Tuesday, September 3, 2013

House Rules - Assassin Spell List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive spell list for Assassins that includes all of the spells drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. For the most part, this list does not include spells that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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Disguise Self (PHB
Detect Poison (PHB)
Fast Escape (BoRL)
Forget (BoRL)
Feather Fall (PHB)
Gelbann's Barb (BoEM)
Ghost Sound (PHB)
Jump (PHB)
Obscuring Mist (PHB)
Private Conversation (BoRL)
Rogue's Stab (BoRL)
Shadow Hands (BoRL)
Sleep (PHB)
True Strike (PHB)


Alter Self (PHB)
Cat's Grace (PHB)
Darkness (PHB)
Fox's Cunning (PHB)
Illusory Script (PHB)
Invisibility (PHB)
Part Crowd (BoRL)
Pass without Trace (PHB)
Spider Climb (PHB)
Undetectable Alignment (PHB)


Deep Slumber (PHB)
Deeper Darkness (PHB)
False Life (PHB)
Gelbann's Venomblade (BoEM)
Magic Circle against Good (PHB)
Misdirection (PHB)
Nondetection (PHB)


Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (PHB)
Dimension Door (PHB)
Freedom of Movement (PHB)
Glibness (PHB)
Greater Invisibility (PHB)
Locate Creature (PHB)
Modify Memory (PHB)
Poison (PHB)

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