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House Rules - Cleric/Favored Soul Spell List

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive spell list for Clerics and Favored Souls that includes all of the spells drawn from the various sourcebooks that I own. For the most part, this list does not include spells that appear in either the Player's Handbook or the Spell Compendium, although I may get around to including them at some point. Spells drawn from sources other than those two volumes are marked with a notation by the spells in question. For guidance as to what sourcebooks these notated abbreviations reference, see my key to Sourcebook Abbreviations.

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Ancestor's Touch (Gods)
Bleeding Disease (RR)
Chastise (Gods)
Clean (RR)
Flag (D302)
Foraging Charm (D302)
Fox Shield (RR:E)
Glittering Razors (D302)
Heat Water (D302)
Mirror (D302)
Quick Boost (BoEM2)
Resize (D302)
Shelve (S&S)
Summarize (S&S)
Tongue of Angels (BoEM)
Tongue of Fiends (BoEM and BoRL)
Yell (D302)


Ægis of the Gods (S&S)
Berserker Blessing (Gods)
Bless Thrower (Gods)
Caire's Touch (RR)
Champion Swimmer (RR2)
Charm Spirit (Shamans)
Conjure Ice Beast I (FB)
Crafter's Blessing (WHB)
Crafter's Curse (WHB)
Detect Fæy (FM and RR:E)
Detect Spirits (Shamans)
Din of Battle (GL)
Discern Aura (Shamans)
Ease Labor (W&R)
Eiur's Blessing (BotR)
Eiur's Empathic Resonance (RR)
Endure Sunlight (W&R)
Excavate (Gods)
Eyes of the Avoral (BoED)
Folk Learning (W&R)
Gambler's Luck (BoRL)
Grim Feast (RR)
Guilt (BoEM)
Lay to Rest (SHB)
Minor Symbol of Divinity (RR)
Prevarication's Bounty (RR)
Protection from Light (Gods)
See Spirits (SHB)
Shockwave Strike (RR)
Silveryberry (PGtCD)
Strength of Mind (S&S)
Summon Monster I (PHB)
Vision of Heaven (BoED)


Argent Glory (PGtCD)
Ashen Servitor (WQ)
Assassin's Senses (RR)
Aura of Darkness (S&S)
Aura of Light (S&S)
Battle Fury (Gods)
Benediction of Lug (Gods)
Body of Sand (RR2)
Claws of the Demon (S&S)
Conjure Ice Beast II (FB)
Dangerous Augury (RR:E)
Dead Man's Eyes (RR)
Detect Dimensional Disturbance (Shamans)
Dig (S&S)
Divine Heart (S&S)
Ease Pain (BoED)
Elation (BoED)
Enhance Magical Flow (BoEM)
Expose the Dead (MoE)
Fleet Feet (S&S)
Force Shockwave (S&S)
Fortune's Frown (BoRL)
Fracture (VW:WR)
Ghost Combatant (Shamans)
Gloom (RR)
Hlín's Stew (BoED)
Horse Shield (RR:E)
Kalma's Luck (RR)
Lava Missile (SK)
Locate Corpse (RR)
Mass Revelation (Shamans)
Planar Focus (P&P)
Razorscales (SK)
Speareyes (PGtCD)
Static Veil (BoEM)
Summon Monster II (PHB)
Surface (S&S)
Tiwas' Balance (RR)
Tozlan Refuge (RR2)


Affliction (BoED)
Animal Spy (RR)
Armor Piercing Missile (FitW)
Banish Shadow (RR)
Belial's Torments (RR)
Bestow Curse (PHB and WHB)
Bind Oath (BotR)
Black Cloud of Horror (S&S)
Blessed Sight (BoED)
Blight (SHB)
Bloodblade (S&S)
Conjure Ice Beast III (FB)
Curse of Terror (RR)
Dirge of the Walking Dead (S&S)
Divine Parlay (Gods)
Divine Raiment (RR)
Doom Fog (S&S)
Eiur's Light (RoE)
Energize Potion (BoED)
Enrage (Gods)
Fæy Mask (Færies)
Fangs of Chaos (Gods)
Feign Death (BoRL)
Furnace Within (RoE)
Ghost Armor (Shamans)
Giant Fit (Gods)
Handfang (SK)
Humanoid Essence, Lesser (RoE)
Inspired Aim (BoED)
Invigorate Dead (RR)
Ishi's Collar (UHB)
Luck of the Fæy (Færies)
Lucky Break (BoRL)
Marathon Prowess (S&S)
Mind Raid (RR)
Misrepresent Alignment (RoE)
Missive Token (BoEM2)
Pain Missile (FitW)
Rescue (S&S)
Sirchade's Breath (SK)
Smash (Gods)
Sphere of Safe Passage (P&P)
Spiritual Bestowment (Shamans)
Summon Monster III (PHB)
Summon Shadow Raven (Evil)
Transference (BotR)
Venomfire (SK)


Æonian Lantern (BoHM)
Air Bubble (Gods)
Armor of Force (H&H)
Blood of the Martyr (BoED)
Celestial Brilliance (BoED)
Cloak of Righteousness (RR)
Condemned (RR)
Control Light (RR)
Discern Route (Færies)
Din of Mind (GL)
Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Fair Light (BotR)
Fang Trap (SK)
Fortune's Bitch (BoRL)
Greater Magical Flow Enhancement (BoEM)
Greater Status (BoED)
Greater Transference (BotR)
Heart Seeker Missile (FitW)
Holy Channel (RR)
Ironheart (RR)
Kismet (W&R)
Mark of Evil (BotR)
Mask of Virtue (VW:SA)
Mind Over Matter (RR)
Miscast Spells (W&R)
Pack of Ghouls (S&S)
Poison Armor (CGtDrow)
Quick Learn (RR2)
Recall the Forge (PGtCD)
Rein in the Soul (Gods)
Rupture (VW:WR)
Spirit Song (Shamans)
Summon Monster IV (PHB)
Sumptuous Feast (S&S)
Test of Souls (BotR)
Titan's Strength (S&S)
Unseen Marker (Gods)
Venom Bolt (SK)
Wind Tunnel (S&S)
Wither (Gods)
Woda's Translator (RR)


Afflatus (BotR)
Bear Shield (RR:E)
Brid's Laugh (BoED)
Brothers in Arms (RR)
Convert Wand (BoED)
Crown of Flame (BoED)
Dancing Web (BoED)
Darkwound (Gods)
Death Curse (SHB)
Demonbane (RR2)
Doomwail (RR)
Energetic Healing (BoED)
Enslave (Gods)
Finger of Life (S&S)
Flying Abominations (S&S)
Ghost Dance (Shamans)
Greater Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Halo of Vengeance (S&S)
Humanoid Essence (RoE)
Imbue Shadow (RR)
Inquisition (RR)
Ironblight (Færies)
Lava Splash (SK)
Lesser Astral Projection (SHB)
Oxoßi's Blessing (RR)
Resize Magic Arms and Armor>
Sap Strength (RR2)
Summon Monster V (PHB)
Syfa's Affinity with Nature (S&S)
Vaßatar's Strife (RR)
Wall of Crystal (VW:SA)
Zone of Bad Luck (BoRL)


Angel's Redoubt (BoHM)
Armored Skin (H&H)
Bestow Greater Curse (W&R)
Call Faithful Servants (BoED)
Celestial Blood (BoED)
Coma (BoEM)
Create Black Orc (FitW)
Crown of Brilliance (BoED)
Dark Water (RR)
Dawnspear (S&S)
Ecstatic Vision (PGtWBS)
Energy Bubbles (Færies)
Ethereal Banishment (SHB)
Ethereal/Spiritual Junction (Shamans)
Firebird (FPT)
Gangyn's Poison Pillar (S&S)
Giant's Might (RR:E)
Glimpse of the Prophecy (MoE)
Kidnap Soul (Shamans)
Lucky Totem (BoRL)
Mass Ethereal Projection (SHB)
Mass Rage (W&R)
Pass the Years (RR)
Summon Monster VI (PHB)
Tear the Open Wound (N:AA)
Þunor's Lightning Storm (RR)
Torment (Gods)
Trust in the Gods (RR2)
Whirl of Fangs (SK)


Awaken the Land (Shamans)
Bastion of Good (BoED)
Boar Shield (RR:E)
Daggers of Vaul (RR)
Disruption Wave (S&S)
Fæy Decree (Færies)
Fortune's Armor (BoRL)
Greater Healing Circle (RR)
Greater Humanoid Essence (RoE)
Incite (RR)
Pain Circuit (W&R)
Power Walk (Shamans)
Spear of Vengeance (W&R)
Spirit Knife (S&S)
Summon Monster VII (PHB)


Avatar (RR)
Axiomatic Creature (BoED)
Broken Mirror (BoRL)
Constellation (BotR)
Fæy Curtain (Færies)
Golem Immunity (RoE)
Greater Finger of Life (S&S)
Hydra Shield (RR:E)
Illusion Purge (RoE)
Shibboleth (BotR)
Steal the Thunder (Shamans)
Strength of Þunor (RR)
Summon Monster VIII (PHB)
Surtan's Fire (RR2)
Yng's Fire (RR2)


Bestow Malediction (W&R)
Cloak of the Phoenix (RR:E)
Convert (RR)
Dominion (Gods)
End to Strife (BoED)
Erupt (SK)
Feast of Champions (ECS)
Greater Repair (BotR)
Imprison Soul (BotR)
Incapacitate (RR)
Rain of Poison (CGtDrow)
Shadow Projection (SHB)
Shared Luck (BoRL)
Summon Monster IX (PHB)

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