greater Invisibility (PHB)
Sword of Conscience (BoED)

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